NaBloPoMo is over.

I gave almost all I had to give.

You learned about my sordid past, how I met Cody, how I fell in love with Cody, how I became a Mormon, what a wicked awesome baker I am, how I got fat after marrying Cody, how I was an infertile science experiment, how I lost 60 pounds while pregnant, what a raging bitch I was when pregnant, how I overdosed when I was pregnant, how I almost threw my kid in a fire, that I dislike Utah, I have a best friend who takes lovely photos, I make out with pillows, I fake it for doctors AND I lock my kid in her room with bungee cords. Oh, and don’t forget all the Mormon pride I slung around like snowballs.

PHEW. That’s not even all of it.

So now’s your time to put out.

I want EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU (ALL OF YOU, YEAH, YOU) to delurk on this post. Even if you just say “yo”. But if you’re really feeling ambitious let me know what posts should be included in my “Best Of” collection. I want all of you accounted for, because you’re the only reason I didn’t give up on this madness when I was all hopped up on the Dramamine three nights ago.

So go, delurk, comment, NOW. See that little balloon right down there that says “Dazzlements”? Yeah? Okay click it, enter your name (you can even leave it blank and be known as anonymous), your email (it can even be a fake one if you’re that shy) and if you don’t have a URL leave that spot blank. Clicky “Submit Comment” and you’ll make me smile.

Haven’t I worked hard enough for it?



  1. Because I follow directions:

    Your blog is a new favorite of mine. I love any and all Moosh photos. But even all her cuteness can’t trick me into wanting one!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how many comments you have! I also like your honesty, it takes a lot of courage to write honest stories like that on your blog. And you’re a great writer… I like the story where you met Cody. And that little girl is just too cute.

  3. Double delurk! I did this last week :) Just wanted to say I heart the moosh pictures you’ve posted this week :) :)

  4. blessed-with-3 says:

    Delurking from the west side of Indy to say I always look forward to your posts.

  5. Hi – Delurking to say I have enjoyed your blog and can relate with you on several issues. Thanks for being so honest. And the moosh is adorable!

  6. I’ll delurk too. I love your blog – witty, clever, and best of all, it’s real! None of that, “I had a great day, life is gum drops and cotton candy.” crap. I read your blog and think, “I could have written that post.” or, “Yeah, I did that too when I was younger.” Except I generally don’t have the brain power these days to be so entertaining. I love the honesty and I adore the pictures!

    I’ve been wondering, how did The Moosh get her name?

  7. Oops, forgot to say, I’m a fellow Mormon, I live in Utah and don’t always like it, I lock my kids in their rooms with baby gates, and I nominate the history of Casey and Cody for the award.

  8. Hiya. You’re a brave gal to be so open and honest online. I’ve enjoyed reading the whole story (and plan to stick around!)

  9. I comment…occasionally!!

  10. Hi, I read you through my friend Jim’s page, and I kept coming back because you were my favorite of the blogs listed on his page. I love the honesty. Good job!

  11. I think I’ve commented once before, but I like it all. The posts on LDS, the baking and of course, the Moosh.

  12. Well holy cow woman!!
    I love all your posts that I’ve read, can’t say that I could pick a favorite, sorry.
    I like the one about you and your best friend (recent one) I love the ones where you school the un=schooled on mormons… ummmm and any with the adorable chubby legged darlin’ known as the moosh. :-)

  13. I love reading your blog! I think you are an amazing woman. And you have the cutest little girl.

  14. The bungie cords? Definitely in the favorite all time posts, lady. And the baking, those photos are TO DIE FOR.

  15. Wow – check out the delurking!! You are too cool!! And…


  16. Yo

  17. yo

  18. Thought I better come out of hiding since I linked you on my blog. Found you a couple of weeks ago (from Kerflop) and have truly been entertained.

    Looking forward to daily reads in December.


  19. Okay, I did it.

    I’m here. Always a pleasure….

  20. Pure entertainment. I love it! And, come home soon.

  21. I’m a lurker…an addicted lurker.

  22. Damn. I’m a few days late, but here I am.

  23. Yo!
    I’m usually to shy to comment on peoples blogs but seeing that I am not the only one addicted to your site makes me feel better. I’ve really enjoyed your website especially the ones about you and Cody meeting and how you became a Mormon. I really enjoy your Sunday posts and hope you keep them coming.

  24. I am officially de-lurking!! I think that the posts of how you met Cody should definitely be in your best of…

  25. I didn’t see this one. I am delurking. I wasn’t lurking, but I definitely don’t comment enough.

    I think “law wives anony—” huh? Oh, I see it’s already there. Fabulous. That was a good one. :P

    Must always have any posts about moosh threads in the best of. Ooh, and the one with all the pictures of her tongue!

  26. I’m horribly late because I never blog on the weekend. I guess I’m a lurker.


  27. oooh I’m totally a lurker…I’ve never ever left a comment on a blog. You’re my first (blush). If only I were in Utah you could have at least taken me to dinner first.

    I’ll be here (lurking) everyday. The ones about you and Cody, and the wee overdose incident, are my favs.


  28. Hi Im Cathy……….and Im a lurker. I was doing a search for something and happened to come across your blog. I started to read a few entries and realized you were in Indy. I live in Avon. And now I am addicted to your blog.

  29. I’m lurking….nice to see you made it through November and blogging every day. I knew I could count on you EVERY DAY to post something…and I loved the photo ones.

    That Moosh is freakin’ adorable!!!!!

  30. I love your blog…so, Yo..I have delurked..although I found you a while back, gave you an award an all….still wanted to say hi…lol…HI!!!! (frantically waving)..

  31. you know biddy is always around!!!

  32. Oh, alright, I’ll delurk. Yo. ;)

  33. I delurk….GREAT job…looking forward to December…

  34. I’ve been thinking for DAYS on which one has been my favorite post. I think it’s a tie between Ever feel like the only one NOT pregnant and your baking post. That one still makes me salivate… mmmmm…. OF COURSE, being that I too love your bff Kim, I’ve enjoyed ALL of the posts about her beautiful face as well. I also enjoyed all of your real life posts, mommy crazies, depression. You write so well and have this uncanny ability to be able to tell it how it is. I thoroughly enjoyed the month of November with you. Thanks for keeping it up!

  35. I’m not even sure how I found your site, but I must say, that I LOVE it! You never fail to make me laugh!

  36. Still here, but not commenting as much.

  37. I’m delurking to say I came across your blog last month and I’m currently reading your archives. You and your family are just too cute!

  38. Dropping in to help give you a real count!
    I think The Overdose post is definitely “Best Of” worthy, and I see you’ve already put it up there.

  39. Your NaBloMoPo was fabulous! Thank you again so much for posting about my question and for all of your other heart-wrenchingly honest posts. I’ve been reading for about a year now and am even more in awe about the moosh family story.

    Kelly, Toronto, Ontario

  40. Alright, you inspired me to de-lurk. I am new to blogging, posting, commenting, etc. I have enjoyed the moosh stories for well over a month now. Thanks for keeping me occupied and entertained at work and for promising to post every day in December as well!

    Megan, Oklahoma

  41. Hi! I found your blog through the wonderfully talented Kimmie. I must say, I keep coming back for a daily dose of hilarity. I love that you say what everyone else is thinking. So, this secret lurker is coming out. :o) Thanks for the humor!

  42. The overdose post was the one for me too. That was SO raw and telling. I truly feel like I “know” you because of it.

  43. I found your blog sometime back from a friend of a friend of a friend…you get the idea. I just have to tell you that you are hilarious, pee your pants hilarious. And I can’t pick a best of post, they are all too good.

  44. Whew, glad I commented last week after I re-found your blog! I didn’t feel a bit guilty at your call-out to lurkers. Anyhow, I love reading up on your life. I liked your meeting-Cody-becoming-mormon series just because I remember hearing about it from Emilie while it was happening. And I loved your honesty in your overdose post; I wish I would have known to offer support (if I could have!).

    Happy blogging!

  45. You got 194 comments. I’m about to make it 195. Look at all the delurkers you got…even though I don’t technically qualify as a lurker, what with leaving the occasional remark now and then.

    My favourite post is definitely the overdose post. If I had had my act together in time, I would have given you a perfect post award for that one. That one made me cry.

  46. Not really delurking, as I am a regular commenter extraordinaire :)
    I did love your November posts, though.

  47. Okay, fine! I love your site and your writing — it’s all good. And…that’s all I want to say right now (except — what is it with all of the cool, Mormon bloggers? I’m not one of them, but you rock!) :-)

  48. not a lurker! although i am very slow, apparently.

    well done on nablo…with excellent writing.

  49. I am slower than megachick.

    I don’t always lurke. But don’t always have the time to comment, either. I’m a summatime lurker.

    And I’m thinking you’re probably still reading all TWO HUNDRED comments anyway (You Super Popular Blog Chick, You!)

    And, ah, I thought this blog WAS your “best of.” You need special posts, too!?!? :D I love your honesty and courage all the time, but the one about your overdose was excruciatingly honest and really ripped my heart up.

  50. Oh, wait…

    NOW it’s two hundred comments.