I wrote this guest post for Angella over at Dutch Blitz back in February. Love her.

I think it’s this post comes up for air yet again on this cozy fall day in October.


Angella is generally around on Google Chat when trolls come knocking at my door and she does a lovely job of talking me down from my troll induced frenzy.

But I shall frenzy no longer because I have accepted that not everyone is going to like me. Or everything that I do.


Same goes for you. Not everyone likes you. Sorry.

If you decide to write about religion you’ll be told you go to the wrong church. Or believe in the wrong God. But if you don’t write about religion you will be chastised for not involving religion in the raising of your child.

If you write about your child you will be told you’re doing it all wrong. If you don’t write about your child people will let you know that you are selfish and self centered.

If you don’t use paragraphs you’ll be sent links on proper grammar. If you do use paragraphs you’ll be called “stuffy, boring and wordy.”

If you write about depression you’ll be called a lazy human being who has no right to parent a child.

If you write about your attorney husband you’ll be called a spoiled and kept woman.

If you write how to make homemade cinnamon rolls you’ll be called indulgent and told you have too much free time. But if you write about your dirty love for polishing off a Cinnabon with extra frosting all by yourself in the corner of the mall food court you’ll be told that you are the reason society is fat.

If you dare mention that you had a bad day and that you’re two steps away from selling your offspring on eBay, you’ll get all sorts of snarky comments about your status as an ungrateful and unfit mother. But if you don’t write about the honest truth that kids tend to drive one batty every once in a while and only post sparkly rainbow unicorn kisses, people will question your authenticity. (And throw up in their mouths a little bit when reading about your so called constant state of glitter and sunshine of a life.)

So there you have it.

I am a Mormon mommy blogger who writes how I think, rarely uses proper punctuation, is dealing with depression, gets frustrated easily, hates that her husband is gone all the time and enjoys the occasional Cinnabon.

But I am also a Mormon mommy blogger who is trying to be a decent human being, loves my husband, my daughter, my family, the Lord and my friends more than anything in this life. I am grateful for all that I have and to be where I’m at. And I can make a wicked chocolate cake.

How’s that for sunshiney rainbow kisses?


  1. Since it’s YOUR BLOG, you shouldn’t have to preface any of your posts with warnings of what you’re writing about! I think, if you don’t agree with what someone writes, either DON’T COMMENT, or tell them how cute their kids are!

    Megs last blog post..What I found in the cupboard

  2. (Or how cute their cat is, in my case.)

    Megs last blog post..What I found in the cupboard

  3. Amen sister.

  4. good for you for speaking your ming, no matter who likes it or not.

    Jens last blog post..The love of your life

  5. I think.. it’s the really popular kids who get the trolls :)

    Mahalas last blog post..Brisk Holler Morning

  6. Oh, dang, I have been meaning to tell you how awful you are, but somehow it keeps slipping my mind! I must write myself a post-it note so I don’t neglect my troll duties. Now write something so I can pounce!

  7. “I am a Mormon mommy blogger who writes how I think, rarely uses proper punctuation, is dealing with depression, gets frustrated easily, hates that her husband is gone all the time and enjoys the occasional Cinnabon.

    But I am also a Mormon mommy blogger who is trying to be a decent human being, loves my husband, my daughter, my family, the Lord and my friends more than anything in this life. I am grateful for all that I have and to be where I’m at. And I can make a wicked chocolate cake.”

    That up there is exactly how I see you Casey and that’s what keeps me coming back (and of course some of that Moosh cuteness).

    I wish there were more people like you. Raw and honest. Real.

    Sashas last blog post..It will be a miracle…

  8. I’m glad you re-posted this. I enjoyed it and applauded you on Angella’s blog and I applaud you again here.


    Rachels last blog post..Get Felt Up and Think Pink

  9. i like it, no fair the states still has cinnabon? in canada it changed to cinnzeo, and its just not the same

  10. “I wish there were more people like you. Raw and honest. Real.”

    Amen, and Amen!

  11. There are a million blogs to read. There are a million things to do with your time besides read blogs. I will never get why people waste their time leaving hurtful comments on other people’s site when there is so much better ways to spend your time. You are doing a remarkable, beautiful thing here, and you are a remarkable, beautiful mother. Anyone who disagrees–as you seem to get–is obviously missing something in their life.

    She Likes Purples last blog post..The First Anniversary of His 30th Year

  12. As I did when you guest posted this – KUDOS TO YOU!!!

    I enjoy your frankness and honesty very much, it is the primary reason I come back to you every day!

    Reeses last blog post..Packing and Waiting

  13. word.

  14. It was after I read this post on Angella’s blog that I started reading your blog. I like your attitude.

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..I have a love-hate relationship with these things.

  15. The love is mutual, sister.

    I loved this post back in February, and I love it now.

    I am all about the love today, apparently.

    Angellas last blog post..Time For A New Coat

  16. I happen to think you’re awesome. Suck on THAT.

    Mr Ladys last blog post..Rate The Hate the Lazarus Edition

  17. You’re awesome.
    Any wife that survives law school, deserves whatever she wants.

    Jolenes last blog post..Here in Wasilla, Alaska

  18. See, that’s why I’m glad I don’t have a popular blog. I can write as badly as I want and no one cares. ;)
    And God help anyone who does, because I totally have the time to email them and tell them piss up a rope.

  19. Yea. I’m one of those “spoiled and kept” women too. Or so the trolls say!

    Always hang in there and just be yourself!

  20. See, and my goal is to have a blog popular enough to attract the trolls! Here’s to hoping!

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..Oh no she didn’t….

  21. Ha ha! Sad but true and I totally relate. On our site, we’re “accused” of having so much fun with our babies by folks without kids and hailed as a lifeline for other parents losing their minds to boredom and confusion. But we’re both and neither at the same time.

    RookieMom Heathers last blog post..Activity #866: Upcycle your magazines

  22. I can’t believe some people take blogging so seriously!

    You go, Casey!

  23. I love you Casey! I think you’re awesome.

  24. for the record, i will always love you ;-)

    biddys last blog post..Friday Fill In #92

  25. Oh for crying out loud. The fact you even have to write this is so…sad. I hope only the folks who really care to leave nice messages will ramp up, and those who can’t do it will knock it off! :) All the best.

  26. you.

    Don’t let any troll tell you otherwise.

  27. Here is what I think…..People are going to have opinions. It’s the way the world works. Everyone has an opinion. Especially when it comes to talking about sacred things to someone. Maybe someone holds things more sacred than you and voiced their opinion. Don’t be offended, live and learn. Get better at being you. And for crying out loud, don’t say “our main man Jesus” That doesn’t sound very sacred to me. You are just feeling a little guilty.

    And if you think because someone has an opinion makes them worse than you, then why should anyone have an opinion. If you want people to comment on your blog you are going to get an array of different ideas. I love it. I would embrace it, but instead you get ticked that everyone doesn’t think the way you do. Sad.

  28. Casey, ignore those freedom haters! lol You ROCK. Always.

    Rheas last blog post..Cracked up

  29. This all confuses me greatly. Not you, but trolls and ugly people (not physically ugly, per se).

    The internet has such great potential to be a place where different people can mix and mingle and share ideas and interact, but for whatever reason, some people cannot do this peacefully. The person above me seems to be one of them (“Get better at being you.” Really? Good Lord, could you be on a higher horse?)

    There’s a way to say things without sounding condescending, and it doesn’t take much effort either. And it’s like some people write a comment without actually reading the blog post. If you’re not literate, you don’t get to leave a comment. I’m pretty sure that’s a blog rule.

    If you had tough enough skin to deal with crappy people then you probably wouldn’t be fun to read, because those kind of people really are freaks, they’re not normal. You should be hurt when people say mean things and criticize you. You are human and no matter what, you’ll never satisfy everyone. So I say, satisfy you and screw the rest of them. Metaphorically, of course.

    Overflowing Brains last blog post..On quitting

  30. I love to look at blogs. I came across this one, from one of my friends. It is interesting.
    I’m confused by a couple of the comments. First of all I understand that someone could think that sharing information about their under garment that they hold very personal would make them comment in a negative manner.

    What I don’t understand is why everyone uses the word troll. So someone writes something rude (mind you, when you are reading something it is sometimes hard to understand exactly the intent) I would think that you would comment back to maybe help them understand where you are coming from. Instead it seems that there is just a need to write nasty things.
    So calling someone a troll because you don’t like what they wrote is how this works. Got it. I’m new to this whole blogging thing. I get it now.

  31. If people don’t like what you write or how you do it. Don’t come back, simple. For me, your a hoot and I enjoy your honesty.

    Amandas last blog post..guilty

  32. The funny thing is they usually say these things anonymously. That alone is enough for me to know that I’m still better than them – despite what their opinions of me are. Because I put myself out there while they take the coward’s way to disagree.

    The Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Very fast Chicago/Honeymoon recap

  33. You are my idol. (not in a religious way — you know what I mean).

    threeundertwos last blog post..How to Make Blondies

  34. I’m a pretty new blogger, but I’m trying to keep the perspective that while I love to hear that people are reading (and love it even more when they comment), the whole reason I started my blog was for me. To stretch my mind and my writing in a new way. A pretty tall order for a first-born people pleaser like me, but so far, mostly so good.

    Amys last blog post..Bursting my bubble (bath)

  35. great post. luckily (so far) i’m too new at this with not a huge fanbase, so i haven’t gotten negativity.
    i’ve read enough comments on the blogs i follow to know it’s definitely out there.
    liked your summation!

    mpotters last blog post..status symbol?

  36. Can we get an AMEN!

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Ok, where’s my tissue when I need it?

  37. that’s some beautiful writing Casey. Thank-you!

    Ems last blog post..Fall is in full swing!

  38. Well said!

    Fuji Mamas last blog post..Blossoming Garnishes

  39. I had a nasty comment once early on and I got really mad, luckily it was the only one. However after being out here a while, I think I just ignore a lot of stuff too.
    You are who you are and obviously a lot of people like that. Reading comments like one above which are off topic and whiney make me think they are jealous at the least and most likely struggling with their own inner demons. Have pity on those snarky folks instead.

    White Hot Magiks last blog post..Magnetic Monday or TMI Tuesday

  40. can’t we all just get along?

  41. Casey…this is why you have the delete key. i think it was Sweetney who said this at blogher during her session. and it’s true. don’t be afraid to use it. this is YOUR space.

    hugs, love! ;)

  42. this is so true…I have had ONE Anon comment that has sat with me for weeks. It has me scared to share what is really going on … for fear that this same person will come on and persecute me for something she/he has no idea about.

    I vow to not let this stop me from posting the real crap going on, but for now, I will think my thoughts to myself until I can clearly post them for the world.

  43. well, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I love reading your blog. You and I are probably not going to agree on what the great things in life are, but I like to hear how you talk about them without judging me for not agreeing. It’s the way you talk about it that keeps me interested.
    Plus I get amused when there’s cute kiddie phrases you use like “neener neener neener”. I can quite honestly say even if you and I agreed on NOTHING but how homemade chocolate cake is the BESTEST then that wouldn’t stop me from wanting to hang out with you for an afternoon, presumably baking homemade chocolate cake and then indulging in eating it, hehe.
    One thing I’ve learned is many people just automatically dislike someone if they don’t agree with them on everything. And so, religion and politics and how to properly raise children winds up being issues that keep otherwise reasonable people from being friendly with each other. But if we could all learn to at least give someone a chance despite any character flaws we assume they have because of their opinions, we might actually make more wonderful friends in life. And even if you can’t like someone, being actively hateful is not only a waste of time and energy, but in my opinion is rather immature. If you just cna’t bring yourself to like someone in spite of who they are, then leave them alone and go find someone that you DO like, someone that can bring sunshiney happy unicorn kisses into your life instead of ugly thoughts.

  44. Kami's Love says:

    If you have tough enough skin, you would be able to accept others opinions without getting upset. I think that goes hand in hand when you write about controversial issues. Do what my mommy-in-law says. Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it! (How ironic for an underwear issue. He he!)

  45. Great post! I’m glad you shared it because I missed it the first time around.

    Marys last blog post..Saturday Night Ramble II

  46. We should all be so sure of who we are.

  47. You are awesome and anyone with any sense can see that on the spot. Trolls are really really hard to take and I hate that any of us have to deal with that.

    This is a good post!! You can’t make everyone happy all the time- wasn’t that one of the things Momma said would be so?

    Amys last blog post..Subscribing

  48. Hey, this is Polt, I comment over at Puntabulous. Anyway, I have a favor to ask of you, could you fire me off an email poltguy@Yahoo.com and I’ll send you back my request? I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance, and HUGS…

    Polts last blog post..You’re wantin’ my body, I don’t mind (Part 167)…

  49. Troll just mean people are lurking and being jealous of what a talented Mormon mommy blogger you are. Putting yourself out on the internet is hard, because people are gonna dislike you no matter what you say, but its worth it because people like us who love you and think you rock!

  50. Amen Sister. You know I’s got yo back! Holla!

    Kims last blog post..Learning To Love Me Part 1


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