hi hi hi!


my ugerus was in saaaad sorry shape but is almost all bethter now. neeesdels to say the goood drugcs have not left my ssystem and with binking being exhausign and lifing my head to find backspace nect to impossible typing is kind of abug fat joke.

But i had to say THAANNNK YOUUU to everyone for makeing me giggle and weke[[p dammit weep wih all of your supprot on teh twiters.

i hurt pretty bad. no sense in lying aboruht that. my anetsheisioloigrst was Hot. i wauss supposed to have some spry redhead lady with freckles and instelad i got dashingdocntor mcdashypants. he had sto see me pee in bag while i was all out and stuff. also szince i was om ny period someone else had to take off may grannie pannies. THE Y DIDN’t GIVE hEM ABACK! have yet to see if they arean on ebayy today. BIIDD HGIGH PEPOLE!

BEST NEWSAS EVER!>>??? i got to skop the lasf few days of my period with my cleanout!! OH WOWHICUPS HUUURT!

moosh 2.o is sitill like half a year awya. apparenlty there’s jthings jacked up in there thaft surgfury couldn’t fix.(EDNO MEtreIOSIS LIKE x 10.000! BOO!!)  more on that when i don’t feel like a swallowed a mylar balooomn.


pazz the drugs pl.sz!


  1. Yay, Casey! I’m glad it went well!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery and an occupied uterus asap!

  3. I hope they gave you some very, very good painkillers. :) It kind of makes it worthwhile. A clean uterus and some wonderfully drugged induced sleep.

    Casey Reply:

    @Halala Mama, and lots of drool on my pillow!

  4. I believe that the most important preparation for Moosh 2.0 is lying on the couch eating chocolate. Or donuts. Or maybe I should have surgery because I really want to lie on the couch and eat something.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, both of health and of your granny panties.

    Casey Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain, no one has brought me donuts yet.NO ONE HAS BROUGHT ME DONUTS YET. this is disturbing to me.

  5. I am so glad you at least have some sort of a timeline (and more importantly, some hope!) for moosh 2.0. I think he/she will be awesome. And well loved.

    I hope you’re feeling a little better today!

  6. Your post made me laugh out loud! I hope that your recovery is expeditious! I am sorry to hear about the endometriosis, but glad to hear that the doctors have a timeline for you – Woohoo!

    Casey Reply:

    @emily, you must be a in the sisterhood of bunk uteri to appreciate a good timeline.

    emily Reply:

    @Casey, How did you know? Sometimes I am elated with shrugging shoulders and uncertain statements like, “well, every month is different… so who knows what’s wrong?” :-)

  7. Look, I know this has been rough for you, but it’s been thoroughly entertaining for us. Could you do it again next week?

    Casey Reply:

    @Momo Fali, Does next month work for you?

  8. Hope you are on your way to a fast recovery and all is well soon. Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs.

    Casey Reply:

    @OHmommy, you said hugs, i read drugs. THANK YOU!

  9. i hope you feel better soon, casey, but i have to admit that your drugged up writing is hilarious.

  10. I had surgery on Friday, and I now have an entire pharmacy of drugs I could make available to you, for a small fee of course. (;

    Hope you feel better!

    Casey Reply:

    @Elizabeth Kaylene, whhhyyy aarree you not taking themm?

    Elizabeth Kaylene Reply:

    @Casey, Oh, I don’t know, something about them just makes me super high and dehydrated and short of breath… I guess it’s fun but I’ve had enough for one week!

  11. I’m not entirely sure but I think that was good news? Hope so. Fingers crossed.

    Casey Reply:

    @Melizzard, good news? yes. STILL ALIVE!

  12. Looking forward to having you well and moosh 2.0 on the way. Keep up the positive attitude-you’ve got the weight of a lot of people supporting you and loving you from near and far!!!

  13. Huggers and all that stuffs.