“If you ever want to feel like your family is normal, go to the State Fair.”

-Jeff Foxworthy


the moosh hearts goats.


See anything WRONG with this picture?


And we ate it…


(We don’t suggest it, unless you like carbonated grease burps. mmmmm.)





(Dedicated to you Redneck Mommy.*wink wink* neigh)


Pigs have half hour orgasms.


30 minutes. 3-0.

And as you can see they have the nads to back up such a feat.

This was by far the most educational fair I have ever been to.

Fried Cheez-Whiz anyone?


  1. OMG that last picture leaves me speechless. 30 minute orgasms…who has the time for that? seriously…how do I find time for that?

  2. oh and how the hell do you deep fry pepsi??

  3. It’s dough that is made with Pepsi instead of water, it’s fried and then covered in Pepsi syrup.

  4. Dang, I missed so much by not hitting the state fair when I was in Indy. Alas. ;)

    BTW, deep fried Snickers is HELLA and anybody that says different is crazy.

  5. The Pepsi caught me, too. I don’t think I’ve seen that here and we are like…THE KINGS of deep-frying. “Put a stick in it and fry it” is the Minnesota State Motto, I think.

  6. oink

    I’m trying to speak their language.

    I sooooooooo want that. Who wouldn’t? 30 minutes? I’ve got some research to do, obviously.

  7. Deep fried Pepsi? What in the name of hell is that and why, oh why, does it exist?

    The State Fair…gotta love it!

  8. Now I am totally in the mood for the Great MN Get Together! Wheeeeee the State Fair is coming! Cheese Curds for me, please.

  9. Ok so the deep fried pepsi grosses me out, but the 30 minute orgasm? Imagine how good I would sleep after one of those! I’d never need another Ambien again!

  10. Bossy will be so proud you followed in her artistic footsteps!

    deep fried pepsi…we don’t even have that in west texas! (and we really do fry EVERYTHING) ick…of course, we drink COKE down here…

    anywho…30 minute orgasm huh? wow…i had a ten minute one and passed out…

    oh, did i say that out loud? sorry, sure that was more than you needed to know!

  11. Ew ew ew. Was there anything there that wasn’t deep fried?

    And you are the authoritative voice on orgasms, my friend. Is there a treadmill that can buy me the half hour pig one? I’m already working on my piggy physique, now if I could just have one of their orgasms I would be a happy camper.

  12. I’ma gonna enter mah praze-winnin’ tomaters in the fair this year.

  13. Deep Fried Pepsi is so wrong on so many levels. How do you…how do they….I mean….what tha…???

  14. i so want to be a pig right now.

  15. Yes, and the corn cake, what?
    Didja see anyone EATING this stuff?

  16. Is that why their toes are permanently curled?


  18. Oh I LOVE the fair! I can’t wait for ours, but yours does seem to have an unreasonable number of deep fried foods… I’m not saying that’s bad, I’m just saying.

  19. One of those whips has your name on it darlin’…I’ll use it to get you running on the treadmill faster…

    Those pigs will be positively jealous by the time I’m through with you…


  20. I was just in Vegas and downtown you get deep fried Twinkies and the best thing in the whole world……..Deep Fried OREOS! OMG so yummy!

  21. Between the “soggy balls” and the pig balls, I nearly spit out my pizza.

  22. Goodness, it’s hard enough to get a quickie in around here with a toddler in the house. How on earth could I parent with a 30 minute orgasm?

  23. My son and I visited the State Fair this week…gag-a-rama. We ate dinner BEFORE we went and my son, bless his soul, he only asked for a bottle of water. Deep-fried Pepsi (anything)? Seriously.gross.

    Always glad to find another Indy Girl around!

  24. Yikes. I didn’t know you could deep-fry so many things.

  25. My eyes must be going…I thought that was a set of human feet under the pig.

    And yeah, here in Ohio the state fair provides any food you can think of fried, including Pepsi. Yuck.

  26. I’ve had a deep fried Snickers bar, and I’m here to say: YUMMERS! Also yummers for the deep fried Oreo. But deep fried Pepsi? Who in the what now?

  27. What the…

    I am speechless. Literally free of speech.

    (Long pause)

    OK, between the fried balls and the swine balls, I think I’ve seen my share of the county fair.

    Jane, P&B Girls

  28. Who the hell thought frying everything in the pantry was a good idea in the first place? I mean, honestly “Hey, honey, why don’t you fry us up some of that there Pepsi? and while yer at it, toss in a Twinkie or two. Hoo wee!”

  29. That is . . .I mean . . .Huh? Pepsi? Thirty minutes? I simply can’t process all of this at one time!

  30. I spend half of my blogging time writing about how much I love carnivals, fairs, circuses, what have you. I am all about the rolling coronary carts. Yes, if you fry it, I’ll eat it. This is the Mississippi Gulf Coast after all, and I’m still detoxing from my old New Orleans diet.

    Needless to say, love this post.

  31. What is it with the midwest and fried everything? I just saw fried cookie dough. Who discovered that pigs have 30 minute orgasms and why?

  32. Laughing so hard…love the spray paint whip. Too hilarious. Sorry I missed out.

  33. I’d actually heard of the deep fried candy bars, but PEPSI? I think I’m going to vomit. Riiiight….now.

    Um, how did you find out that interesting bit of trivia about pigs? More to the point, who FIRST discovered this information, and HOW?

  34. Reading this post gave me gut rot.


    And I thought people in Alabama were fatties…

  35. Don’t you just love the Indiana State Fair. I never understood why they deep-fried Twinkies, candy bars, etc….but REALLY can’t understand the Deep-Fried Pepsi.


    I think we’re taking G-Man on Friday…gotta experience it! This will be his first trip…and he sure loves his farm animals & tractors!

  36. Seriously? About the pigs? Holy fried dough bacon fritters, batman! That is Impressive.

  37. That is friggin’ funny!

  38. Deep-fried peanut butter cups are wrong on so many levels. Why ruin a good thing?

    (I loved your “whip” drawing. Awesome.)

  39. I love the pig! 3-0 minute orgasm. Didn’t know it was possible. lol….. State Fairs are so damn fun.. Fun people watching.

  40. Deep Fried Pepsi. What in the hell ?

    Our state fair starts next month and you gotta believe we’re going. I’ll be in search of some deep fried pepsi this time.

  41. I could chomp on a deep fried candy bar right about now ;)

  42. Wow that’s some good eating. Deep fried everything…now that’s something that would for sure make me puke these days.

  43. Deep fried Pepsi? Who the hell came up with that one?

    I will, however, take a deep fried peanut butter cup. Yummy.

  44. 30 minutes? Daaaaaaamn.

    Recently heard at a farm: “Daddy, what are those piggies doing?” “Makin’ bacon, sweetie. Makin’ bacon.”

    I bet they tried to deep fry the Pepsi.

  45. Oh my… I think I’m fatter just reading this…

  46. Your hubby is hunky. Your little one adoreable. And that fried ****? Icky, icky, icky. And your commentary on photos? AWESOME.

  47. Deep fried. UGh.
    30 minutes? I want to be a pig!

  48. That pig, and in fact all pigs, have got it goin’ on.

  49. I hardly know what to comment on. Deep-fried pineapple upside down cake? Geeeeez-louise. Insane. Eating that might distract us all from not being pigs, though. Seriously.

  50. Great pic’s!! I love all the deep-fried stuff…we have a Fall Festival with all that crap here in October. It’s sickening to watch everyone stuffing their faces with it. I mean most of the combinations are disgusting!!!


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