“Dear Heavenly Father, we are very thankful for this day and that I could play dress up with my friend. Please bless that we could have a baby sister and a crib to put her in. Be sure to give it to my mom when it gets here. Please bless that Santa Claus will be safe and…MOM! HEY! WHY ARE YOU SMILING?”

“Because I love you too much.”

well made offspring.

“Oh, okay…in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”


  1. What a sweetie pie! Moosh is adorable.

    Does she pray every night?

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  2. You’ve got a keeper there.

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  3. Wass that a smile or a smirk?

    Either way she is adorable inside as well as out.

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  4. precious, just precious. My daughter the other night decided to ask God for twin brothers, WITHOUT my permission first. So God and I had a little chat about if he wants to bless us with another baby, we are more than willing to take just one :)

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  5. oh, the innocence. i love it! thanks for making me smile.

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  6. So cute. I love hearing little kids’ prayers because it is such an insight into what they think about.

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  7. What a cutie! And what a great shot of the two of you. You both look so pretty!

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  8. Oh so precious! That almost hurts!
    I hope God hears her prayers!
    And that picture of you two is like the most awesomest picture ever!!!

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  9. Lurker from your feed, had to click over and tell you how much I love that photo of you two, definitely one for the frame!

  10. Adorable picture!

  11. How sweet. Gorgeous photo, by the way.

  12. yep…adorable. cute as a button that moosh!

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  13. primary kid’s prayers are always the best :-)

    you two are beautiful!

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  14. That is the most precious thing!

    I love it.

  15. But seriously, bless Santa because that dude’s important. Amen.

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  16. Such a sweet prayer, and an even sweeter photo of the two of you.

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  17. I love when we say our prayers at night before bed.
    This is a GORGEOUS picture!

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  18. Casey, that prayer made my heart just flutter, that is precious. And everyone else is right…the picture of you two is fabulous and timeless and you’ll treasure that forever. Plus, she looks just stinking like you in it!

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  23. I also love that she thanked God for such a small gift … being able to play dress up with her friend. We don’t thank Him enough for the little things. It’s heartwarming to know that she acknowledges and is thankful for that.

    The picture is wonderful … you both have the most beautiful blue eyes!

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  24. Dear Moosh,

    You are as sweet and awesome as your mommy.


    p.s. the gorgeousness of the two of you, ridiculous.

  25. Too too sweet.

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  33. Every night, my 5 (1/2…the 1/2 is important among the Kindergarten set) year old son says, “Dear God in Heaven, Thank you for this day, thank you for me, mom & dad. Thank you that we can have a baby someday…” Everyday is the same start to the prayer. The middle and end might change, but never that first part. It makes me cry. Some days, just out of the blue he’ll say, “Mom, I just want a baby.” and then I say, “Oh, son…that makes three of us”. After trying for almost 3 years, it’s tough.

  34. i seriously could die from her cuteness!!

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  38. BekahBoo has taken to singing her prayers. It is very interesting what she includes.

  39. I think that photo gave me a cavity its so sweet!

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  40. Oh my goodness, that makes me want babies. Now. Immediately. (Daughters preferably. Just in case God is reading.)

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    Love the photo!

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  47. Absolutely precious! The story and picture. It brightens my day.

    I have some good friends, their second little girl often asks me when I’m going to have children. When my response was “When Heavenly Father wants us to” she started praying for us to have kids. Kids are great!

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    Thank you for sharing.

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