tiny gramma is in town.

neti pot and all.

And if the neti pot comes?

The camera comes.

tiny camera tiny gramma camera

And if the camera comes?

So does mine.

Tiny gramma is exactly what I needed to help get me out of my funk.

(Okay so the funk isn’t cured. But picking my camera up felt pretty good.)

the red door Greendiana Greendiana Two the fishmoosheye Gothic Cathedral Crown Hill Cross Crown Hill Angel Bunny Larkspur Unknown bug love

(yeah, they’re totally doing it.)


Taken at Crown Hill Cemetery, Holliday Park and the Talbot Street Art Fair.


  1. Great to see you taking pics again. That last one really cracked me up!

  2. I’ve missed your pictures. So beautiful…

  3. Tiny Gramma looks like a breath of fresh air. Good luck crawling out of the funk. I finally got out of mine.

    PS. Thanks for sending me the link for the plugin. It is working fabulously so far.

  4. Fabulous. I missed seeing your pictures.

  5. Such big, blue eyes! And I LOVE the angel statue. Seriously. LOVE.

  6. Awesome. I love seeing your handiwork!

  7. Oh honey. I’m so glad to see these. Inspirational!

  8. I love the photo of the Moosh with the fisheye. It’s official I need new a new lens or two!

  9. Ok, it wouldn’t matter if I had the best camera in the world, I would still manage to cut the heads off of people.

    These are amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  10. I iz jealous of your mad skillz! Glad to see you taking pictures again. Loves you!

  11. So glad to see pictures up on the blog again. The funk may not be over yet, but this was some great inspiration for the remainder of your funk recovery. Thanks fo sahring some of your amazing handiwork!

    Erika Reply:

    @Erika, I really should proof read my comments sahring=sharing :)

  12. Amazing shots!!

  13. Man…that “unknown” stone just squeezed my heart hardcore.

  14. yeah for family! Esp the female kind. :)

  15. Oh my gosh- her eyes. That is amazing.


  16. The picture of the “Unknown” grave is haunting. In an amazing picture kind of way.

  17. I can’t believe there are graves marked simply as “Unknown”. Poor people… nobody visits their grave to tell them that they’re missed, or loved.

    Great pictures. Seriously. I know my camera can do that, but it pisses me off that the user can’t. Grrrrr.

  18. Michelle says:

    So good to see your photos.

    Enjoy your tiny gramma time

  19. Those are some amazing photos. I love the cross one.

  20. For some reason, I want to write a parody of “Private Dancer” called “Tiny Gramma”.

  21. Beautiful!
    And can you believe I’ve lived in Indy all but two years of my life and have never been to Holliday Park? I think I may just take the boys this week. Looks gorgeous!

  22. Hooray for picking up the camera again! I’m glad to know you went to the Talbot Street Art Fair – that’s my neighborhood!

  23. so glad you’ve gotten your camera back out. thanks, tiny gramma!

  24. Sunshine says:

    The picture after the red door? The Greendiana one? I keep looking for Edward in it. :)

    They’re beautiful. And YAY! for visits from mom. Going to see mine on the 4th of July and I can’t WAIT.

  25. Is it wrong that I am totally jealous of the moosh’s hair? I mean, she’s four. Still.

    Beautiful pictures. :)

  26. I love seeing Indianapolis, a city I was born and raised in, through your lens. It always inspires me to go revisit places I seem to have forgotten about.

  27. The “Unknown” picture is really staying with me… rather haunting, somewhat sad, somewhat touching…

  28. Oh- and I gotta go with tiny gramma on the neti pot. I would also die a slow, horrible, sinus drowning death without mine.

  29. Love the pictures! And the Moosh, she’s too cute!

  30. Lovely pictures. It must have felt good to get behind the lens again.

    And Holliday Park? We LOVES it. Good thing we live just across the river cause we are there all the time — the child asks to go every morning.

  31. that pic of the moosh cracks me up!!

    i’m glad tiny gramma is there to lift your spirits – she is adorable.

    oh, and email me your address again so I can FINALLY send your wallpaper, pillow & various other things (hey, i’m only 10 years late, but you just got your house, so it works out well) ;-)

  32. gorgeous casey! You’ve inspired me to pick up my camera today.

    and seriously…there needs to be an adult content warning for the provocative bee picture.

  33. Is she like the coolest gramma in the world? She looks freakin gorgeous!

  34. Casey, these are some great photos. You should submit some of them to the My Indiana Summer group on Flickr – you might even win a digital camera or a trip in Indiana!


  35. beautiful!

  36. Absolutely gorgeous…hope you waved to my peeps buried @ Crown Hill. Have you gone on photo safari @ the grounds of the IMA?! We had our family photos taken there in November.

  37. Those are gorgeous. I hop you and tiny gramma and miss moosh have a wonderful time.
    LOVE love love those shots.
    Droooling over all the fabulous camera goodies.

    Huggin’ you from wayyyyy down here.

  38. Beautiful! Please tell Tiny Gramma I said hello. You both need to come back to So Cal so we can go out with our cameras. I can learn a lot from you two!

  39. Wow! Great pictures, my dear!

    Oh! I never posted pictures BUT I love my neti pot! I even got Jesse addicted to it! It feels soooo good after! TRY IT!

  40. neit pots. yeah. my friend has one and swears by hers as well. if I won’t put my face in the water at our pool, what makes you think I’m gonna willingly poor water in my nose from a pot? just sayin’. love the pics.

  41. beautiful! Glad you are slowly getting out of your funk & feeling good about taking photos. xoxo

  42. Angie B. says:

    Great photos. You must have some good photography genes! Hope tiny gramma helps with the funk. Maybe if it would stop raining it would help…

  43. your little girl is so precious. i love that picture of her.

  44. I absolutely LOVE the one of the Moosh and the angel statue is gorgeous. Great shots!

  45. Incredible!! Fantastic pictures.

  46. Gorgeous shots! And, um, the last picture cracked me up. I have caught turtles involved in the Physical Act of Love not once but TWICE while at the zoo. The last time was a turtle threesome. They are FREAK-AY.

  47. Awesome pics – you should sell those puppies on shutterstock or iStockphoto – I loooove the one of the ornate cross. How did you get the moosh’s face to bend like that? :)

  48. GORGEOUS photos! Tiny Gramma is adorable, glad she got you taking such great photos.

  49. Gorgeous. I am about to buy a new camera and came to visit your “about” page to see what camera you use!

  50. Amy in StL says:

    Wow, you are so incredibly talented with that thing! Seriously girl.