NaBloPoMo is over.

I gave almost all I had to give.

You learned about my sordid past, how I met Cody, how I fell in love with Cody, how I became a Mormon, what a wicked awesome baker I am, how I got fat after marrying Cody, how I was an infertile science experiment, how I lost 60 pounds while pregnant, what a raging bitch I was when pregnant, how I overdosed when I was pregnant, how I almost threw my kid in a fire, that I dislike Utah, I have a best friend who takes lovely photos, I make out with pillows, I fake it for doctors AND I lock my kid in her room with bungee cords. Oh, and don’t forget all the Mormon pride I slung around like snowballs.

PHEW. That’s not even all of it.

So now’s your time to put out.

I want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU (ALL OF YOU, YEAH, YOU) to delurk on this post. Even if you just say “yo”. But if you’re really feeling ambitious let me know what posts should be included in my “Best Of” collection. I want all of you accounted for, because you’re the only reason I didn’t give up on this madness when I was all hopped up on the Dramamine three nights ago.

So go, delurk, comment, NOW. See that little balloon right down there that says “Dazzlements”? Yeah? Okay click it, enter your name (you can even leave it blank and be known as anonymous), your email (it can even be a fake one if you’re that shy) and if you don’t have a URL leave that spot blank. Clicky “Submit Comment” and you’ll make me smile.

Haven’t I worked hard enough for it?



  1. Hi Casey!
    I’m a confessed lurker, though I think I have commented once before.
    The funny thing is, I was just telling my husband yesterday that I feel like I know you. :-D I read your posts every day – love all of them, hard to pick a favortie – and can relate to so much that you say. I am an Indy girl as well (sort of – Noblesville), and my husband is apart from us right now, too. He accepted a job in Fort Wayne this past September. My two girls and I are here until we can get the house sold. Anyways, I just feel like you’re one of my best girlfriends. I always appreciate your and wit and candor, but I’m too shy to comment. *read: I don’t feel worthy!* :-) Keep up the great work!!

  2. I loved your serial of meeting Cody and moving over to the “dark side” of Mormonism.

    Congrats on NaBloPoMo. Dude, that rocks.

  3. I know I’ve delurked before, but since you’re so insistent….

    I like them all – that’s why I keep coming back! But, I really love your honesty about your depression. My blog is a “family” blog (written to keep the fam up to date since we live so far away) so I can’t be honest about things like that, but I had some VERY bad post-partum depression, bordering on psychosis, so I really felt your pain.

  4. You have to keep this up…
    I seriously think I checked your blog almost everyday. Oh goodness now I feel like a stalker :-)

  5. I comment pretty regularly…..We corresponded by email a couple of times about Oxyclean, the miracle of the gods…..

    Love your blog!


  6. Ok, I confess that I am a lurker too. I found your site from another blog I read. I live on the southside of Indy and have an awesome 3 year old. My favorite blog entry was the one with the treadmill. I think I almost died laughing from that!

  7. Hello Offspring. As your mother, I can only say, I hoped every day of your young life, that you would be safe and happy. That has never changed. I love you.

  8. Call me morbid, but I think “the one about the overdose” deserves a slot in the “Best Of”. It’s like you reached through the computer screeen and sqeeeeeezed my heart until tears came out of my eyes.

    I should totally write poetry.

    I second the other commentor – you rocked my November! Any chance you’ll add ads to this site and start blogging daily like Dooce? Methinks you are that good.

  9. I try to comment regularly, but I’m de-lurking just the same!

    Obviously the post about you overdosing should be included in best-of because it was heart-wrenching. Annnnd the ones about how you met Cody ’cause they were funny. :D

  10. You’ve worked plenty hard and although I’m not a lurker, I’m happy to comment and how about I go ahead and be consistent and say that you and Whoorl have the best hair on the Internet. Yo.

  11. hi casey!! im not a lurker. you know my ass is reading this entertaining shiiiiiat!

    all your posts are great! how can i pick just one!? i kind of like the one about becoming fat because… well it makes you seem more human and less perfect!! :)

    happy holidays.

  12. I found you this month through Hola, Isabel and I’m hooked – my husband is an attorney also, and so I feel your pain. Although I must warn you, it only gets worse once they are out of school! Those first few years of work are brutal. I feel like a single mom a lot.

    I loved all the posts, so I can’t really pick a favorite!

  13. I took off my lurking cloak a while ago…
    I have to say though, love the new bannner!! Hard to pick a best post, but the bungee cord one made me laugh to hardest. I actually brought it up in conversation today!

  14. NO! November can’t be over already?! What am I going to read every day? The paper? Ha! That’s funny!

    Well, you do deserve a big congratulations on making it through the month. Especially with traveling thrown in.

    I still want to her how the Moosh got her name…

  15. Delurking….I’ll add my voice to the crowd about the overdose post. Definitely should be best of.
    I loved so many of them, though. You were one of the only bloggers whose NaBloPoMo posts I read. To be honest, I thought the whole NaBloPoMo thing was lame. I clicked “mark all read” on my feedreader quite a bit……but not here. Loved the story about how you met Cody. Great job this month.

  16. Hi, just wanted to say I love reading your blog and I ALSO
    want to know how the moosh got her name! I liked your post
    about how you met Cody best out of all the good ones last month.

  17. Hi…I’m de-lurking. You and the moosh = kickass.

  18. Thanks for being so open! Loved hearing how you met Cody.

  19. I’ve been reading for a while but I’ve particularly enjoyed your nablopomo posts. Thank you.

  20. I only started lurking a few days ago, after finding you through Loralee’s blog. But I like it here. I think you and your daughter are adorable, and you make me laugh, which I appreciate.

  21. Im delurking as well. I mostly read you at work which has one huge disadvantage, none of your pictures will show up for me. Often times I end up going home and taking another look to see all the pictures!

  22. Well I have commented a couple of times, but I definitely have a tendency to lurk. So. I found you through a link on Isabel’s blog. I loved your saga of how you fell for Cody and became a Mormon. Hi-LAR-ious.

    Good luck with Cody being in law school. My husband is in grad school part time and working full time and sometimes I want to rip all my hair out. And his too.

  23. Yo. ;)

    I loved the posts about how you met Cody. That was some of the best stuff I read this last month PERIOD. And I read a lot of good stuff. :)

  24. Hey there… thanks for sharing this past month.

    De-lurking complete…

  25. You and Cody’s journey for sure! love you and the moosh to pieces!

  26. It’s been so interesting and entertaining learning the details of your life. You are quite a woman Casey!!

  27. OK, OK…You seem so insistent that I delurk: here I am! A reader, who enjoys everything you write, all the way from California.

    I don’t know what you should include in your “best of”, because like I said above I enjoy whatever you write. Sorry!


  28. YO! Or rather, “JA”, as I’m hoping to be your first delurking German reader – does that mean you’ve gone international? How glamorous is that?! ;)
    Am smitten with the moosh and your blog – thanks!

  29. I loved reading about you and Cody. It was also pretty cool to learn a little more about LDS.

  30. Howdy – first time poster, long time reader here!

    Have been really fascinated with your blog – I really love the mormon aspect you share – I live in Australia and our mormon population is relatively small so I have not had much exposure to this religion, I often had very sterotypical views of your faith, and I am grateful for you teaching me that it is really quite similar to my own faith. That said, I must admit that I still love Big Love the TV show, even if it doesn’t really resemble your ‘average; mormon family!

    Thanks anyone for sharing your life :-)

  31. I love how brutally honest you were with the “overdose post”. Unfortunately I’ve been there too, only you had the courage to tell the world. from one Indy to another….

    Oh, and my husband just finished school….it’s so nice to have him back, you will get there too my friend.

  32. Casey, loved all your posts this month. I vote for the overdose post and the one with the link to the pictures your friend took. You and the Moosh are beautiful.

    Plus, I am hoping you miss Indy like crazy and will eventually change your mind about living here!

  33. I’m not a lurker- I think I could described as a habitual commenter. I think ALL the post this month have been ace. Really I’ve been reading you since I started my own blog back in Aug 06 so I feel like I’ve been here from the beginning. You’ve grown sooo damn much as a writer, I’m in awe of your blog! So I’d put up the entire NoBloPoMo 07 on the best of list. The Cody series was awesome. The pregnancy series was awesome. BUT if I was pushed I would say the overdose one was the most profound most raw and open post. So OK I vote for that one.

  34. I think I found you through Kerflop as well. I’m officially delurked.

  35. yo

  36. Wow, a lot of lurkers. I’m the husband, and a lurker.

  37. Hi! I actually read your blog for the first time yesterday. I’m friends with Becky Kump and I used to know your sis. I’ve even met you once, but it was a long time ago. Love your blog!

  38. Hi! I learned so much about you this month. In October I was a lurker to see what life was like as a perfect Stepford wife and mother. Turns out you are a real live person with real live experiences and I’ve gone from being a bit more than a little jealous to loving you to pieces.

    I was once a law school wife too, and I love when you talk about that. I didn’t have a child then, and I can’t imagine what you are going thru. It was hard enough with my cats and a law student husband.

    Big East Coast love to you and the family.

  39. I only came across your blog a few days ago and spent a good deal of time here catching up with what I missed. I enjoy all your posts and can’t say which is my fav because they are all so good. Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo! Look forward to reading more.

  40. Ho.

    I mean yo.


    Look at you with your 90 comments. What, do you think you are OTJ’s or Bossy or something?

  41. Good job making it all 30 days! Woot!

  42. Just because you asked nice….Hi, my name is Melissa, I live in SLC and I am addicted to reading your blog!! I just want you to know that your blog is the most genuine blog I have ever read and for that you have all my respect. As for my favorite….ALL OF THEM!! Thank you for sharing, you’ve helped in so many ways!

  43. I don’t generally lurk, but I can’t resist listening to your bossy self, so I’ll say HI.

  44. delurkin’ and lovin’ your blog. (i’ve commented before…)

    I’m Kristin. I live in WI. We did live in Northern UT for two years, 1.5 years ago. Not LDS by any stretch, just “planted” there for a couple years. Also lived in Indiana for a bit too.

  45. I think I may go into withdrawal now that you have stopped posting everyday. I found yours of another person blog that I started reading now that I am a stay at home mom. I loved your blog and appreciate how you say things how they are. My favorite posts were the overdosing one and how you met your husband. Oh.. I’m seeing that people are telling about theselves. I live in Alberta, Canada, LDS, married and mom of one.

  46. Wow! I’m #96.

    I love all your stuff, the history of you and Cody’s relationship was very cute, and I can sympathize with your dark times as well.

    You even inspired me to jump on the NaBloPoMo train next year…

  47. love the new header!!

  48. Holy cow, I’m the 98th commenter? People really are de-lurking. That’s wonderful!

    I love the new colors and images on your site! Cool!

    I saw add the posts you talked about meeting Cody, your pregnancy, and becoming a Mormon to your “best of”. Or is that too much to ask? I loved reading your stories this month..even if I didn’t comment on them all.

  49. yo!

  50. yo!!