I shudder every time I go out in public and someone inevitably  asks “So, what do you dooooo?”

A year ago I could leave the answer at “stay at home mom” but with the recent influx of opportunities as a result of this here blog I can’t really leave it at just mom anymore. This blogging thing can take a lot of (gratifying) work.

If nosy people could just let “I write.” be an answer my life would be a lot easier, but no. The nosy people need to know “Sooooo, what do you write about?” I guess that’s what makes them nosy as opposed to minding their own businessy.

My new doctor in charge of all things ladybits asked me the “So what do you do?” question at our first meeting, since I couldn’t redirect the question back to him since it was pretty obvious what he did and what he was about to do there was an awkward pause.

“Uh, I write about my life on the internet, given your striking resemblance to a soap opera doctor you may just make it into a post next week.”

And here he is. Just as I promised.

I’m going to need a nickname for this new doctor, because he’s going to be around a lot. Over $1,000 alone in blood tests and we haven’t even gotten to the dirty work. That comes next week. WHEE.

Oh hai, have I ever mentioned infertility is really long, exhausting, expensive, boring, and regularly anti climactic?

Taking suggestions for Dr. Soap Opera’s new nickname, he really is quite handsome, in an “I look at cervixes all day” kind of way. NO I’M SORRYS, this too shall pass in it’s own time, if I’ve learned anything it’s that. I’ve also learned how much I really like someone when I find out they’re pregnant (HI ANNA AND ERIKA! LOVE YOU AMBER!)

If you feel an incontrollable need to say “I’m sorry” tell me your favorite kind of cake instead. Mine’s chocolate, or any one from Costco. Costco cake, mmm.

Doctor Costco Cake has a nice ring…


  1. Crossing fingers that Dr. SO is as good at fertility as he is good looking!

    (You didn’t have a yeast infection and fake a sudden headache because he was hot this time, did you? Hee hee hee)

    Loralees last blog post..I’m having a $50 amazon.com giveaway to make up for the fact that this is THE LONGEST POST KNOWN TO MANKIND!

  2. Dr. Lady Fingers

    Covers all bases.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]s last blog post..Wordless 3.11.9: Babies!

  3. How about Dr Drake Ramorei. Dude, how did they even spell that on Friends? I just tried 6 different spellings and I couldn’t figure out what sounded best, or how to make Joey’s “I’m thinking because I can’t remember my next line” face. Go figure, there are some things words can’t do!

    Mmmm cake. Carrot is my favorite. We even had it as our wedding cake.

    Jessica (from It’s my life…)s last blog post..I’ve lost that lusting feeling, for babies.

  4. Oh this is just like those “caption this photo contests” I suck at. I have no idea.

    Midwest Mommys last blog post..He’s working late and I’m bored!

  5. Costco cake is seriously the best.

    Anyways… how about Dr. Mii (rhymes with Wii… but stands for your blog title)

    That’s HAWT. ;) Good luck, babe.

    OHmommys last blog post..Tantrums are the "new black."

  6. Lmao at the names already listed. I’m not very creative…I immediately thought Dr SO also.

    Good Luck. With what? Not laughing at him every time you think of his new nickname, not being bored to death by the long process, and not having a heart attack at the price tag. ;)

    mamalangs last blog post..GiST 20/365

  7. best wishes on this journey, casey.


    lindsaywillmans last blog post..The Story of Us

  8. Angie stole my idea! Clearly Dr. Drake Ramore. Clearly.

    Daisys last blog post..A Play, In One Act

  9. How about Dr. Drake Ramore? I know he wasn’t an OB, but I kinda like the thought of my OB saying “How you doin’?”

    Beckys last blog post..It’s time to walk around with an Amoxicillin inhaler

  10. Or Dr. Stryker Ramoray. Drake’s twin brother. Because I know excessively large amounts of trivia about Friends. Really, it’s almost disgusting.

    Just saying.

    Overflowing Brains last blog post..Turbulent Tuesday: Did you know edition

  11. Dr. Lady Bits works for me. Gets everyone caught up to speed, too.

    Infertility tests, ah yes I remember them well. I belonged to a chat group online where we JUST talked about them, it was quite gratifying!

    Andrea’s Sweet Lifs last blog post..Who Takes Their Kids to a Cannibal?

  12. good luck to you and dr. ridge foxworth barnes.

    mommymaes last blog post..new music monday xvi

  13. Ha ha! Dr. Lady Fingers is pretty damn funny!

    Barb @ getupandplays last blog post..Time for a contest!!

  14. hubby called my fertility doc dr. seymour because he said the doc definitely got more of a peek down there than he did at that point. more iui’s than i can remember and 3 ivf’s later, i’m delighted to not have dr. seymour’s hands in me. and yeah, these triplets were EXPENSIVE. but seriously worth every penny…most days.

    Peapodsquadmoms last blog post..At least she’s honest.

  15. I had Costco Cake served at my wedding reception…and I didn’t get a piece! Or any of the chocolate eclairs I requested! You can tell me, “I’m sorry”, if you feel as sorry as I do about it. :)

  16. How about Dr. Baby.

    First name, Hey.

    Hey Baby.

    Get it? It works on two levels. But it isn’t funny if I have to explain it, so …. bye.

    German chocolate.

  17. Whatever you decide to call him, he’ll always be Dr. Cervix to me.

  18. Stephanie says:

    I vote for Dr. Lady Fingers!!!

  19. Dr. Lady Fingers is my vote! I love it!

    And I personally love Costco’s Chocolate Cake. Perfectly Sinful.

    Brees last blog post..Giving Back

  20. I’m not a big fan of cake, but I have been known to break into song for chocolate cream pie.

    Kerri Annes last blog post..Revenge Of The Birds

  21. Stephanie says:

    now i want cake.



    yes I watch to much grey’s

  22. Well… Our Bishop builds rockets. I have named him Rocketman so on that tangent how about Fertilityman or Babyman or Cervixman or….heh heh you get the idea.

  23. Dr. Cervix is great!

    The whole handsome part gets lost but Dr. Cute Cervix is just wrong and we all know that he’s good lookin’ anyway.

    good luck!

    Dinas last blog post..How Long to Wait After Miscarriage?

  24. I was going to suggest Dr. Speculum, but I think I would be the only one giggling at that.

    Dr. Stirrups?

    Dr. Cold Hands?

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Polarizing

  25. ok, how about Dr. Ben Derhover, Dr. Wiwi, Dr. Fillerup…ok, I have the humor of a 14 year old boy.

    DesignHER Mommas last blog post..hair clips a-million

  26. I vote for Dr. Ladyfingers. As of yesterday, my new favorite is Key Lime Cake with Key Lime Buttercream frosting. New recipe I tried out. Fabulous!

    Bries last blog post..This one time, the cat was under the bed…

  27. hmm I came up with some names but lets just leave it at they are all too dirty for this early in the morning.

    Also lets not mention cake again because now I would likely harm someone for some red velvet cake…

    Jens last blog post..Sometimes you just need a smile

  28. My favorite cake is a tie between Coconut and Caramel.

    A friend of mine found out she has PCOS (I do as well). She and her husband have wanted children for several years. She started taking Clomid. The Clomid caused the cysts to grow, which resulted in severe pain, which resulted in surgery. I’m hesitant at this point to even try fertility treatments. I think I’ll adopt.

    What is really aggravating is when you know people who pop out babies like they are starting a factory (and of course they are usually unmarried, living with their parents, and most likely in their teens). Isn’t life interesting?

    Melissas last blog post..Lake Powell

  29. Hi Panda! says:

    I firmly believe someone should come up with a mathematical equation that would assist in determining whether or not I will be happy for someone when I hear a pregnancy announcement. As is, my reactions are unpredictable. And that is one thing I don’t need – more unpredictability.

  30. What about just Dr. Cake?

    Michelle Hartzs last blog post..RIP David Gaiman

  31. Casey, dahling, which is worse: A former Utahn who managed to escape, is in her mid-twenties, is MARRIED, and has A KID (thus, you fufilled your life reqirements as a Utahn) or a CURRENT Utahn, in her mid-twenties, a BAPTIST, SINGLE, and childless.

    Sweetie, we both know in Utah I am an old maid.
    Here, I fail at life.
    See? Infertility ain’t so bad.

    Emily Breyfogles last blog post..Writing Letters

  32. I like Dr. Lady Fingers.

    And I hope he’s really really good at what he does.

    Amy2 boyss last blog post..Blissdom 09: Nashville Shopping

  33. I called my Fertility Dr a hottie to his face. Before he got me knocked up! (you know what I mean) I still love that man!

    I vote for Dr. Speculum. Dr. Lady Bits or Dr. Baby should be reserved for the OB who will be doing the rest of the job in a few months. (crossing fingers & saying prayers!!!!)

    I refuse to talk about cake preferences today ~ this is the happy part, the beginning of the journey. We eat Chocolate Pie for happy beginnings!!

    Bellamommas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  34. Okay, I totally do not dig Friends, but Dr. Drake Ramore is freaking funny. BUT, I would have to concoct a new cheesy over-the-top soap opera name every time I mentioned this new doctor. For instance, he could be Dr. Sebastian Armbruster in one paragaraph, and turn up later as Dr. Chance X. Masters a paragraph later, only to be identified the following day as Dr. Kingston St. John. Oh, the creative possibilities…. so fun….

    I like pie better than cake (OMG, pun so totally not intended) anyway. Good luck, dude!

  35. Next time you’re in SLC, get the chocolate cake at Market Street Grill. YUMMMMM.

    ameliorate mes last blog post..A conversation with my RSS feed

  36. I once had a dream about Costco cake. I think I may have had more than one dream about Costco cake. Did you know Costco also make cupcakes with the same yummy frosting?

    No better sin than the portable kind, I say.

    Heathers last blog post..Therapy in less than 500 words

  37. Good luck with the fertility testing and treatments! The stress of all those appointments and tracking didn’t work for me but I’m hoping it will for you. Or that you’re not feeling any stress from it.

    I think I referred to my doc as Doc Knock Up once.

    And thanks to your post I can’t get the thought of a Carvel Ice Cream cake out of my head. Yum!

    T with Honeys last blog post..They’re like stickers only better

  38. how about Doctor easy does it?

  39. Ugh- why is that always the first question… “what do you do?” As if “i’m in advertising” sums up who i am as a person.

    My favorite cake is good ol’ duncan hines chocolate with cream cheese frosting. nothing fancy.

    and i like Dr. Lady Fingers…mmmm. maybe it’s the reference to dessert as well.

  40. All my favorite anonymous doctors have been named Dr. Woo Woo

  41. i love red velvet cake. red velvet cupcakes. with chocolate frosting. not that cream cheese frosting. cheese does not belong on cake.

    ms. changes pants while drivings last blog post..so small

  42. I do like Dr. Cake.


    heidikinss last blog post..Sometimes I can’t help but be a Crazy Person.

  43. I really like Dr Lady Fingers

  44. I’m insanely jealous and going to cry about it but I’m very happy and cant wait to hear about you being all round and rosy (and not pukey)!

  45. dr. burton. i say burton because…my bil is a ob/gyn. and some say he is soap opera gorgeous. but i think it’s debatable seeing as i think his head is too small for his body. anyways…dr. burton. and burton is kinda a soap opera sort of name, dontchyathink?

  46. Dr. Lady Fingers! HAHA!! Too funny!!

    I have never had Costco cake….now I’m sorry!

    Ashleys last blog post..A Rodeo Story

  47. You could have your own Dr. Love-I do like Dr. Lady Fingers tho…LOL.

    Costco cake rocks-I don’t care what flavor as long as it is from Costco. If I make it myself I make a mean gooey dump cake in my bundt pan in the microwave. If you want the recipe I will send it your way.

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Hot by the week before BlogHer 2009

  48. While I love the Friends reference, I have no creativity of my own to add.

    I LOVE costco’s 7 layer chocolate cake (it’s like 12 pounds or something rediculous like that). My husband and I take a week at least to eat it… Here’s hoping for success for the both of us!

    Erikas last blog post..What is this? Ok I get it… But WHY do I need it?

  49. I second Dr. Ladybits.

    And I also second Erika’s love of Costco’s 7 layer chocolate cake. My mother in law has one waiting for me every time I visit her!!! She’s good people.

    Jen L.s last blog post..Babies: Herbal, Human and Automotive

  50. Stream of consciousness warning:

    Dr Nokerup
    Dr Justrelax
    Dr Alittlepressure
    Dr Getmepreggers
    Dr Shotsintheass
    Dr Morningsickness

    But I really like Dr Drake Ramore. Joey was my favorite.

    Keri (Auburn Gal Always)s last blog post..The Auburn Brother Always