Straight B&W

half smile

straight and in her eyes

In case you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about, this is the moosh on a normal day, without a hot iron:

A new favorite.

This is only the second time I’ve ever attempted to straighten her hair. I say attempted because between the humidity and her sweaty nature, it lasted about as long as it takes to sneeze.

The best part? When I finally straightened the very top layer of her hair (her bangs) she doubled over in fits of laughter. At first I thought it was because she realized she looked so different.

Then I realized it was because her hair was tickling her nose and cheeks, something that has NEVER happened to her. Her hair has never fallen in her face, it only launches off the top of her head when it’s unkempt.


  1. She looks so precious! I can’t imagine the patience you must have! I don’t think I could straighten all those curls. She’s adorable!

    Erikas last blog post..The Second Day

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous child!

    Beths last blog post..‘Tropic Thunder’ …

  3. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe that is the same girl. Her straight hair makes her look so much older. She also looks more like you. She is your girl for sure. What a gem!

    Jennies last blog post..Fun Filled Friday

  4. I think your daughter and my daughter have the same hair.


    And isn’t it amazing how different they look with straight hair as compared to the curls?

    Dawns last blog post..Goats, Nipples, and an Eye Roll

  5. She looks so much like Dakota Fanning with her hair straight. Does anyone agree?

    Olivias last blog post..Public Accounting? SUCK IT.

  6. Oh my goodness, she looks like a dawl…so different…dare I say grown up…but not quite? Love.

    Kims last blog post..ADOPTION YARD SALE PART TWO!

  7. She looks beautiful either way! It’s funny, though, this is what I thought my daughter would look like- I’ve got spiral curls, too. And I’ve only straightened it once.

    drowningindoghairs last blog post..Trippin’

  8. Oh my heavens, she looks so much older! And, yet still quite adorable? Curly or straight, I loves me some moosh!

    Marilyns last blog post..The one where I ask you questions

  9. As a curly top myself, I know how long that must have taken you, bravo on both of yours patience.

    And now time for some crow. I have always said I have the most beautiful gbaby, bu I bow to Tiny Grandma and conceede.

    Adriennes last blog post..Fall Fashion

  10. holy different child, batman.

  11. Wow Casey, she is totally your clone! Identical! Too cute for words!

    Untypically Jias last blog post..How to Embarass Your Husband at the Post Office

  12. Oh my gosh! How CUTE is she, straight and curly! Love it!

    Great job, and great photos!

    Nanettes last blog post..Notorious B.A.B.Y.

  13. Love the curls! But the straight males her look so mature! Cute, cute!

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Weekend Events for 7/25 – 7/27

  14. Somehow without the curls she looks even more like you. Pic #2 especially.

  15. soooo cute

    Annas last blog post..I told you they deep fry everything

  16. Wowee kazowee!

    She DOES look older, and yes -glad I read through the comments – Olivia, I DO think she looks like Dakota Fanning with it straight! (And like her Mommy) ;-)

    Mandys last blog post..Could we BE any more Hoosier?

  17. Could she be any more beautiful? Such a little angel!

    Bridgets last blog post..Headache Update

  18. Talk about a mini-Mama! Great pictures, Casey.

    Sarah @ Ordinary Dayss last blog post..Because she told me to…

  19. Wow! I think she looks VERY different without the curls. It’s amazing how changing her hair can change her whole “look”. She’s stunning either way, but I have to say… I love the curls. =)

    Marie Greens last blog post..In Which My Baby Itch Gets… More Itchy

  20. Curls or no curls, she is too adorable!

    Nicoles last blog post..Dylan’s Clipper Cut

  21. What a doll! I think you both get awards for patience with the whole straightening routine. I hope you took 100 pictures.

    threeundertwos last blog post..What Memory Problem?

  22. Either way, her hair looks adorable. She is so cute!!

    Mrs. Schmittys last blog post..My Future Olympian

  23. She is a beautiful little girl either way! You sure did make a pretty baby!


    Frans last blog post..

  24. She looks great!! My daughter, Kaylie, had the exact same hair when she was that age. I also tried to straighten it one day and it ended up looking quite similar to the moosh’s. I LOVE little girl curly hair. Definitely the cutest kind of kid!!

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..No time to blog

  25. She is SO cute. You know she reminds me of a little Dakota Fanning there!

    amys last blog post..I’m a pirate, matey

  26. She looks so much like you with straight hair! Funny I don’t notice it as much when it’s curly. Either way that is one frickin beautiful kid!!

    Did I ever tell you that I swore I saw her on an instore display in Target? I thought maybe you were pimping her out — which if you were, good for you… pay for that college pretty girl!! — and keeping it a secret from us all. But then I realized it probably wasn’t her, just a not quite as cute doppleganger.

    Jills last blog post..The Funniest Thing I Heard Today v. 11

  27. what a beauty!!

    Chelseys last blog post..Guest Post Friday (Sorta I guess)

  28. Straight or curly she is just breathtaking!

    Jens last blog post..The things a burger brings

  29. Wow! She is gorgeous.

  30. Oh my gosh – she is SO cute! I have naturally curly hair and know how much it takes to straighten it – I’m impressed she lasted long enough to let you do it! Adorable!

    Heidis last blog post..Another one

  31. the patience involved with that? for her and you both? brilliant. and she’s gorgeous.

    jens last blog my shoes

  32. She is such a beautiful thing either way!!

    I am TOTALLY impressed that she held still for that!

    Reeses last blog post..When You’re Poor…

  33. freakin’ cute! Is it not funny how whatever you don’t have you want…I would love to have locks of curls. =) Instead I have hair that has a hard time even curling under. boo…

    Evonne Sells last blog post..Happy Birthday!

  34. She looks like a totally different little girl! What a lucky little woman to have such fabulous hair! She’s absolutely stunning with straight hair OR those fantastic curls.

    Cassies last blog post..Breaking Dawn at Midnight?

  35. First off, this kid is ADORABLE!

    Secondly, she looks a lot like Mama with her locks straightened. Sweet!

    Mymsies last blog post..Bargain Diva

  36. Will you come to IL to teach me how to do Peapod’s hair!?! Oh, and maybe give me a lesson too. Seriously, when it comes to hair, I put the X chromosome to shame. Thanks for sharing!

  37. P.S. @ Olivia: AGREED! The Moosh with straight hair is totally channeling Dakota Fanning.

    Mymsies last blog post..Bargain Diva

  38. She looks like a different child! She’s beautiful either way, but I hope she embraces the curls.

  39. She’s absolutely beautiful either way. The natural curls are so darn cute.
    My daughter inherited my perfectly straight hair. We end up spending our time trying to get our hair to curl.

  40. I vote curls.
    (from a girl who will never have them)

    Aprils last blog post..My sick hobby

  41. Wow! She looks like a different child! Cutie both ways!

    Aprils last blog post..5-22-08 I wanna be like you-oo-oo!

  42. Completely don’t even recognize her without the curls. Adorable either way, but still. Those curls.

    all things bds last blog post..Another Great Outing

  43. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with that hair in November. I am a hair genius.

    heather…s last blog post..The Olympics Are Killing Me

  44. The straight hair is cute, but the curly hair…that last photo…is adorable!!!!

    Mikes last blog post..If There Was A Gold Medal In Crazy…

  45. Unbelievably cute. Both ways. What a doll.

    Insta-moms last blog post..Fun with keywords

  46. You are either the most patient human alive, or your child is a saint. Either way, she’s lovely. :)

    Mr Ladys last blog post..Rate the Hate the Pot Luck Edition

  47. She definitely looks like Dakota Fanning in the second picture.

    I hated my curly hair a lot of the time growing up, and I straighten it now, but if I ever have a little girl I want her to have curls too! It’s just so adorable. Plus I don’t know how to fix straight hair.

  48. OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t even recognize her at first! It was only after I saw her smile that I realized it was the moosh! WOW! She’s got gorgeous hair curly AND straight! Lucky gal!

  49. Wow, so cute! You are so much better with the flat iron then I am!

  50. oh I think she looks so grown up! How long did that take you?

    DesignHER Mommas last blog post..To facebook or not to facebook…