When Cody and I moved across the driveway of our first apartment into the one next door there was a morning where the food was in one apartment and the dishes were at the other. I was eight months pregnant and still vomiting quite regularly. I needed to eat within a half hour of waking up or my vomiting would get even worse.

Ah, pregnancy.

On this particular morning Cody woke me up and took me to IHOP immediately to feed me. I ordered some sort of pancake or french toast with no frills and Cody ordered some enormous plate of meat, cheese and eggs. My breakfast came with eggs also, but the very thought of eating an egg, even ordering an egg made me ill. Cody ordered for me and had my eggs poached so that he could eat them himself.


Now if you’ve been to IHOP then you’re probably aware of the syrup caddy on the table, four different kinds of syrup for your enjoyment. When Cody got the poached eggs he picked up a syrup bottle, poured in ON THE EGGS and stirred them into a lumpy yolky syrup soup which he ate with a spoon.

A. Gross

B. When your wife is still violently ill eight months pregnant and dry heaves at the thought of cantaloupe, THIS IS EVEN MORE GROSS.

Thus began the great egg/syrup debate of the moosh family. I cannot, CANNOT, let syrup touch my eggs. Cody pours it on his eggs. My in laws don’t mind if eggs and syrup touch and I have a friend who won’t even eat them in the same meal.

So who’s the majority? Who’s the minority?

Eggs and syrup are one edible issue I have strong opinions on.

That and vegetables masquerading as dessert (I’m looking at you sweet potatoes.). But that’s an entirely different post.


  1. Oh, I am firmly on your side. Eggs and syrup should never touch. Just the thought makes my stomach turn. My hubby, however, would probably mix eggs, pancakes, syrup, butter, pepper, ketchup etc into one big, disgusting mish mosh on his plate if I would let him. Boys are gross.

    Heather’s last blog post..If you like pina coladas…

  2. Well, I guess they can touch. But I wouldn’t pour syrup on my eggs. Because I like my eggs drowning in cheese. Mmm. And cheese and syrup together would just be gross.

    However, I definitely eat sausages with syrup. All one time a year I eat them.

    Anth’s last blog post..Fun with the Tax Refund

  3. Eggs and syrup May exist on the same plate, as long as the pancakes (or french toast) form a Rockies-type barrier between the two.

    Should a dab of syrup touch the edge of the egg white, it is to be sliced off and the rest of the egg moved to a non-sticky portion of the plate.

    Panic will ensue should a break-through trickle of syrup wind it’s slippery way towards the eggs.

  4. coming from someone who will eat almost anything, I would not put syrup on my eggs…but probably would not mind if they touched. Does that help?

    ellinghouse’s last blog post..Clean carpet….thanks Sucka!

  5. Whoa – I’m not even preggers and the thought of that makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Although I am the pickiest eater this side of the Mississippi (for that matter probably the side I used to be on as well). I cannot have anything touching when I eat, I adore plates with dividers when eating runny foods. However that being said I do love to dip my bacon (extra crispy) in syrup and I eat canadian bacon and sauerkraut on pizza. At any rate I am firmly on your side and yes to quote Heather Boys are GROSS!

  6. Admittedly, I put syrup on my eggs… but that’s mostly because I prefer the taste of syrup to eggs. And only on scrambled eggs, and only in the morning, and only if… wow, it’s kind of complicated.

    Poached eggs in general is vomitous, and they would ruin the syrup.


    heidikins’s last blog post..Half-Marathon vs. heidikins

  7. I would not put syrup on my eggs. I wouldn’t mind if they touched its dregs. I would not, could not eat them poached, I would not, could not be so coached. Not in a house, not with a mouse…

    Barb’s last blog post..Oh my lawsie goodness sakes!

  8. OK eeewwwww! Just reading the title of the post made me gag and my stomach churn. The syrup must not touch anything except pancakes. If it gets in the eggs, I am done with those, if it gets on the bacon, it goes to my husband.

    Lynne’s last blog post..Wii Have Joined the Club

  9. um .. yeah. No eggs and syrup or bacon and syrup. Eeeew. I also don’t do sweet potatoes, not since I threw them up Thanksgiving 1990. Bleh.

  10. oh i am SO on your side. syrup on eggs? GAG!

    of course, i’m doing pretty well to even eat eggs…

    Biddy’s last blog post..the extent of my politicalness:

  11. …and here I was thinking that nothing could be worse then seeing someone put ketchup on their eggs!

    Does pumpkin count as a vegatable or a gourd (or is it goard?) either way it offends me in pie.

    Clink’s last blog post..tastes like chicken

  12. Chris loves to infuriate me with the “it all ends up in the same place anyway” argument, even though even he knows it’s total b.s. Eggs are no place syrup, amen.

    Kerri Anne’s last blog post..Wherein Chris Seriously Considers Fleeing To A Deserted Island With No Wireless Connection

  13. I completely agree with you. Eggs and syrup are a big no in my book. However, I’ve been known to let ketchup have conjugal visits with eggs although it is meant for my hash browns.

    Anna’s last blog post..I’m addicted to Spring

  14. No syrup on eggs! No way, no how! Icky.

    Toni’s last blog post..Mommy Needs A Nap, Too

  15. Sunshine says:

    I’m still sorta stuck at the poached egg thing. (excuse me while I wretch a little)

    As you can tell – I think syrup and eggs absolutely do NOT go together. Pancakes and syrup? yes. Sausage/bacon and syrup? ok. eggs and syrup? no way. My husband eats pancakes topped with eggs topped with gallons of syrup.

    Um, but I love, love, love sweet potato casserole. My version includes so much butter and sugar that there is no redeeming vegetable quality.

  16. I grew up eating syrup on my eggs (scrambled eggs anyway… the only other kind of egg I will eat is soft yolk, and those require ketchup, not syrup). But I will do anything to disguise the flavor of the egg… LOL I’m so not an egg person! The mere thought of a poached egg makes me want to hurl.

    Kris’s last blog post..The highlight of my weekend… part two…

  17. Only if the eggs are scrambled, and only if it’s accidental.
    Sweet potatoes with marshmallows, though? Yum! But I still don’t count it as my dessert. It’s still a veggie. Just a prelude to dessert. I justify it by telling myself I’m just getting my palate ready.

    Mandy’s last blog post..Bedtime stories

  18. Oh my gosh! I almost threw up reading your post. (I have the flu) The eggs and syrup must NEVER touch. In fact, they can not be on the same plate. EVER!

  19. sweetened eggs? on purpose? I don’t get that. I love eggs, all ways, but please, no sweetener! I like salt!

    if by chance, some syrup runs over to my eggs at IHOP, I would, however, still eat them (I like them that much)…..BUT, it would not happen because I would eat my eggs FIRST! While they are HOT! DUH!

    SYRUP IS FOR PANCAKES! Therefore, by the time syrup approached, eggs would be eaten.

    Tell the lawyer: No commingling!

    (aren’cha glad you asked?!)

    Wendy’s last blog post..I’d like a shorter dog, please

  20. Ugh…my stomach is turning just thinking about this! First of all, I don’t like runny eggs at all! There is to be NO GOOP when I eat my eggs…ick. Second, I will NOT EVER EVER EVER eat anything that the syrup touches. So runny eggs with syrup…I’m wretching.

    I do love french toast and pancakes and things like that with syrup, but there is a definite NO TOUCH policy when it comes to all other things on the plate!

    Katie’s last blog post..Swisher Weigh-Down

  21. You just made me gag. Seriously! Not on the same plate. Ever. Although, syrup may go on bacon or sausage and ketchup may touch eggs if hash browns are involved, but certainly, never, not ever, may syrup and yolk be intertwined in a gooey mess. Gack!

    Sarah’s last blog post..“Do you have insurance?”

  22. I’m not a fan of sweet + savory, so I’m of the ‘hell no’ opinion. Plus a smoosh of yolk and syrup to be eaten with a spoon? *shudder* Boys are so silly!

    Mymsie’s last blog post..It’s What’s for Dinner

  23. No touching! Although my husband does the same as yours. I do actually like ketchup on scrambled eggs and syrup on sausage.

    Lori’s last blog post..The Inner Struggle

  24. eggs and syrup must not touch. revolting.

  25. ****. I have no morning sickness whatsoever, and still, the thought of Cody’s egg-habits makes me want to yakk. Ugh.

    Sarah B.’s last blog post..The Kiss

  26. They can touch, but I certainly wouldn’t pour them over my eggs. Ick.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..From Now on We’re Going Old School

  27. Eeewww. So nasty.

    And I want to know what sick person invented maple syrup flavored bacon and sausage. Come on people, why???

    AmyLee’s last blog post..These crack me up!

  28. I’d consider it a favor to my other diners not to retch when the syrup touches the eggs, I can’t even begin to fathom doing so purposely. I am, however, fine if the syrup touches my sausage.

    Nic’s last blog post..Hello from the dark land of the useless

  29. If there is incidental contact between the syrup and any of the eggs/bacon/sausage/toast, I can deal with it. I’m not happy, but I can deal.

    Poured on? WTF kind of man puts anything other than too much salt and pepper on his eggs? He may as well put hollandaise sauce on them and start wearing a skirt! ;)

    SciFi Dad’s last blog post..TPS: First Trimester Quotes

  30. Ah a question for the ages.

    Personally, the syrup/egg combo sounds gross to me, but I love to dip my grilled cheese sandwiches in syrup so what do I know.

    MammaLoves’s last blog post..How He Became Our Son, Part II

  31. i’m not even pregnant and i want to hurl.

    they can touch, but i can’t even imagine the mixing … seriously.

    i thought syrup was strictly for pancakes, waffles and the like.


    erin’s last blog post..already?

  32. I actually had to delurk to tell you that this post made me sick up a little in my own mouth and I’m not even pregnant(that I know of I guess anything is possible). If I didn’t love your blog so much it might have made me go on strike…oh well fading back into lurkdom.


  33. WHy does IHOP insist on cramming everything on to one dang plate anyways! I have to eat the eggs first just so I can then put syrup on my pancakes after the eggs are all gone. Don’t take any chance of them touching at all.

    Adrienne’s last blog post..I before E but never like A

  34. if the egg is hard that is not so bad but if the egg is soft and the combination is soupy, then groooossssss.

    i like the McDonalds breakfast sandwiches which combine maple syrup with sausage.

  35. Oh so very, very wrong. My brother has a thing for eggs and grape jelly, my dad is eggs and salsa, and my cousin is eggs and ketchup. Breakfast back home is almost scary.

    The only thing I like on my eggs is salt.

    Megan’s last blog post..Did you miss it?

  36. I’m allergic to eggs. When I was preggers with my son, I made the mistake and gave in, and devoured a plate of scrambled eggs, it was not too pretty. My tummy hurts just looking at an egg ;)

    Nicole’s last blog post..Soccer Snacks

  37. I’m with you–I can have them on the same plate, but please don’t let them touch. I’m not a big fan of eggs in general, so it doesn’t take much to skeeve me out.

    Mandee’s last blog post..26-50

  38. Syrup and eggs- GROSS! Now ketchup, only on scrambled, is good. Otherwise it’s just salt and peppa baby!

    I do like syrup with my sausage however!

    Carrie’s last blog post..PRAYERS NEEDED!

  39. I am completely 100% beyond a doubt with you on this one. The mere thought of that is horrendously gross and gives my non-pregnant self the dry heaves!!

    Now sausage and syrup…that’s a different story!

    Sadie’s last blog post..DVD Giveaway – Bounce!!

  40. That is the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard. Mixing syrup and runny poached eggs? Nas.Tea.

    Regarding veggies as dessert, I’m thrilled to hear someone else with the same hang up. Carrot cake – no. Zucchini cake – gross. Pumpkin pie – no thanks. I love veggies, but not as fake dessert.

    Parentville’s last blog post..How to Make an Impression in a Client Meeting

  41. eggs and syrup, GROSS

    Liam’s last blog post..Update

  42. Oh hells naw. Syrup and eggs? I generally don’t even like syrup on my pancakes and waffles and french toast so yeah. NO. We had lunch at Mimi’s Cafe on Sunday and I ordered triple berry stuffed french toast (OMG YUM) with eggs over hard (the only way I will order eggs in restaurants). I generally don’t really eat the eggs much, a bite or two. Anyhow, I accidentally spilled the syrup when trying to move the little cup of it off the plate and it got on the eggs. I wouldn’t even LOOK at them the rest of the meal (and frankly didn’t enjoy the syrup that had spilled on the french toast either). GAHHH.

    Marilyn’s last blog post..Desktop Showcase

  43. I won’t touch eggs with a ten-foot pole, so I don’t really have a problem with them touching on my plate.


    Hillary’s last blog post..The Trial of the Century

  44. I wouldn’t be violently opposed to syrup touching my eggs, but that wouldn’t happen anyway, because I generally do not eat eggs and pancakes/french toast at the same time. And if I did, they would be on separate plates. However, when I do have pancakes (can’t even remember the last time that was, by the way), the bacon or sausage has to get in the syrup puddle as well. Yummy! Okay, now I want breakfast!

  45. eggs? and syrup?
    no. no. no.
    not okay.

    ali’s last blog post..i promise not to quit my day job…

  46. That is just foul, foul, foul. Personally I am not a big fan of food touching in general, but I have never hearde of the syrup-egg combo. Gross. I will have to side with the sweet potatoes though. Yum, yum. For Thanksgiving this year I made Sweet Potato Brulee. Delicious!!

    Jill’s last blog post..Too sore to type (with my toes)

  47. Eggs in general really are gross. All it takes is a little thought about eating what could be potential chickens. That said, if they’re scrambled, I’ll happily take them with ketchup. No syrup please.

    Re: vegetable desserts. I tried for so long to resist the deliciousness of carrot cake. I eventually caved.

  48. heavens to betsey NO!!!!!!!!
    eggs should be just eggs.
    no ketchup.
    no syrup.
    no sauce (um, talking to YOU hollandaise).

    Holly’s last blog post..Food & Your Body: A Connection

  49. The only thing that belongs on eggs is hot sauce.

  50. I’ve heard of syrup on sausages or bacon, but never eggs. Eww. That’s just nasty.

    andi’s last blog post..Retail therapy is suddenly less therapeutic


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