Let’s say I have $6,000 worth of HP technology sitting in my living room.

Because I do.

Now let’s say that I’m going to be giving away all $6,000 worth of HP technology that is sitting in my living room TO ONE PERSON.

Let’s pretend that one person could be YOU.

Because it could be.


What do I call this opportunity? Magic.

That’s what sponsor HP and co sponsor Microsoft Windows Live call it too.

Yes. I am one of the 50.

moosh in indy. is lucky enough to be one of fifty blogs involved in HP’s Magic Giveaway for the holidays. 49 other blogs have been or will be reviewing and then giving away the same $6,000 package of technology. All 50 blogs will have different rules and entry guidelines, some will be in different languages. And yes, you can enter them all (but you can only win one.)

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Our biggest hope and only requirement?

That you share. Share the magic that is winning $6,000 worth of computers, software and hardware. Let’s face it, no one needs $6,000 worth of HP technology. Want? SURE! But need? No. The prize package includes:


HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC
HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC
HP MediaSmart Connect
HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC (with Windows Live)
HP Mini 1000 (with XP)


HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer)
• HP 564 Photo Value Pak


• Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate/Home Premium or Microsoft Windows XP pre-installed on all units (Mini 1000 runs XP)
• Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007 (Student-Teacher Edition) – 1 DVD with 3 licenses
• Microsoft Windows Live
Corel VideoStudio X2


Kung Fu Panda (2 widescreen DVDs; 1 widescreen Blu-ray disc)

Total value: >US$6000

That’s right. Four computers. Oodles of other stuff. One person.

Let’s face it. The economy is crap. As much as you and your family may want, or even need a new computer, it’s just not a reality for a lot of people right now. Now imagine winning four. Maybe all you needed was one. Maybe you wanted two. What about the other two? Think about it. Who could you pass the magic on to?

A teacher? A church? An after school program? An elderly neighbor? A family who has lost everything? Someone who gives so much of themselves and never asks for anything in return? Maybe someone else who entered this giveaway and compelled you with their story.

HOW TO ENTER (these are my rules, and they only apply and qualify you for the giveaway here, at mooshinindy.com):

I want to know. Who would you share all this magic with and how would you do it?

  1. Compose a post on your own blog, telling me what you would do with $6,000 worth of the latest HP technology. Who would you share with and why? Creativity counts, but it’s not everything. I’m going to be awarding this prize package to whomever captures the magic of sharing the most. Don’t have a blog? Go ahead and compose your entry in 200 words or less and post it here in my comments section, leaving a valid email in the email field. Video entries on YouTube, posts on MySpace and Facebook will also be accepted.
  2. Somewhere in your post mention and link to HP’s Magic Giveaway along with a mention and link to this post on moosh in indy. When your post is published, leave a link to your entry, wherever it may be, with your name and valid email address in the comments section below.
  3. Contest is open NOW! and will run through 10 p.m. EST December 9th, 2008. Comments will close at 10 p.m. EST on December 9th, 2008. So get to it.
  4. That’s it.


  • My family, friends and people I know in real life are not eligible. Sorry dudes. It’s just not fair. But you are more than welcome to enter any or all of the other 49 giveaways. (Although you can only win one.)
  • Anyone who doesn’t fall into the above category, in any part of the world, is eligible to enter.
  • All taxes will be taken care of by HP.
  • You must SHARE part of the prize package with someone who isn’t you, preferably someone who doesn’t even live in your house. While I have no way to police you once the prizes leave my doorstep, I can assure you that if you don’t share, bad juju’s will follow you all the days of your life. Okay, so I can’t even promise that, just don’t be a selfish jerk okay? You’re a lucky fool if you win all this stuff. PAY IT FORWARD.
  • The winner must provide me with a real street shipping address, P.O. Boxes will not be accepted. Items you choose to share can be shipped to the person directly at no cost to you (and is actually preferred. Who doesn’t love getting magic surprises in the mail?)
  • By entering, the winner agrees to provide me, within two weeks of receipt of the prize,  a 250 word story (at least) on what happened when they shared one or more of the products. Their story will be posted on moosh in indy. at a later date. Stories from those who were surprised with the magic would also be fantastic. Pictures optional, but strongly encouraged. I won’t post any personal information without permission.
  • I have been using (reviewing, coveting, checking out) the hardware (dude, I don’t get to keep any of this stuff) but they will all be restored to factory/like new condition before I ship them.
  • I will pick and announce a winner December 9th, 2008 at 12 a.m. EST.

I will be the sole judge and my decision is final. I cannot be bought with promises of cookies, lavish riches, goods, products or services. So don’t even try. Okay, so you can try, but just know it won’t work.


  1. Winning the HP Magic Giveaway (http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/) through http://www.mooshinindy.com in Indy would give my family a Christmas that I am just not in a financial place to provide this year. I was forced to close my web business this year, and have been unable to find employment. I would send a laptop to my 10 year old daughter in Ohio along with a webcam. This is the first year in the past 7 she will be unable to visit me for Christmas, because we have chosen to let her spend the Christmas in Ohio, with her grandfather who has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer. I would use the PC or additional laptop to set up another webcam in my home. It would make her Christmas to be able to see us not only on Christmas, but a regular basis when she’s not down here. I would donate the remainder of the package to my sister-in-law’s 3rd grade class. I know she has a rapidly dwindling set of supplies for her class and she doesn’t have the resources to purchase as much as she would like for her students.

  2. I just recently got a new computer, so I have no real need for one. I would give one to my parents as just a spare computer to have in the house, because sometimes having to share a computer with four people can get a little tough when three of them have homework (dad and sisters). Then I would give one to my brother to use at school, because his laptop is terrible and I’d like to give him one that is of better quality, especially since he is an engineering major and will need a better computer. The rest of it? I have no definite plans for it, but I’m sure something will come to me.

  3. Here is what I would do with the prize.

    Dear Mom,
    I recently won an amazing prize package that has allowed me to give to you. I know how much you gave up for me and Caitlin (my little sister) when you were raising us. It was hard and you had to do it alone. I am sorry for all the trouble I was always in. I remember when I was younger when you got the computer you have now. You use it as your escape after a long hard day. Well that computer is now 8 years old, sometimes it doesnt work, and it is so slow that we often crack jokes about it. Well mom, here is a little present for you. I am going to give you a new computer.

    Dear Caitlin,
    You are the best little sister anyone could ever hope for. You were my best friend when I had no one, you were my crutches when I needed support. I am so proud of you for everything that you have done in your life. You could not have turned out any better. I am so flattered that you wish to follow in my footsteps. I know that you have been saving up for years to get a computer, so here you go. I hope that this can making it easier for you to reach your hopes and dreams during your first year of high school.

    Dear Corey,
    You are my best friend and the love of my life. We have been together for what eight years now. These have been the best years of my life. Just like everyone else, we have had our ups and our downs, but you have always been with me. You are such a hard worker, and are hella motivated to accomplish your dreams. I know that it is hard to complete your classwork when you dont have a computer of your own. I would like you to have your own laptop. I know with the right tools you will do everything you ever wanted.

  4. Let’s send some computers to Africa! Help an entire village.


    Luke Schnoebelens last blog post..Spread the joy!

  5. I am a single mom. So is my sister. We work hard to raise our kids to have the experiences necessary for them to be strong contributors to our Indianapolis community. We believe in giving and have done so with our time, money and service-oriented careers. Honestly? We’ve both had a ****ty two years: both divorced and now just going it alone. I’d love to give my sister some of the HIP HP GIVEAWAY stuff. And I’d keep some for me, too. More than anything, our kids would have access to great tools that will help them continue what we’ve tried to start: an eye toward the future and giving back to the community.

  6. So here goes. Maybe it’ll be me. maybe it wont


    It was worth a try!

    Stephs last blog post..Make a Promise : Deliver a Dream

  7. I think your requirements are a great idea! I really had to think about what good I could do with these computers!!


  8. Can’t wait to see what happens!

    Jens last blog post..The Magic of Giving.

  9. Hello,
    Just recently, my university hosted this Refugee Dinner and I thought it was great. I contributed so much: handing out gifts to the children, I was my table leader, and I was treating our guests with common courtesy. I saw this one family that really touched my heart. One family was a father, a mother, and twins that had some type of disease. The children could not speak at all and the mother and father didn’t know a word of English. I felt sorrow for them because I knew they couldn’t afford to buy a dictionary or English lessons. I invited them over to my table and I almost cried. I wish these people knew how to speak because they had so much potential in them-the mother wanted to become a nurse and the father, an engineer. They were extremely smart. I just wished I could’ve helped them. On their way out, I remembered that I had bought two dictionaries in my bag for some reason. I decided to give the mother one of the dictionaries so she could try to learn some words. Ironically, now I volunteer at the Refugee House and I met many families. I volunteer there like it’s my second house. I even donated an old desktop I had and they were so happy to see and use a computer-my heart melted. I think there are so many people there that can be great things in life but if only they could speak English. Anyways, I just thought that if I DID win this giveaway I could donate these computers and laptops to the Refugee House to teach them how to learn English and actually become something in life. To be 100% truly honest, I have a desktop, a printer, and a laptop so I wouldn’t need any of this. I would donate it all to them because I know they would need it a million times more than I would need it. I just feel so sorry for them and I wish I could help them as much as I can.
    Anyways, that’s just my two cents.
    James H.

  10. I really think this contest is an awesome way to get people into the REAL spirit of Christmas! If I were to be the lucky winner of HP Magic givaway I would share it with the Grays Harbor County Homeless Youth Education program. This specific program not only educates local school faculty on dealing with homeless youth but it reaches directly to families. They provide clothing and hygiene products to games and books to children in need. Wouldn’t it be awsome to share something like this with a family who needs it or even just to the office who runs the program. Grays Harbor County in WA state is a very depressed area. Almost all funding for programs like these are donated. This is a great cause and I hope that they could benifit from a wonderful prize like this!

  11. Hey!

    What would I do if I won this contest?

    Firstly, I only plan on keeping the mini laptop and the desktop to myself as I am without tools and I’m entering university next year. As for the rest, I have a really close friend, a work a-holic, who never gives himself a break. He recently took a huge chunk of his money to buy me an early Christmas gift, which I honestly am still in shock for. I really want to return the favour, and his laptop was recently broken, so I see this as a chance to finally be able to redeem myself. My father is also leaving to the Bahamas on a sailing trip, and I won’t be seeing him for a year, and I figure a laptop would be an amazing tool to keep in touch with him while he’s away. The rest would probably be gifted to my close family. Thank you dearly for the opportunity. Love the blog!

  12. I would keep the TouchSmart IQ816 PC, the HDX 18 Notebook PC, the Photosmart printer and 564 Photo Value Pak to replace my old desktop and printer setup. Since my current setup is slowly dying, it would be given to GoodWill. The Pavilion dv4 would go to my brother because he’s always wanted a portable computer. The HP Mini 1000 would go to my niece who will be attending college soon. The Kung Fu Panda DVD would be a nice gift to my 7 year old nephew. Any remaining items will be divided between other family members.

  13. You know my sister and best friend died last year, but what you may not know is that she lives on in my wonderful nephew. He is only nine years younger than me, and I feel like, by knowing him, I get to share in the love and kindness that my sister spread through her world. He is such a good guy – funny, smart, always trying to do the best thing.

    He has had a lot of hard knocks in life, not least of which is losing his mother. Recently he got a divorce, for which I am very thankful – enough said – but he is trying to struggle through a fairly low-income job, raising his lovely 4-year-old daughter and helping his ex-wife get through nursing school.

    I would love to give him this whole package so that his little girl would have access to all this great technology, but also so that he would know I have the greatest of faith in him and admiration for him. His constant care for his little girl and his sweet spirit show me that my sister is still alive in so many ways.

  14. Corinne S. says:
  15. Dan Riley says:

    The only thing I would keep for myself would be the HP Mini 1000, as it will fit in the tour pak of my Harley. My mother in Kentucky could use one of the notebooks as her computer just bit the dust. My sister-in-law in Washington could use one as she bought a budget desktop last year and now it has all kinds of “issues”. One would have to go to my wife, so she wouldn’t feel left out–even though her HP Pavillion a1110N is still going strong! I’m hoping I win, so we can all stay connected while being so far away.

  16. manuela silva says:

    I decided to enter the HP’s Magic Giveaway by http://mooshinindy.com , because I also am a mother, and the wish to help my daughter made me do that.

    She has been working in a project to help women in Atauro Island ( a small island of East Timor)to give them the tools to organize themselves and promote their work, so they can sell the lovely dolls they make.
    You can see them in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlntBy2uXlM
    They need to have the know how and the hardware to promote the sales trough e-comerce, because Atauro is a small island without regular conections to Timor and the web will be their best chance.
    If I win the prize I am going to give it all to the women of Atauro, and by doing so, this project can become soon a reality.

  17. Four computers! Would it be against the rules to give one to my husband? His computer recently died an undignified death. He hasn’t been able to find a job (Not panicking, not panicking…ok, six months later I am panicking) and he’s been printing out resumes at Kinkos in the meantime. It seems so small and selfish compared to these big projects other people would donate to but I’m beginning to feel hopeless. I think the other two computers would be given to random people I accost in parking lots. I think random acts of kindness sometimes yield the most unexpected rewards.

  18. David Sendek says:

    I would share the magic by sharing the wealth

  19. I’ve heard quite often that times like these bring out the worst in people but I can say with a glad heart that that isn’t always true.

    One such person is a good friend of mine who has given and shared everything he had even when he didn’t have the means. I watched this sweet man help his family and friends with money and support as they lost jobs and homes during this difficult time.

    The day that touched me the most though was when I went to his house and saw him sitting there with tears in his eyes…he had lost his job. As he sat there eating a bowl of ten cent noodles, I could see that he wasn’t concerned about himself but the others that depended on him and after seeing him recently give his computer away to a friend who had to sell theirs it only reiterated the point.

    I would like to give to him as he’s given to others. Many heroes go unnoticed, but I’ve seen one……one who doesn’t wear a cape but instead wears his heart on his sleeve. That is what I would do with this gift. Thank you.

  20. Tony DiMino says:

    If I win this giveaway, I will give just about all of it away. The Desktop to my parents, since they do not make any money (due to medical reasons for the inability to work), a laptop to my sister since she is not able to make money. Another laptop goes to my school, who needs new electronic equipment. The Kung-Fu panda would go to my cousin, along with the mediasmart connect. The software would go to my school and the printer w/ink would go to the local library, since they need it. The final laptop (Mini?) I would keep to do school work.

  21. I posted here. Thanks to Moosh in Indy and HP for the chance to try for this fabulous prize package!


  22. I like to give something back to my parents who are not able to work with the old p3 system that has to be coaxed and cajoled to work. They are retired and can spend their time more meaningfully.The touchsmart pc and the wireless aio could do them a lot of good.

    I like to give one laptop to my college which cannot afford these things.

    I would give the mini to a teacher of mine.

    This giveaway is due to people at HP and Microsoft http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/ and moosh in indy http://mooshinindy.com/2008/12/03/hp-magic-giveaway

    Y V SAI MADHAVs last blog post..IT IS TIME

  23. I do not have a blog, my space, facebook, etc…but I promise if I win I will donate it ALL to the Boys & Girls Club in Rochester, NY

  24. If I am fortunate to win I will be donating 1 PC, printer, picture pack, 1 dvd & blue ray disc of Kung Fu to the Westchester Childrens Hospital. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly be able to pay it forward to a hospital that has saved my sons life not once but twice. My son is 15, my youngest daughter is 9 and my husband wants to start his own business but we all share 1 computer. As a survivor of 9/11 they’ve supported me in every way, I’d like to give them something back.

    Thank you HP! Magic Giveaway and moosh in indy for this amazing chance to put smiles on lots of childrens faces.

    Gina Rabsatt

  25. I have to agree that the prize is too big for just one person. That is why I am sharing it with my brother and his new family. I only need one computer and the rest i will give it to him. He just got married and his wife is now 4 months pregnant, with a business just starting out this prize will really lift up some burden from their shoulders. A new computer is good to replace his pentium 3 computer that crashed with his store inventory. And i really would like to see my niece/nephew to grow in a knowledgeable environment and a computer is one step to achieving that. This wold really mean a lot to me and my family. They are really good and god-fearing people and this hopefully is my gift for them.

  26. Here it is, magical giving goodness in conjunction with moosh in indy and HP.

    Sapphires last blog post..Not so wedding yet so giving

  27. Catherine copeland says:

    check out my blog with it’s link to a special 30 second you tube letting you know why my students and I should be the ones who win this wonderful prize.


    Merry Christmas Mooshinindy

  28. I am giving one of the laptops to a little girl recently featured in a reaity show. She looks after her bed-bound mother, who refuses to get out of bed after a fall from a wheelchair. The girl is seven years old this year, and cooks and cleans, baths her mothers, clears away her urine and feces from a bedpan, and helps her father at a newspaper stand when she has time.

    I think every child ought to have the right to be a child.

  29. Hi, I’m Stefan, just finished my entry.

    Thanks for taking your time, 300+ entries must take epic patiences!

    Located here!

  30. My brother… he’s a college student and will be for quite some time and still using the fifty dollar computer he bought off my mom. I know deep down inside he dreams of a better computer but says nothing of it because of his three-year old daughter and wife. Plus who needs the debt of a computer when they’ll have loans piled up so high when he gets out of school. Did I mention their T.V. recently went out and my niece has resorted to watching all her movies on a portable DVD player…which is on loan from an Uncle. Another computer would be shipped to my dad, who makes a computer out of an outdated 20lb. notebook. True it does it purpose, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. My dad lives in Virginia and talks to my niece over web cam, which doesn’t always cooperate. Her eyes light-up and she begins to fill the room with song and dance when she gets to talk to grandpa, because she only gets to see him at Christmas. So http://mooshinindy.com/, make my wish come true through HP’s Magic Giveaway, by helping me spread the magic that comes with giving.

  31. Marc Basara says:

    Christmas can be a hard time for a family who has just lost something or someone very important to them. In the last month, my best friend has lost his dad to a sudden heart attack, his dog, and both cats… talk about down on your luck. I would love to be able to help in someway but as I have never been through any of those things talking to him about it isn’t help enough. I don’t believe these prizes will cure his saddness but, will certainly help ease the pain over the hoiliday season. Please http://mooshinindy.com/, with the help of the HP Magin Giveaway at, http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/, help me help him. Thank you for the opportunity.

  32. This would be a grand way to show him how much we appreciate him. By the way anyone who has not watched the movie pay it forward should make a point to see it. It’s an excellent movie.


  33. ver ivanz gabinete says:

    I would definitely share those blessing given to me by God. This will be a very nice Christmas present for us. Here are my plans. The HPDV4 series would replace my current laptop which is a Pentium3 700MHz. My old laptop will be given to my auntie who is a teacher, so that she will not go to computer shop anymore. The Touchsmart PC will replace our old desktop , that will be very useful especially for my brother and sisters homework. My old desktop and the Photosmart printer will be given to my elementary school(where I graduated-batch 1998) since they don’t even have one. The rest of the package (HPmini, HDX18, MediaSmart, etc) rather than giving it to few persons, will be auctioned and the fund that will be generated will be used to buy groceries, candies, clothing and toys.I will distribute them to the poor families in our town who live in the streets and to the street children in our town. I want to be a Santa Claus for them and I want them to feel the spirit of Christmas. This way, I can share the blessing and make more people happy. God Bless Us All.

  34. Beverly Metcalf says:

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d give everything away to my grandchildren, except for the laptop, since I would love that for myself. Thanks for having the great giveaway and Happy Holidays to all!

  35. I would like to share this prize from HP 9http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/blogs.html) with a young family I know. The parents are both students and they have an elementary age child. I know they are terribly burdened financially, but it doesn’t stop them from giving back to their community. They give to their local food bank, and the wife is an active volunteer for hospice patients. I would LOVE to be able partner with moosh in indy to be bless this family with such an amazing gift that I know they could never otherwise afford.

  36. Here is the link to my blog post about why I want to win: http://sweetnsassygirls.blogspot.com/2008/12/hp-magic-giveaway.html

    I also wanted to add a little more about my sister the teacher and athletic trainer I would be sharing this with. She lives for the kids she works with. She recently took in a roommate who is a lady who was living on a couch in someones house. They did not allow her to show that she lived there at all. She had to keep everything in her car, and pack her things up every day. Right after hurricane Ike hit, her ex-husband dropped all 5 of their kids off with her, and she had no where to keep them. My sister took them in, and all 7 of them lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment. My sister is only in her 20′s but she is so willing to help anyone out. She really deserves something nice.

  37. Donna Roberts says:

    Sharing this prize would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would donate one computer to the Brevard County Zoo here in Florida to use or raffle to raise money. http://www.brevardzoo.org/about.

    I would also give one to the Humane Society of Southern Brevard, an independent, not-for-profit, no kill shelter, again to use or raffle for desperately-needed funds. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/brevard.html

    Finally, I would give one to my care-giver and best friend who helps me live with my disability. She never complains about helping after working hard all day at a full-time job. It would mean so much to be able to reward her with something that she can’t afford herself.

    Living check-to-check on Soc. Sec. Disability I can’t afford a new computer. Being house-bound most of the time, a computer is my link to the world. Having a new computer of very my own, and sharing the others, would be the best Christmas ever.

    Thanks to http://mooshinindy.com/ for the chance to enter and to
    http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/blogger-magic/ for an awesome contest.

  38. Well I am an Indian and an 18 years old student of BCA and I live in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. My mother is a head worker and supporter in Bhopal Youth Welfare Society (BYWS). We have only a single computer at home. I use it for my studies and dad uses it for their work and mom uses it for the society work. Me and my mom are very enthusiast about the computers and things we can perform with it. Mom trains the students at society about the technical part and the basic softwares like MS Office, Paint, Development languages! and I do sometimes teach them about using email, social networking, photoshop, even blogging (so that they can make it as their career) and more.

    Our society teaches the normal students of all caste and of all religions. Most of the students are from the poor and the middle class. We don’t engage students, we say those who are interested can take some knowledge from us. And yes the main factor is we don’t

    If we win this pack this will be beneficial for the society and we too. Me and mom will not have to wait for our turn at the home computers. The teens at the society will have more sources and computing power. As these high-end machine will be a part of our society, more students from near-by colonies will be attracted to our program.

    Teaching will be fun with these HP machines and even the students will have fun interacting with the latest technologies like touch screen, etc and thus improving their interest in learning computers.

    I know there are many in need worldwide but this computers can really help those who are really interested in becoming advanced computer users.

  39. *the main factor is we don’t charge any fees for teaching!

  40. As you have asked to provide a link to my entry when it’s published,so here it is :-http://mooshinindy.com/2008/12/03/hp-magic-giveaway/#comment-20353

  41. Sorry for posting again.The link to my entry is here :- http://mooshinindy.com/2008/12/03/hp-magic-giveaway/#comment-20354

  42. Ron Starusnak says:

    If I win this package I intend on giving one as a gift to my girlfriend on Christmas, I am hoping that will lead to a lot of happiness and eventually marriage and babies :D.

    I have a special plan for the touchsmart though, my grandma is always talking about the internet and computers and everything she sees has a website but she can’t use the computer because of her arthritis, having a touch screen will hopefully allow me to teach her without any problems.

    My final gift would be to my sister who just has 2 little babies and she can not afford a decent computer, she is the one that started me on the internet when windows 98 was hangin around and now she doesn’t even have her own, it’s saddening to me.

  43. Thank you for doing this! I love your blog!

    Jefrilyns last blog post..Share the Magic

  44. Hi! I posted mine! Totally NOT A BRIBE but have you had a cupcake from The Flying Pumpkin. Oh my. heaven in your mouth. Just saying. Even though I would totally take you their if I won.


    Jennys last blog post..I swear I LOVE giving gifts. :)

  45. Two issues that have always held a place in my heart are literacy and homelessness. I have been extremely blessed with an education and the peace of mind to never worry where I would sleep once the sun went down. Because of this, I feel it’s important to help others who haven’t been so lucky.

    If I were to win this prize, I would donate portions of it to two causes that address both education and homelessness – (1) Covenant House (http://www.covenanthousepa.org/) and (2) Stand Up For Kids (http://www.standupforkids.org/local/pennsylvania/Philadelphia/). Both of these organizations have branches in Philadelphia, PA which seek out homeless and at-risk youth and offer them support services (e.g. educational assistance and job placement skills). I believe that both these organizations would benefit from an extra computer or two in order to continue helping youth.

    I was brought up to believe that giving to others brings you happiness. The times in my life that I lost sight of this belief and chose to focus on my own problems and frustrations brought nothing but more misery. Knowing this, I hope that whoever is lucky enough to win this prize keeps the spirit of giving going and gives big as well.