Sometimes getting the moosh dressed in the morning is all that pulls me out of bed.

A little sad?


Maybe I didn’t get enough Barbie time as a kid.

Needless to say there have been a lot of fantastic moosh outfits over the years and I have little or no proof of them ever being on her body. So I’ve started documenting everything she wears, so there’s no more tears about lost memories when she grows out of all this stuff in 14 minutes.

For those of you who don’t get to see her everyday, I give unto you, the moosh collection of Fall ’07 thus far. (BTW, is there a Flickr Group out there to support my *ahem* problem?)

Brown Dress.Candystriper DressBloomers.I could just kiss Fall.First Cold DayShe's eating a cookieGreen DressI nibble her regularly.Sopranos Suit #1Second Day of SchoolGoofballFirst Day of School


  1. Girl clothes are THE CUTEST, and her smile? Is dazzling. So, so adorable. :)

  2. Wow – you hve good reason for documentation. She is adorable and the clothes too.

  3. haha… that girl just LOOKS like trouble. That evil little grin! :) Too cute!

  4. Man, I need some new clothes.

  5. She’s a cutie!
    A bunch of folks have been sharing their daily outfits over here … and some of them are sneaking their kids’ fashion in there too!

  6. Ah, the benefits of having a girl. She is one well dressed child ;) And cute to boot!!

  7. she’s so beautiful. and I want her brown boots.

  8. I thought I did a pretty good job of making Zoe dressed as adorable as possible. You put me to shame. Man, where can I make some quick cash to spend on some 2t clothes???

  9. How fun!! What a fashion show!!

  10. Yikes! What a good lookin’ kid! And so well dressed (as are you, from my experience …)! She’s totally stylin, and obviously very comfortable in front of the camera :-)

  11. I just read your blog about wanting a divorce from Indy. Can you tell me the name of your lawyer? I want one, too. We moved here from DeKalb, IL, a year ago and my husband and 3 sons love it (lots of space here – new go-kart, boy toys, etc). Me? Not so much. And, thank your lucky stars you have a girl – such cute clothes. My boys have enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day of the month, but that is just because they are so hard on them, they ruin an outfit almost every day of the month! Love your blog.

  12. could she be any freakin’ cuter?

    i love her (your) style. i bought the gymboree sweater and love it. thanks to you casey!

  13. It depresses the hell out of me that that child is waay better dressed than me.

  14. I’m going to spell this one out for you…

    T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!!!! You are sooo in for it in about 9 years!!

    She’s beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous!

    (I’d love you hand-me-downs!!) ;-)

  15. I must know…where do you shop?

  16. Good grief. So stinkin’ cute. That grin is impish.

  17. Such DARLING clothes!!! First of all, she’s a beautiful little girl, but those CLOTHES!!! SO cute! (I’m a friend of Kim’s by the way, I’ve been stalking your blog for a while… hope you don’t mind)

  18. OH. My. Goodness. The little burgundy shirt/brown coat/headband. Totally unbelievably adorable! And she even knows how to pose! Look out future runway models!

  19. i am totally overwhelmed by an attack of mooshness. she looks good in EVERYTHING.

    and casey? get a baseball bat to beat off the boys.

  20. Right now I am damming my husband and his overly viral, male-dominated sperm.

    I. WANT. A. GIRL!

  21. So stinkin’ cute! Wanna ship any hand-me-downs to SC? She’s dressed WAY better than me!

  22. I too want THOSE BOOTS. They rock!

    As the season changes (kind of? hello? 80 degrees today?) I’m discovering Pitter is almost completely out of clothes that fit. And while polo shirts and slacks are cute, the absence of those third and fourth dress/skirt options make shopping for him a bit dull.

  23. So cute! Sad, though, seeing as your tot dresses much better than me.

  24. OMG, you should get her signed! She could model anything! It would pay for college… Those curls and that grin are too much. It makes me miss having a little girl to dress. Boys = dino tee-shirt, cargo shorts, tennis shoes. Maybe Merrells. But it’s cheaper.

  25. Man, is she freaking cute!!

  26. I think I am in love with the Moosh’s clothes.

  27. Oh my gosh. Will you start buying all of my clothes for me?

    And the tongue….I’m gonna go crazy for the story before it gets told. It won’t be hard for insanity to happen. Save me Casey!

  28. This little Moosh couldn’t be any cuter if she tried. She’s truly a little doll.

  29. i must have those boots.
    (and pretty much the rest of her wardrobe)

  30. i want that second dress for myself! i love her girls! but i’m also really liking the pony’s in the last pic. way cute.

  31. Soooo does any of it come in my size?

  32. The cuteness is staggering! I shared your obsession once, but then my kids started dressing themselves. Is there a flickr support group for me too?

  33. Eat it up now, sister. With a big spoon.

  34. OMG, the argyle! Love the argyle!

  35. OMG so cute! I love the tights ADORABLE.

  36. Liam Craig says:

    by far the best dressed kid

  37. so I was going to make some comment about how freaking adorable the moosh is but yeah I’m really just jealous as hell that she dresses better than me…this calls for some chocolate. :)

  38. Ok, my FAVORITE is the onw with the black checked leggings/tights. SOOOO cute! (Anyone else thinks she looks a bit like Dakota Fanning in that one?)

    I also love both pics with the brown coat- I heart brown and red together.

    She is so stinkin’ cute!!!!

  39. If the adoption asshats approve us on Wednesday, I’m totally asking for a girl. One that looks just like Moosh. But who drools. And maybe limps a little.

    So, what say you about coming out my way and dressing me. Your taste seems impeccable.

    How come you don’t dress that well?

    JOKING. Snicker.

  40. LOVE the check socks. What a cute kid!

    EVERY day my son’s outfits could be described as this:

    black T

    It’s just not the same as moosh!

  41. The moosh is absolutely adorable. When Ss was little, I LOOOVED dressing her. Now I let her dress herself.

    And…there is a group of girls on that post what they wear every day. Maybe get the moosh in on the action?? :D She’d surely be the prettiest around.

  42. Loved especially the outfit with the checkered tights. Hello, modeling career?

  43. She is absolutely adorable!
    Oh how I long for the days when they let me dress them in whatever I wanted them to wear. Please enjoy every moment. From my experience with two girls, it doesn’t last long!

  44. I was in the GAP today and I saw an ad for a new contest they are having for child models. Moosh HAS to enter. Seriously, that kid makes my ovaries twitch.

  45. oh, she’s too cute! as a mom to two boys, i’m missing out on some of the fun there…although boy’s outfits can be super cute too! i’m just glad i have a niece to shop for…i can live vicariously! ;-)

  46. HAHA! I love it! She’s the sassiest kid I know. Of my four kids, only one is a girl. And believe me, I spend my life dressing her or dreaming up what to dress her in. Your little Moosh is SO ADORABLE!!!!!

  47. 46 Dazzlements?! Wow. Funny that the moosh. and Emmy have a lot of the same clothing…even though we are states apart, our taste is very much the same. Very cute.

  48. GOD I need a girl. This boy wardobe stuff is for the birds. And I so want to borrow her black and white tights, kthanx.

  49. She was totally made for those clothes – and the photo shoots too. She’s adorable.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  50. AHH, MY EYES! I’m being blinded by the cuteness!