NaBloPoMo is over.

I gave almost all I had to give.

You learned about my sordid past, how I met Cody, how I fell in love with Cody, how I became a Mormon, what a wicked awesome baker I am, how I got fat after marrying Cody, how I was an infertile science experiment, how I lost 60 pounds while pregnant, what a raging bitch I was when pregnant, how I overdosed when I was pregnant, how I almost threw my kid in a fire, that I dislike Utah, I have a best friend who takes lovely photos, I make out with pillows, I fake it for doctors AND I lock my kid in her room with bungee cords. Oh, and don’t forget all the Mormon pride I slung around like snowballs.

PHEW. That’s not even all of it.

So now’s your time to put out.

I want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU (ALL OF YOU, YEAH, YOU) to delurk on this post. Even if you just say “yo”. But if you’re really feeling ambitious let me know what posts should be included in my “Best Of” collection. I want all of you accounted for, because you’re the only reason I didn’t give up on this madness when I was all hopped up on the Dramamine three nights ago.

So go, delurk, comment, NOW. See that little balloon right down there that says “Dazzlements”? Yeah? Okay click it, enter your name (you can even leave it blank and be known as anonymous), your email (it can even be a fake one if you’re that shy) and if you don’t have a URL leave that spot blank. Clicky “Submit Comment” and you’ll make me smile.

Haven’t I worked hard enough for it?



  1. i’m first? yay for me…

    and your best? the one that made me think all day long? most definitely the overdose post.

  2. I’ve made myself known in the past but I do have to say that you definitely have worked hard enough to deserve a congratulations for a NaBloPoMo well done. Bravo!

  3. I’ve been the one reading, and reading, and reading your blog. You’re such a great writer, and what you and your family gets up to is mostly funny but sometimes very informative. Would you mind if I linked?


  4. Yes, you do deserve it. Your blog makes me smile. I like how brutally honest you are about everything… your past, mormonism, your family. It is refreshing. Thanks!

  5. I have been reading you for awhile. I found you through Skye. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    Sorry I never comment. But, Hey! How are ya?

  6. Don’t remember how I came across your blog but I visit everyday now.

  7. All right. all right…. I read your blog. I think Moosh is my daughters twin, same blonde curls, blue eyes, sassy attitude… she’s 4 though. And we’re almost neighbors! We’re just up north of Chicago about an hour. Love your blog…

  8. This isn’t really delurking for me but I wanted you to get lots and lots of comments for this post.

    I really enjoy your honesty and your real life posts. I thought the post about the overdose was the most profound. It hit me especially hard because I more recently came out of denial about my depression and sought treatment. Getting a glimpse of what you have gone through to become the strong, beautiful woman, strong enough to share with the masses, gives me hope that I don’t always have to have everything figured out to make an impact.

    Anyway, your stories about the Moosh make me laugh, she will definitely keep you young.

    Thank you for sharing and God Bless!

  9. not that I’m a lurker, but I think the faking it for drs post is worthy of the best of :-)

  10. I nevah lurk here, I comment a lot, so I’m patting myself on the back about that.

    Best of? It’s really hard to choose to be honest. Your just a whole big “best blog” in my opinion. I love the bungee cord/jealous childless couple one and the faking it for the doctor one.

    And the one about depression is not only good it a public service (I just typed “pubic” service – funny huh? Glad I caught it). Lots of people need to read that.

    You are an awesome writer and you and the moosh are two of the most adorable beings evah!

  11. Ok, so I’ve been lurking, I found your blog through like 2 other blog links, and I have to say, I love visiting it. You are seriously freaking hilarious. And I did make your best damn brownies ever last night, and I have to say….I AGREE!! I am NEVER going back to the evil of the boxed mix again. Keep up the good type, and if I become more ambitious, I will post the blog that sounds excellent when I write it theoretically in my head.

  12. I started reading a couple of months ago and I have no idea whether I’ve commented before or not, but I’m guessing not. I think the overdose post really should go in the best of. It was the one that touched me the most.

  13. Overdose most profound but the story of how you met Cody was the most enteraining. However, the bungee cord one just made me laugh. Great job, this month.

  14. I appreciate the honesty. And you’re entertaining/informative at the same time. We have a lot more in common than you may realize… fertility issues, depression, feelings towards Utah Mormons, husbands being in law school, the whole bit. Thanks for being a friend whom I can relate to on a whole bunch of issues.

  15. Hee, hee! How did you know I was lurking!? I love oyur blog. It always gives me a reason to smile and laugh and sometimes just think. Which doesn’t hurt (usually.)

  16. I hope you get tons and tons of delurker comments on here! As for the best???? Um, could you just include all of them? My faves were the ones about your pregnancy. But really, you should just include them all! You deserve it!

  17. Yo!

  18. I am de-lurking, just for you!

    I looked forward to your posts every morning, and I’ll be sad when there’s not a new one everyday. Boohoohoo for me.

    And your header? I LOVE those knees!

  19. OK you got me … I’m mostly a lurker but will comment because you asked SO nicely! :) I’ve liked all your pregnancy posts so far … mostly because they’re so well written, could have been written about me, and bring back so many good (well, and bad) memories of my own pregnancy.

  20. Hello! You have an adorable girl and I thoroughly enjoy all of y6our wonderful posts! Thank you for sticking to it!

  21. ME: Another utah disliking mormon also married to Cody!

  22. I’m no lurker, yo.


    Sweet banner, too!


  23. Love the new colors and banner – Im Cody’s cousin – total lurker, but eh I email Casey from time to time and read this blog daily (at least in November – do the daily post stop now?).

    Here is my partner my dog and me:

    Hows that for de-lurking?

  24. Found you during NaBloPoMo, and fell in love.

    Go Moosh team!


  25. my pick for best of is definately literary birth control.

    yup. definately.

    tho all your stuff it amazing.

  26. I can’t remember if I have delurked here or not, but anyway, here I am!!

  27. i’ve delurked for you already, woman! but if there is some sort of ideal ratio of reading to posting, i’m sure i’m way behind my quota.

    as for best of posts, i truly love the punk shoes post. but from your most recent stuff, i’m always a sucker for how we met stories.

  28. hey i loved how you explained our religion i tink that should be “best of” because its a huge part of you and then no one has q’s about it, or if they do, you can clear them up instead of all the gossip that goes with it. Oh and honestly i loved reading your blog everyday, i honestly was a tuned in reader, i had to read it, it was like crack for me, i would check it like 6 times a day to see a new post…… i swear i am not a stalker

  29. Thanks for making me laugh…. i enjoy reading about your life, even though i don’t know you.. keep it up… there have been many a day when you helped it not suck so bad.

  30. I really loved the post about you falling in love with Cody – so sweet.

    Good job on NaBloPoMo.

  31. you definetley deserve to be delurked!

  32. k, I’ll delurk. I found your blog awhile ago through sk*rt and have been reading it ever since, loved NaBloPoMo because it meant there was a post everyday, so sad its over. And my favorite post is definitely the one about the hot doctor. :)

  33. Is today another delurking day? WHY IS EVERYONE MAKING ME COMMENT?

  34. Zoe would say “HERE I AM!!!!!”

  35. I love hte new header…those knees are sooooo chunky and cute. Anyway I liked the ones where you bore your soul and shared the way crazy scary stuff like trying to kill yourself, the weight gain and loss and some of the pictures. Good job this month!

  36. Well, I think I officially de-lurked yesterday, but this is my official shout out. I’ve only been reading for a few weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to read all of the posts you mentioned, but I really enjoyed the one that went into depth about LDS. And, of course, the hot doctor one goes without saying!

  37. yo! :)

  38. I’ve started reading your blog this month, and I really enjoy it! Thanks for being so transparent. Also, moosh is a cutie!!

  39. Now *that* is impressive… not only do you have a ton of comments within a short time of posting, but some of them are even coming from the future!

    How’d you do that?

    I would have to vote for the awesome baker post. Any post that can make me think of the blogger when I’m grocery shopping deserves to be included in a Best Of list. :)

  40. How can I choose just one favorite? I love it all- tiny grandma, mooshcapades, baking exploits, soul-baring… and even the sometimes teasing ones about yucky, childless newlyweds. ;)

  41. Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I don’t have one of my own, I just found it through some other links. I think your posts are always really interesting, honest, and often funny. I enjoyed your post about how you met your husband the best.

  42. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog during the month of NaBlo!! I’m so glad I found it!! I can’t help you pick a best of because I’ve enjoyed so many of the posts!! Although I have to admit my most recent favorite was the post about the moosh waking you at 3:30AM…and then end result of the bungee cords!!

  43. You had me at “treadmill orgasm.”

  44. You totally rocked my November!

  45. okay, okay… i’m a lurker. :) ta da!

    i have LOVED reading your blog… your honesty is so refreshing. i admire your bravery for putting it all out there… it’s been such an encouragement for me. thank you for that.

  46. Yo – loved them all. Related to lots. Learned lots
    Good work.

  47. I’ve been reading since the end of the summer and I think I’ve commented once or twice before. You’re one of my favorite bloggers and the Moosh is freakin’ adorable! Keep it up!

  48. Officially delurking. Though, maybe I’ve commented before? Who knows. I’m not gonna check…who’s got that kind of time?? Came over from a link at Kerflop. Stayed because, well, you’re hilarious. And I LOVE Indiana as much as you (I’m in the northern part of this lovely lovely state).

  49. Yo, baby, yo!

  50. Also, look at you, changing your style sheet and blog header. You’re a pro!


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