I used to be one of those people who never won anything, wah.

Then came the internet.

If you’re pretty active on the internet and have never won anything? 

It’s safe to say you’re doing it wrong, or you’re entering the contests and giveaways I’m busy winning.

I’ve won a personalized book, an apron, a carbon monoxide detector, blabla finger puppets (Thanks Emily!), $1000 gift card, wallpaper, christmas cards, barbeque sauce, a craft book, a $250 shopping spree and oh yeah, A MACBOOK.

And that’s just in the last year. I don’t even go out of my way to win stuff, I just enter when I see the opportunity. 


Needless to say I can no longer say “I never win anything, WAH.”

This brings me to the HP Magic Giveaway. 50 sites will be running the contest, including mine. (Some are live now! Check this link with a calender that has links and starting dates to all 50 contests.) Each contest has it’s own set of rules, including mine. Some require you to only leave a comment. Some require a tweet. Some require a little more effort. BUT HELLO? It’s $6,000 worth of painfully awesome stuff, a little work won’t kill you. Maybe this could be your magic win. The end to your losing streak. The contest that could end all contests. Hell, drawing on my sink for an hour with bathtub crayons won me a thousand dollars.

Totally worth it.

You could totally win one of them.

If I can win stuff? You can win stuff.

But I need to warn you that your loved ones will give you dirty looks when the FedEx man keeps showing up with boxes of stuff for you. They will also try and negotiate (steal, whatever) your winnings from you. Sometimes they will even hide the stuff from you hoping you won’t notice (I’m looking at you Grandpa Fish.) Other people will tell you “I never win anything, wah.”

And you’ll be all, “If I can win? You can win.” So ha.

So tell me, what have you won? Or are you one of those who never win anything? (Wah.)


  1. (wah!) but mostly because the blogs I read are American and I live in Israel. Contests (LIKE YOURS!!) that are open to international readers are few and far between.
    But yay for you! I’m entering every day!

    Rabbi’s Wifes last blog post..Wedding in an apartment…

  2. I’ve won one thing on the internet so far. It was a jewelry set.

    The woman e-mailed me to tell me I won and that she was excited to be making some thing for me and that’s the last I ever heard of it.

    Never received it. Figures. lol

    That’s only the second thing I’ve won in my lifetime (I don’t count scholarships). The first was a contest for a kids bike my mother had entered me in when I was nearly 20.

    It was mortifying because I had to go and take a picture with it and they posted it at the entrance. I guess it was less painful then to have to hear my mom b$%^# about it if I didn’t go claim it. lol

    Sashas last blog post..Then there were silent stares…

  3. Hey thanks for the link to that calendar…I’ve been assuming all along that this contest wouldn’t be open to Canadian residents but it turns out I’m wrong.

  4. Anna is doing it wrong.

    I do believe certain people are fated to have better luck in entering contests. I have three friends in particular have stunningly good luck (you are included in the count).

    However, I did submit my husband’s photograph and he won a runner up and a new camera. Maybe I should always enter stuff on behalf of my husband.

  5. I won a $500 Staples gift card from the Got2BSafe campaign which deals with teaching my first graders the safety rules. It was a very nice prize and stocked all my supplies for my class last year plus bought me a new camera!

    Erikas last blog post..All the little things….

  6. i have won books, lot’s of books.

    feeners last blog post..Good things

  7. One of the first internet contest that I won (acutally, my daughter won, but I entered her) was an OMSH Coloring Un-Contest. So fun!

    And then I won this one. Right? RIGHT??

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..It makes going to Costco by yourself with two children who want to test every testing booth worth it

  8. Seriously, thank you for making the easiest contest. Have you seen some of those other ones? Making a cake of their websites logo?????

    LOL, you’re the best.

    midwest mommys last blog post..History Does Repeat Itself.

  9. I’m a never-winner. I’d be bitter, but I have so much already!

    Doesn’t stop me from entering, though!

    Beckys last blog post..I could, but I won’t

  10. I’ve won one thing online, and it was about 2 months ago — a Sleepy Wrap being given away during a babywearing promotion. (I don’t have a baby yet, but we’re in the process of adopting.) Since I won that, I’ve been encouraged and have started entering some other giveaways. Before that, though? =) I think the stuff I’ve won in my life can be summed up as: a Mary Lou Retton poster, a 2-liter bottle of cherry Coke, and a box of mini-muffins. Wait, I lied! I did win one other thing online — a $30 gift certificate to McCormick and Schmick’s. You could only use it at lunch time, which I thought was kind of funny.

  11. I still can’t believe this whole winning thing. I’m amazed every time a wonderful package comes to me in the mail. Who knew? One of the perks of living in blogland.

    Looking forward to this giveaway.

    threeundertwos last blog post..Field Trip: Dickens Fair

  12. I am the wah crowd here but to my defense I haven’t been around the blog world long and just now started entering the contests soooooo I am completely psyched about this one!!!

  13. Hey! I have won a book in grade 2, jellybeans at a bridal shower, and ya that about sums it up! My mom is the QUEEN of winning. One time she was on a plane and just happen to be in a seat that was the LUCKY seat, so she won a trip for 2 on a cruise. Apparently the lucky gene isnt passed down:)

  14. i’m the queen of the not-winning. sigh.

    i’m still waiting to see if i can still win the doodle tag thingy. i still can, right?

    the planet of janets last blog post..Haiku Friday: the what-the-?? edition

  15. Wah! Actually I won something last year. Glass baby bottles with the silicone cover in neato colors. I was supposed to win two, but only got one. Was told that the other was on its way but it never arrived. That’s it. Nothing else. I really need a laptop though so I’m wishing on every star I see that I win this one.

  16. I have won some haircare products and a calender, it was fun!!!

  17. I’ve only ever won a pizza and a DVD, but I give stuff away on my blog every month. Hardly seems fair, does it? Haha.

    corrins last blog post..Umbrella Today?

  18. I’ve never won anything. but then, I also never bother to enter. I rarely find anything in a giveaway that I’d want, and I almost always see some condition where you have to sign up for something with one of their sponsors, so you wind up paying anyway and then having a heck of a time cancelling whatever you subscribed to.
    If you can point me in the direction of where to look for stuff that isn’t as described above, then I’d certainly do the giveaway stuff more. :)

    Ambers last blog post..Heh, In Flames mood again, go figure

  19. Lisa in TX says:

    I enter all sorts of things on the internet, but never win. Unless ebay counts, and even then some stupid punk usually outbids me at the very last second. As for the real world, I won a pen, once. And yeah, that was my thought, too, until I found out it was an $80 fountain pen.

  20. I’ve never won anything online…although I did win a big ol’BBQ-grill at Costco a few months ago.
    When I was young, I won a bunch of prizes at my town’s winter carnival.


  21. I don’t win a lot, but I do win a few small things every now and then. I won a pair of shoes for my daughter earlier this year, and a labelmaker, too.

    I just won a shopping spree at a cool online children’s retailer this week, which is awesome because I needed Christmas gifts for the girls. Now we’re set, thank goodness!

    But I’m still entering all of the HP giveaways, because mama deserves a Christmas gift, too!

    Christinas last blog post..Haiku Friday: Black Friday Revisited

  22. on the internets, nothing…yet;)

    but back in the day, i won an old school ghetto blaster at a christmas party. it wasn’t old school at the time, and was definitely pumped.

    looking forward to feeling that again…

    erins last blog post..it’s true …

  23. Veronica is doing it wrong.

    I think my problem is that I’ve become slow and cynical as I’ve gotten older! I either show up too late and someone else already won or else I don’t believe it’s really real; that it must be a scam or something. I know–I should get some help for that, huh?

    Veronicas last blog post..Friday five

  24. I am definitely in the “I don’t ever win anything! Wah!” club. Because I don’t. Ever. Win. Anything. At this point in my life, I simply don’t expect it. But I do plan on entering your contest. Just in case.

    amandas last blog post..Not Me! Monday Round 5

  25. I’m constantly entering contests online hoping that I would win. I actually one a few months ago. I didn’t even remember signing up but it was a tin of question cards that girls can ask at a sleep over. I gave it to my niece. One day, I will win big; well, that’s what I keep telling my husband, LOL.

  26. I’ve never won anything big.I’ve won little things…like a book or a baby blanket from a blog. That’s about it. I think this contest is the bomb. I dream about it every night, and my delivery boy is the new James Bond. lol

    Rheas last blog post..If Remy was President…

  27. I never win ANYTHING. But I plan on at least entering once. Yanno, to, just like, up the odds or something ;)

    Heathers last blog post..December 1, 2008

  28. JAMES RUGLAND says:

    I won a trip to Cancun that I used in September. But that was just lucky cause there were over a hundred thousand entries.


    I stopped entering those things SPAMARAMA. Plus I’m easily bored. LOL.

  30. PATRIC KRUEGER says:

    I won a picnic blanket once. But nothing else. WAH.

  31. I won a lemonade stand (that arrived in early Oct) for a charity [campaign that had ended] and an earth-friendly baby t-shirt, which I passed on to my SIL. Both from Parents. These are the only things I have ever won, though. I feel kinda cheated that I could never use either, but lucky that I finally won SOMETHING. :)

    The Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Life

  32. I won a custom book last year at Christmas, too and I won $50 worth of hairbows and still haven’t seen them.
    ;-) This would be the most fabulous thing ever. MUWAH!

  33. I am one of those who have not ever won anything online. It may be because I’ve only been entering giveaways since like june/july of this year… I did however just post my first giveaway on my blog. It was really exciting checking my blog everyday to see if anyone else signed up for it. I’m hoping that since I had a giveaway the blog gods will see i’m giving and just maybe i’ll finally win a giveaway. :o)

    Melissa Copelands last blog post..my holiday weekend was three “F’s” football, food, & the FBI

  34. I’ve been pretty lucky in winning, but I have yet to win a HUGE big ticket item!

    I’ve won an organic cotton onesie, a Hooter Hider, notepads, a tutu, a copy of The Baby Name Wizard, homemade fudge, a rubber band gun, and a book autographed by the author. I also won a $400 gift card to amazon.com, but that was for winning a “name that photo” contest so it’s a little different than a giveaway.

    Barb @ getupandplays last blog post..Birthday Girl, once again

  35. I won something from a fairly well known blogger, but never got anything from them but a traffic boost from them announcing me as the winner. *sigh*
    I feel a win coming on, Casey!

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Never Read The Book First!

  36. hmmm i can’t remember anything i’ve won since grade school. it’d be cool to win, but regardless i love reading your blog! <3

  37. I won a $200 Best Buy gift card for completing an online scavenger hunt! A friend helped me work on it, so of course I gave her half, but it was still totally awesome. (We are no longer friends, which is obvz her fault because I too am totally awesome.) I also won $1000 for typing in a code word that played on a TV station. That one was the best — I have a lucky day every year, and I found out I won on my lucky day, baybee! Currently I would like to win your contest, as well as a little gnome to finish my final projects to close my junior year of college. Seems fair, yes?

    Megans last blog post..Footing the Bill

  38. i’ve never won anything, but it’s entirely my own fault because i don’t even enter anything (and i don’t read many blogs that do giveaways, anyhow). but dude, did you win the brand spankin’ new, environmentally friendly macbook? i got one last month, and i love it so much. it has changed my life.

    Taras last blog post..sundance

  39. I never win (WAH) except for that t-shirt I won’t on the interwebs a few months ago and they never emailed me. So, technically, I didn’t win anything. WAH!

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]s last blog post..FREE SHIPPING!

  40. Two years ago, I earned second place in a “Blog Rocker” contest — but it wasn’t a drawing type of contest. The entrants signed up ahead of time and the contest lasted 3 months. Points were awarded for various activities (posts, links of your posts at other sites, and other online activities).

    I don’t now if all the entrants had a full-time “real-life” job but quite a few of us did. It was a lot of work and didn’t help that the last hours of the competition I was having trouble with my connection (I was still on dialup at the time).

  41. My dentist sent me a scratch-off game card for referring a new patient to him. From that, I won one dollar.

    Thanks, that will help me recoop the SEVEN-HUNDRED and FIFTY DOLLARS it cost to have my wisdom teeth extracted.

    Jenns last blog post..The Bitch is Back

  42. Zilch, zero, nada. Let’s hope this be the one that I have waiting all my life for.

  43. Just wanted to say upon thinking about it, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying to enter these contests. So you inspired me! :)
    I made a big post about it in my LJ, which is the link showing up with this comment. It tells about the contest, and encourages my friends to enter, and also breaks down what I would do with the goodies if I win the prize (I’ll be sharing A LOT) I also link to your blog on here and mention for the upteenth time how much I enjoy reading your blog

    Ambers last blog post..HP SHARE THE MAGIC

  44. flowergurl281 says:

    Hi, First time commentor I have been reading your blog since reading your debates with puntabulous. Thanks for sharing yourself :)

    Contests I have won? Hmm I dont think I have, I do remember my mom winning a huge pink energizer bunny :)

  45. I won the cutest ladybug shoes from SKimbaco, my grand daughter adores them.

    I love doing giveaways on my blog, it is fun to make people happy.

  46. In the never won category, but I also do not much effort into it and enter when I see something interesting. This seems interesting especially since not an hour ago my laptop died a sad death from sticking things in it that should not be stuck. I think I will now haunt the other blogs doing this and give it a shot. Love to read your blog, sorry I am not an often commenter though!

  47. When I was 7, I won a Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead Backpack from a local video store. I have won nothing since then. Wah.

  48. Umm ok i won a pinata at a local mexican restaurant…(I put like 400 entries in the box)But, oh did it fell good!
    A ceder chest, I put at the end of my bed, and a play station! I no longer win stuff…maybe you have inspired me!

    mollys last blog post..Im going private…

  49. So I have won something ONCE about 3 months ago. It was a cute white bandana bib with pink butterflies on it. Here’s the thing though, it has been 3 months and I haven’t received it yet. I keep emailing the chic who was giving it away and she keeps telling me she will mail it this week. 3 months later I’m pretty sure it’s not in the mail. Even when I do win crap I still don’t get it!

  50. Let’s see: A Starbucks card, a sherbet party, 2 Chex baskets and a tea infuser. Not sure why I entered that one, I don’t drink a lot of tea.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Breast Cancer 3Day Day 2 Pictures