When Cody and I moved across the driveway of our first apartment into the one next door there was a morning where the food was in one apartment and the dishes were at the other. I was eight months pregnant and still vomiting quite regularly. I needed to eat within a half hour of waking up or my vomiting would get even worse.

Ah, pregnancy.

On this particular morning Cody woke me up and took me to IHOP immediately to feed me. I ordered some sort of pancake or french toast with no frills and Cody ordered some enormous plate of meat, cheese and eggs. My breakfast came with eggs also, but the very thought of eating an egg, even ordering an egg made me ill. Cody ordered for me and had my eggs poached so that he could eat them himself.


Now if you’ve been to IHOP then you’re probably aware of the syrup caddy on the table, four different kinds of syrup for your enjoyment. When Cody got the poached eggs he picked up a syrup bottle, poured in ON THE EGGS and stirred them into a lumpy yolky syrup soup which he ate with a spoon.

A. Gross

B. When your wife is still violently ill eight months pregnant and dry heaves at the thought of cantaloupe, THIS IS EVEN MORE GROSS.

Thus began the great egg/syrup debate of the moosh family. I cannot, CANNOT, let syrup touch my eggs. Cody pours it on his eggs. My in laws don’t mind if eggs and syrup touch and I have a friend who won’t even eat them in the same meal.

So who’s the majority? Who’s the minority?

Eggs and syrup are one edible issue I have strong opinions on.

That and vegetables masquerading as dessert (I’m looking at you sweet potatoes.). But that’s an entirely different post.


  1. ACK! Eggs deserve cheese or salsa. They never asked to be drowned in syrup. *cringe*

    (OK, I do like the hollandaise, but only on occasion. And maybe ketchup. Or eggs mixed in with refried beans…)

    Am thinking I should not be mocking the syrup on re-reading my comment.

    Even so, ewwww!

    Arkie Mama’s last blog post..Can I get a butt reduction? Seriously.

  2. Lisa in TX says:

    On the other side of the coin, I just hate syrup. I’m surprised that Marilyn is the only other person who’s said the same. Sure I ate it as a kid, but some number of years ago I quit, and I’m so much happier for it. No sticky plates, no errant oozing, no need to segregate pancake knives and butter knives or throw away otherwise perfectly good bacon…

    As for the eggs, I don’t mind the taste of runny eggs, but I can’t stand the sight. That’s just gross.

  3. Eww. Commence the heaving.

    Kimmie’s last blog post..Lately…

  4. Cantaloupe? Nasty.

    Eggs & syrup? Nastier.

    Cantaloupe, eggs & syrup on the same plate? Hell.

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy’s Linkapalooza -New & Improved

  5. EVERYONE knows syrup goes on sausage, not eggs.

  6. That is just downright disgusting and so wrong. And I seriously can’t believe he did that to you when you were feeling ill already. Meany!

    Krista’s last blog post..Spring Break Part 1 – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

  7. all breakfast foods may touch. what wouldn’t be better with a little boysenberry syrup from ihop.

    although that is totally uncool eating like that in front of a vomitous woman.

    jenica’s last blog post..let’s do lunch

  8. syrup is for pancakes and waffles NOT EGGS. ugh…

    feener’s last blog post..blue

  9. I’ll allow eggs and syrup in the same MEAL, but on the same PLATE? Gag.

    Syrup sucks anyhow. Although I have been known to take a little nip here and there from the syrup bottle when there’s nothing else sweet in the house. . .

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  10. Definitely NO syrup touching the eggs…cannot have it.

    SuzyQ’s last blog post..Garden Terms I’ve Learned: Humus

  11. No touching!! The only time when food is allowed to touch is at Thanksgiving. You can’t help it – there’s too much food and too little plate! In our house eggs may be accessorized with salt, pepper, cheese, maybe salsa – that’s it. Syrup is reserved for pancakes, waffles and sometimes grits. :)

    calicobebop’s last blog post..Muffin + IMAX = Disaster

  12. all things bd says:

    Eww, gross. No syrup shall ever touch my eggs. Ever.

  13. Okay, that is absolutley disgusting. I don’t like eggs in the first place but I would never do such a disgusting thing.

    Janssen’s last blog post..The Great Unveiling

  14. I like to have my eggs and syrup on different plates thankyouverymuch. But if this is not possible and they happen to touch, I don’t freak out. I just don’t like it.

    I do, however, love to dip my sausage in syrup.

    Carly’s last blog post..because there was no way I was joining Jenny Craig

  15. Eggs are tetchy for me at best. I cannot eat them fried, poached or boiled. Only scrambled, and even then I am not a big enthusiast. Seeing runny yolk makes me want to toss my cookies. With syrup? Oh, no, ever.

    Suebob’s last blog post..No, as a matter of fact, you aren’t

  16. never thought about that one, but I’m thinkin’ that’s a no. Syrup & sausage, but probably not egg.

  17. I want you to know that when I was making breakfast this morning (I eat eggs every day because of a high protein/PCOS diet) and I actually gagged when I thought about this post. So not only is Cody wrong in a million ways on this one, he ruined my breakfast.

    Nic’s last blog post..Hello from the dark land of the useless

  18. I can honestly say I’ve never seen it as an issue of the syrup TOUCHING my eggs, but I would NEVER put the syrup ON my eggs. I’m a picky egg eater as is.

    Butrfly Garden’s last blog post..Ask Me Anything

  19. Just reading that made me queasy. Bleccch!

    Jen M’s last blog post..One of us Peaked in the Eighties…

  20. I’m guilty as charged. Love syrup on scrambled (and only scrambled)eggs. The rest of the eggs can’t have syrup. Tim thinks it’s crazy and won’t even eat pancakes/french toast in the same meal as eggs.

    ashlee’s last blog post..Halfway There!

  21. Just reading that made me throw up in my mouth a little! Eggs and syrup! SICK!

    Skye’s last blog post..Dr. issues

  22. I’m not even pregnant and the mere thought of syrup touching eggschurns my stomach! Gross!

    Casey’s last blog post..Polygamy Is The Talk Of The Town

  23. If pregnant, no freakin’ way will syrup touch the eggs. If not, syrup with eggs is yummy. Also delicious to dip the bacon in syrup too.

    skiplovey’s last blog post..Where does the weekend go?

  24. eggs and syrup should never touch. I know someone who puts ketchup in their eggs. Another no-no for me. Food in general shouldn’t touch. It’s just wrong.

    Rhea’s last blog post..The Adventures of Remy, the never-stopping, monekybar boy.

  25. Oh my god I’m not pregnant but that story about the eggs and syrup at IHOP made me a little nauseas reading it.

    so very gross.

    I can eat eggs and syrup in the same meal but not touching. blech

    now syrup and sausage, mmmmmm

    ImpostorMom’s last blog post..Marital Angst

  26. I like Syrup with nearly everything. I really connected with Will Farrell’s character on Elf.

    EMama’s last blog post..The 365 Day Clutter Challenge

  27. I’m not even pregnant, and the thought of syrup touching eggs makes me want to vomit.

    Eggs are iffy for me as it is, but to add syrup?

    It just ain’t right.

    Angella’s last blog post..Pooping Daisies

  28. It’s pretty disgusting to think of topping eggs with syrup, but a little run-off from my pancakes isn’t too bad. In fact, when camping, I love how everything is cooked together on the camping stove – eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns – and the wonderful plate of bliss that results! Mmmmmm!

  29. Seiously, you have GOT to make peace with sweet potatoes. Mmmmmmmm.

    P.S. Thanks for the dry heaves in response to your verbal description of Cody’s breakfast. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    Meggan’s last blog post..Because they’re just too cute to not share…

  30. Ok, agree with you all the way on the no syrup directly on eggs, but have you ever put syrup on bacon? mmmm, now that is some good artery clogging stuff we do down here in NC.

    Jacque’s last blog post..Happy Birthday, dear Scottie!

  31. Oh I don’t mind syrup touching my eggs, but I never pour it directly on them. eww. My husband and daughter, however, put ketchup directly onto their eggs and I have to avert my eyes. Ick.

    oh but syrup on bacon or sausage~bring it on!

    Kristin’s last blog post..Monday, Monday~Can’t Trust that Day

  32. eggs and syrup rarely find their way to the same plate when i am eating them. if i am having the two at the same meal i either get two plates or eat the eggs before dumping the syrup. i can’t believe cody’s little trick didn’t make you vomit. i’m not sick or pregnant and i almost did just reading about it.

    rebecca’s last blog post..The Big Decision

  33. I heart eggs and syrup. In fact, off I go to IHOP!

    kristi’s last blog post..Don’t you sometimes wish

  34. People are obviously very passionate about this. At my house: I don’t mind if the syrup (maple syrup! real maple syrup! not ‘table syrup’) touches my scrambled eggs; Pynchon eats all the eggs first before the syrup comes near his plate.

    Ah … but what about ketchup grazing your pancakes?

    mimi’s last blog post..But that’s not what I meant, not at all

  35. I think it’s funny that so many people have piped up on this particular post…is syrup really that distressing? ;)

    I’m with you, though: pepper and salt are enough on my eggs, thank you very much.

    Must be Motherhood’s last blog post..The cuts

  36. Mmmm Mmm Mmmmm…. Eggs and syrup. Quite tasty. Does my vote count?

    Olivia’s last blog post..Is it just me, or am I completely losing it?

  37. I’m just making another comment because it is probably the coolest thing ever that so many people have strong opinions about syrup and eggs. You’ve really hit on something here.

    Anna’s last blog post..I can’t believe he’s not bitter

  38. Sorry. I’m with Cody on this one. Syrup can go on EVERYTHING!

    dana’s last blog post..Inauspicious Beginnings of Motherhood

  39. eggs and syrup?! i have never even heard of that nonsense! that is so foul.
    how about people who eat cheese on their fruit? or ketchup on their eggs?! eww. i just recently got used to eating bacon and eggs and if syrup were anywhere near them both i may puke!

    kelly’s last blog post..wow!

  40. EWWWW. I may be pregnant, but the thought of eggs and syrup together is making me want to hurl.

    metalia’s last blog post..It’s The Little Things

  41. eggs and syrup must never touch. gross gross gross

    amreen’s last blog post..The end of a chapter, spring and new beginnings

  42. That is the most disgusting thing I have EVER heard! Yeeech!
    In case you were wondering where I stood on things.

    Anna at Hank & Willie’s last blog post..“We put the B in blogging”

  43. That is just nasty.
    Now… Bacon dipped in Syrup, that’s another tonguesmically yummy story all in and of itself.
    Had I been you… there would have been syrup and eggs dripping down his pants at that particular act of pregnant woman torture. I’m just sayin’.

    rachel’s last blog post..Thithter Ow-side Fooball

  44. Ummm… GROSS!!!

    Reese’s last blog post..T-3 Days and Counting…

  45. Yecccchhh. That’s just about as bad as Coke and Milk. Although I DO dip my fries in mayo, so I guess I shouldn’t talk.

    mommypie’s last blog post..Bovine Love

  46. I too think it’s hilarious that there are so many comments about eggs and syrup.
    And last night, I got to thinking about this subject when I watched my mother in law eat scrambled eggs with jelly toast, and she scooped up all the jelly all over her eggs and ate it. Gross.
    It made me think about Elf. (with Will Ferrel ~ one of my favorite movies) He puts syrup on spaghetti (and everything else – he carries it around with him). Now THAT is something to be disgusted about!

  47. no. never. ewww.

    eggs? scrambled can have cheese on them, sunny side up can have salt and pepper. Any other kind? Nope.

    Pgoodness’s last blog post..three words

  48. Must have the pancakes and anything else deemed “sweet” on a completely different plate.
    Although,I do dip my bacon and sausage in the syrup.

  49. Maple syrup is amazing… I mean [i]amazing[/i] on thick-sliced bacon and scrambled eggs. (Oh, and slap some cinnamon in the eggs before you cook them.)

    A. Maz. Ing.

    AG’s last blog post..Shout to the Lord

  50. I know this is an old post, but I had to comment (Hi Casey, btw, I’m new here, but I already love you AND the moosh!)…

    My favorite breakfast mess (yes, that’s what I call it, especially good for hangovers, though in your case that wouldn’t matter!) is, hands down, french toast & two eggs over easy…all on the same plate in a mess of syrup & runny yolk goodness!

    Please don’t hate me for liking the two together!