Barack stopped off in Indianapolis today on his way to visit his sick granny.

I took the moosh, not because I’m in love with Barack Obama along with what seems like the rest of the nation, but to be involved and to be a part of something monumental. A democrat hasn’t won in Indiana in 44 years.
Indianapolis Obama Rally
Barack Oplaza
Barack Oshirts
Barack Obuttons
Barack Obadspeller
Barack Oawesomehat
Barack Oshadows
Barack Otalking

So has everyone decided who they’re voting for? Because I sure haven’t, opinions? I HAZ EM. But this ain’t no political blog.


  1. so curious about what issues are holding you back from deciding! care to share???

  2. That’s the same reason I went to see his nomination announcement in St. Paul. I would have liked to have seen McCain when he was here, too. It’s history in the making, regardless of who wins.

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  3. Kami's Love says:

    Either way….we are screwed! Just my thoughts.

  4. I agree with Kami’s Love. I know Indiana might be a swing state, but I think I might still have to “throw away” my vote and go Libertarian.

    Jennifers last blog post..S.O.S.

  5. I haven’t decided yet. Wait…we have an election coming up? NO WAY!

    Rheas last blog post..They will haunt me in my sleep

  6. I am voting for OBAMA!!! He is the change we so desperately need.

  7. It’s interesting living near dem, dem, democrat Chicago while having grown up in rep, rep, REPUBLICAN Indiana. I was working in Chicago on election day 2000…you would’ve thought the city was mourning a loved one as the results came pouring in. And the following days? Chicago was convinced it was a sign of the armegeddon. I’m personally torn between the two. It’s the same each time I vote — I am usually voting for the “lesser of two evils” rather than a candidate who excites me.

  8. If I was American, I would absolutely NOT be voting for McCain.

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  9. Love that even though you’re not wild about him, you still went out. I read too many blogs that consider one side or the other as THE DEVIL and the beginning of ARMAGEDDON.

    They are just men. They both want what’s best for America, but have very different views on how to get there.

    Having said that, I’m considering voting Libertarian because I don’t care for either candidate. Although I hate to concede possible judges’ seats to the opposition. So far that’s been the strongest argument in favor of either candidate that I’ve heard.

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  10. I’m decided. I HAZ opinions too. But I don’t get political on anyone’s site.

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  11. Yeah. I have mine too and I did my first political post yesterday. UGH.

    I kinda if know who I will be voting for. Now.

    OHmommys last blog post..The Kool-Aid House

  12. I’m voting for Obama. A) I like him. A lot. and B) If McCain were to croak in office, freaking Sarah Palin would be president. That’s something too scary to even imagine. Srsly.

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  13. I am interested to hear everyone’s response, the only thing I’ve decided I’m voting for is my local school district’s bond, everything else is still free game. I don’t like either one. And as a side note, Biden shouldn’t be aloud to speak… EVER.

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  14. i’m the same way…i hate talking about political views because you can’t win for losing!!

    i still don’t know who i’m voting for, but i do kinda love barack o’boyfriend

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  15. I’m coming to Indy this weekend to help campaign. It’s great to see the huge turnout you had. I went to Obama’s rally in St. Louis, and it was awesome.

  16. I’m voting for Obama but if McCain doesn’t win, there will be no more Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin on SNL so ya know either way…

    Jolenes last blog post..A Friday Tradition

  17. I’M SO JEALOUS YOU GOT TO GO! I had to work. BOOOOO.

    I know who I’m voting for. ‘Nuff said ;)

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  18. I just read this on being undecided:

    I can’t say it better than that.

    Guilty Secrets last blog post..To Avoid Stress, Delegate: Just Be Careful To Whom

  19. Far be it from me to tell someone who to vote for, but for those who are undecided at this point and who may or may not feel like boning up on the issues from either side before the big day, I’ve suggested that you simply look at how each man has run his campaign. if you had to pick a president purely on comportment, who would you choose? This is easier if you’ve watched the debates, but it’s pretty hard not to notice how each of the candidates have conducted themselves and their campaigns, considering it’s pretty much all the 24-hour news cycle is talking about these days.

    Beths last blog post..No Ulterior (Auto)motives Update …

  20. Even if McCain did win, Tina Fey would not be the permanent person play Palin…SNL’s producers have already said that. :(

    But I would hope either way, that wouldn’t color someone’s vote. LOL

  21. I would have loved to see Obama, but I had client appointments. My son saw him last time he came through Indy.

    I could list all the reasons why he will be getting my vote, but basically, I’ve done my research on both candidates and feel Obama will bring a much needed change.

    Once you’ve decided on whose policies you can get behind, I agree with Beth, Obama LOOKS and ACTS more presidential, more calm, measured and FAIR than McCain/Palin.

    The important thing is that we all VOTE, whichever way you lean.

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  22. What is up with that sweatshirt? Were they on drugs when they made it?

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Buddy’s Birth: The Final Two Days

  23. I am one momma that’s for Obama.

    I have NEVER been so excited, energized or hopeful about a candidate.

    Robyns last blog post..Warning! Warning!

  24. All I have to say is, that’s one hell of a hat, dude.

    Must be Motherhoods last blog post..“Do you know what my favorite season is? Well, I’d have to say Autumn because it’s the most contemplative season.”*

  25. I am “decided” although I won’t be sharing my “decision” with anyone. That’s how ashamed I am of our candidates, I won’t even tell my husband.

  26. Great shots! I would have went too.

    midwest mommys last blog post..When it rains, it effing pours!

  27. I’ve already voted and officially washed my hands of the whole mess. I’m Republican, so it was McCain.

    Amys last blog post..Tooths

  28. There was a time when I respected McCain, that was about 10 years ago. I didn’t think he was “so bad” at the start of this campaign. However, his pandering, short temper and his choice of Sarah Palin have led me to have little respect for him. The most important decision of his campaign and he choses a woman with minimal experience and is an extremist. Women haven’t waited 232 years for Sarah Palin. As for whom I voting, I think it is clear. I have faith that Obama is the change we need. I could elaborate on why I think this but I will not. Luckily, in this country we have to right to vote for any canidate. Just go VOTE!

    Kims last blog post..Thin Line

  29. I would read this article written by Orson Scott Card.

    Jesss last blog post..Shakin’ the Dogs


    McCain all the way!!! Also, I love how allot of women are all like…”oohh I would never want Palin in office”..dudes she is everything the freakin woman’s lib movement was all about! You guys crack me up!!!

  31. I am voting for a third party.

    Does anyone else think that Obama’s campagin stuff is a little propaganda-ish?

    Emily the Utah transplant from the Midwests last blog post..All About Philly

  32. oh my goodness… all things BD said it perfect “They are just men. They both want what’s best for America, but have very different views on how to get there.”

    I am so tired of hearing fanatic people talk about this election and jumping all over people for having different opinions.

    I am personally voting for McCain, not because I think he is the most wonderful man alive, or because I hate Obama… Simply because his views and values align with mine more so than Obama’s.

    Honestly, I’ll just be glad when the whole thing is over!!

  33. The moosh must of been wearing a beanie or something. Her head shadow is a perfect circle. :)

  34. I took BekahBoo to see Palin yesterday. The main reason was to let her see in person what we have been watching on TV. I have been surprised that she knows the 4 canidates by name. She knows who we are voting for and can regergitate that we are voting for them because ‘they share our values’. Who knows if she understands what ‘values’ means. And actually both of them share some of our values. One canidate shares more of them than the other.

    MrsScotsmans last blog post..Doctor’s appointment

  35. That is so cool! I wanted to go too, not just because I like Obama, but because an African American president is historically amazing. I am not of the moon landing or civil rights movement generation, so this is what I’ve got!

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  36. The total oversight of POLICY here terrifies me. I grew up in Indiana, and the comments on this blog terrify me. The only way anyone can be undecided at this point is if you really believe that which of these two men gets elected won’t affect you personally. Hey, guess what, I know that often that is the case in elections. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE THIS YEAR. THIS IS GOING TO AFFECT YOU. YOUR LIFE. SOON. Please, please, please, if you read nothing else before Nov. 4, read this series:
    Every single piece here is eye-opening. And it’s about YOU. Please, I’m begging you to read.

    @Jess – That blog post about the Obama/Raines connection is just factually inaccurate:

    @Bridget – Just because she’s a woman doesn’t make Palin a feminist.

  37. Casey!! Remind me what your e-mail addy is! Remember Nick Jepson? He died last weekend! :o( Crazy huh?

  38. I’m voting for Obama, based purely on policy and a few deeply held beliefs I’ve had for decades. I’m cool if people vote differently than I do, so long as they study the issues and think about what matters to them, and what lines up with their values. Too many people are screaming rhetoric and talking points (on both sides!) and attacking the people, not the issues.

    1) I have always (ALWAYS) believed the best power for the economy is the middle class, well before it became popular to think so. And no, I don’t believe that belief equals socialism, nor do I necessarily think Obama’s tax plan is socialist in the derogatory sense. The whole thing has been completely distorted and lost in translation and I’m not up for discussing it, no matter how many times people try. I’ve researched it, discussed it, and that’s where I stand. I also do not believe his plan will “cripple” the wealthy and “kill” small businesses, as many are shouting. Again, this is my (well-researched, personal) belief.

    2) Healthcare. The current system is WAY EFFED and McCain’s plan is an utter disaster for people like me with pre-existing conditions. It would cripple the nation, and I believe the current broken system is better than what he’s considering. Truly.

    I like Obama’s plan, but I don’t think he’ll get to implement it. What will result is something in the middle, which is a good thing.

    c) Foreign policy/approach. I know! I know! He has no experience! But I think we need to move past the cowboy era, and I have yet to see anything from McCain that suggests otherwise. I firmly believe we need a new voice in the mix from someone who can be a little more objective, and the combo of Obama/Biden is a better choice there.

    d) I have no faith in McCain’s ability to build an effective stable of advisors. None. With the selection of Sarah Palin — a woman so woefully unprepared for the role of VP on every level, beyond tangible experience — he proved that getting elected is more important to him than serving our country. It was a foolish, risky, politically-motivated decision, and should he be elected, we will pay for it, not just with Palin, but with other, similar choices.

    I say this as a person who, at one point in her life, really liked McCain, and used to fantasize about a Gore/McCain ticket. Seriously! But I do not like who he has become.

    jonnikers last blog post..She

  39. I have NO clue. Zero…none…zip, zilch. I think I won’t know until I actually am sitting at the polls. Way to go chicka for taking your baby to see this kind of thing. The photos are AWESOME. Need deets on laptop. I am in tears of jealousy.

    Kimmies last blog post..Budget, Fudget, Mo Mudget…

  40. wow, this was the nicest blog I have visited about politics. I am undecided too. I agree with BD.

    I have taken all of my political blogs off my blog, things got a little rough and I am not even a fan of either one. I was just working through my thoughts.
    Everyone here is nice and polite!

    Lucys last blog post..High School Can Suck Part II

  41. I have to agree with Jonniker. She said it way better than I could have too!

    I wasn’t an Obama fan before, but the more I read about him the more I like him. He is just so darn inspiring! To go from being the child of a single mother to Harvard and beyond, especially as a black man, is remarkable and commendable. He and his wife are of the middle class, and I know their policies will help us instead of helping megabillionaire corporations.

    This country needs a huge step away from the cronyism and corruption that have marked the Bush administration – which McCain was also a part of – and I think Obama can take us there. You don’t have to agree with everything that he believes in 100% but just look at what he stands for and what his plan is for the country.

    If that didn’t convince you, McCain is a 72 year old man with a history of cancer and heart problems, and who knows what else. Do you want Sarah Palin as your president?

  42. obama mama says:

    my child has the best possible future if obama wins the election.

    health care reform – and possibly universal care. no more spending $120 on latex gloves.

    more fin aid for college students.

    better foreign relations so we don’t have to worry about pissy terrorists bombing us.

    regulations on the stock market to avoid a crash.

    want more… read about the first great depression (this being almost the second). how the small government, trickle down brought down the economy.

  43. I like women too much to subject us to McCain/Palin.

    I’m also gay so McCain hates me. :(

    Plus my sister and I have pre-existing auto-immune conditions so McCain’s health card plan would be even more devastating than the current model.

    I don’t like how much McCain lies either, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve asked three Republican friends why they’re so anti-Obama and none of them have been able to.

    But I’ve already cast my vote so I’m just waiting to see what happens.

    Amys last blog post..When I close my eyes

  44. I don’t like McCain, but I can’t stand Obama. He’s done more stupid things than McCain that rank higher on the stupidity-meter.

    Kellie Buckners last blog post..Ornery American Blog

  45. I’m Mormon – I vote Obama.
    He is friends with Harry Reid – and loves Mormons. McCain hates Mormons and turned people against Romney just coz he is Mormon. Palin thinks we are of the devil.
    Plus I’m not cool with how the republicans have managed teh economy/foreign affairs/America’s PR around the world. Amen

  46. Casey,

    Here is why you are an awesome mom, because in the same month where you encourage that beautiful daughter of yours to dream about princesses and fantasy, you also bring her to a political rally and root her firmly in the reality of being an American and making choices. No matter which way you end up voting, you’ve already done something more important than that – you’ve inspired her to think about her future. I know she’s little and wiggly, but trust me these kinds of experiences stick in a child’s mind – no matter how many Disney princesses she’s hugged.

  47. I went to the rally at the Fairgrounds last time Obama was in town and one of the near by Charter Schools sent their entire campus out as a field trip! I wish my high school had been as excited to get us politically engaged.

    I think its amazing to see so many people getting out and learning about the candidates.After the rally Wednesday over a thousand people voted early at the county office and there was a three hour wait at the north location. If this many people are voting now image what the turn out will be on election day. This is Democracy at its best.

  48. Amazing photos. They gave me chills. I would have loved to be there.

    Obama/Biden 08!!

  49. Casey-
    Even from Israel, I’m voting. For McCain. For me, my personal security is a premium, and McCain has a good history of being pro-Israel and pro-military response to aggression, which is Key in the Middle East. Talking is for buying things in the market, not for world leaders, in the Middle Eastern mindset.
    But that’s not the only reason to vote for McCain. The two Candidates are pretty much POLAR OPPOSITES on every galvanizing topic. Abortion? Yep. Taxes? Yep. National Security? That too. Let’s not even get started on the whole Health care thing. Either way on that, someone gets screwed. (socialized medicine isn’t so great. I have it now. I still can’t get my DH to go see a doctor.) I really think you need to pick what issues are key for you and pick the guy who agrees with the most of them. I doubt you’ll agree with any candidate about ALL the issues, that’s sycophantic and scary. Key issues for me: Israel, Abortion, International policy. McCain’s values are closest to mine in these areas, so he gets my vote.

    Rabbi’s Wifes last blog post..What’s them strings hangin’ out, Rabbi?

  50. Palin is not “Everything the women’s lib movement was all about.” Hillary Clinton is.

    Palin supports requiring all women who become pregnant as a result of rape or incest to carry the baby to term. She makes women who are raped pick up the tab for the rape kit in order to have their case investigated. She doesn’t believe birth control should be available to anyone. (I respect any individual reliqion or person not believing in birth control, absolutely, but it’s a personal decision and should remain as such. No point in requiring people to have children if they can’t support them or don’t want them.)

    I like John McCain, but the thought of Sarah Palin being president should something happen to him is a dealbreaker for me.