(Just for clarification-I live in Indiana, I moved to Indiana from Utah, my parents still live in Utah, the moosh and I spent the last three weeks in Utah hanging out with my family and I am now back in Indiana where I own a house but I can’t live in it yet because the plumbing doesn’t work and ZOMG DID YOU SEE WHAT COLORS IT IS PAINTED? Anyway I’m not entirely sure where we’re going to be living for the next month or so but IT’S ALL JUST AN ADVENTURE RIGHT!?)

The scene is Tuesday and the moosh and I are trolling around my dad’s ‘hood since I was pretty sure the constant presence of a four year old was causing my dad to twitch and the weather was just too delicious to stay inside. We ended up in a little bookshop a few blocks away where we sat on the floor and read pop up books. On the way out I noticed a sign that said “UPCOMING EVENTS” with Ree Drummond’s new cookbook featured below.

“She’s coming here?” I asked.

“Yeah. Wednesday night, 7 pm at the gallery next door.” replied the bookseller.

Huh. So Ree was coming to a gallery a few blocks away from my dad’s house. A night out with my Barbara was planned.

My Barbara and Me.

(my headband? Miss Ruby Sue. Because I know you’re going to ask.)

DUDE. People started lining up at 3 o’clock (it started at 7.) I had gotten my book earlier in the day and I had the feeling that the bookshop wasn’t entirely sure what they were getting themselves into later that evening. Barb and I ended up in signing group J. (Tickets were handed out A-Z 20 people per group.) We made it into the doors where we were able to meet up with the lovely Jes, Carina, Marie, Miranda, Allison, Emily, Carol, Andrea, another Emily, Vanessa and Janet. We hung out, spoke blog, giggled. It was fun. (p.s. HOLY LINKS BATMAN!)

The crowd at The Pioneer Woman's booksigning in SLC.

Marie, moi and Allison

Being in group J it was going to take about two hours to get in the door to get Ree’s pen to our books. We discussed going back to my dads, getting some chow or simply hanging out when we met up with a couple of ladies who had driven down from Kamas (about an hour away) to meet Ree. They didn’t have books or tickets so between Barb’s iPhone and my smooth talking we tried to develop a plan to get these ladies in to meet the lovely Ree.

Ms. Ree

The more we talked the more it occurred to me that I was only there because it was two blocks away and I wanted an excuse to hang out with Barb. These ladies drove over an hour. I had a book and a ticket, they did not. I wanted to go home and snuggle with my kid on our last night in Utah.

I handed over my book and made them promise they would get her signature and pay it forward when they could. (I also *may* have screamed “DON’T TOUCH ME THERE!” when they tried to refuse my offer. Know this, if I offer you something? YOU TAKE IT.)

I gave them my book and my ticket, one of them was named Jill. The other was...err...Toni?

We headed back towards my dads when we spotted Marie, Alison Carina and Emily again. Hey, may as well hang out with the bloggers we already know and love while we had the opportunity right?

No waiting in a three hour line for us!

Wait. Hold the phone.

Who’s that?

dooce and moosh

Yeah. I know she’s kind of the blogger who launched a thousand blogs and mine is no exception. I read her writing about depression, I read Jon’s post about having a wife with depression and I can’t deny that the both of them together helped me to finally write about my overdose and then about all the other hard stuff leaving me feeling a hundred pounds lighter and helping a few lovelies along the way.

So I told her. I told her thank you. It felt really good to kind of have the whole thing come full circle. We hugged, she said something about her interview with CNN earlier in the day and I was all “I have no CNN stories” then she was whisked away by the powers of Ree.

I like bloggers. I like blogging. I’m happy I do this.

It was a good night.


  1. ZOMG The Pioneer Woman and Dooce in one night? Wowsers! Lucky girl, you!

    Casey Reply:

    @Amy, Yeah, I was going to title the post the night of three million twitter followers. But my husband wouldn’t have gotten it, and he’s kind of my guide when it comes to titling posts.

  2. mommabird2345 says:

    You are too cute! You made me laugh with the “DON’T TOUCH ME THERE!”. I could totally picture a bunch of people turning around, with their mouths open, wondering what was going on. Glad you had fun.

    Casey Reply:

    @mommabird2345, What’s funny is Barbara, who totally knows me wasn’t surprised at all.

  3. I do so love reading about all of your adventures.

    I’m glad you do this, too. :)

    Casey Reply:

    @pgoodness, Dude, this wasn’t even supposed to be an adventure! But hurrah that it turned into one!

  4. yeah. i get it. i feel it. i love make-and-take mom she is just too too sweet and she told me to follow petite-elepant (is that it?) and i just checked her awesome site out tonight AND

    there are SOOOOO many awesome people online. i just wished they lived close to me. waaaa……

    Casey Reply:

    @OHmommy, Oh yeah, Marie and Allison are the bees knees, together? EVEN BETTER.
    I want all three of you in a room. now. okay?

  5. oh. and glad you had a great night out with awesome bloggers.

  6. I think your hair looks AWESOME in that second picture.
    And I’m SO thankful you’re around too!

    Casey Reply:

    @Meg, Ooh, that’s called “slightly greasy because I got my hairs painted the day before and they put too much crap on but I couldn’t wash it for another day…
    so there’s MY beauty secret.

  7. See, here’s the thing. I haven’t followed blogs for long and I’ve only blogged a little longer, but when I found you all I thought you, PW, and Dooce were playing in the same arena. And fwiw I found you before I found them. ;) No lie.

    Sounds like a super fun night!

    Casey Reply:

    @Heidi, If by arena you mean “Internet” then yes. Same arena. And you’re totally in the arena too. NO ONE EXCLUDED, except for that creep over there. There’s always one.

  8. I am insanely jealous of your whole night.

    Casey Reply:

    @Mrs. Cline, I even got to go home and have one of my dad’s cheeseburgers at 11 pm. Seriously, good night.

  9. So I suppose you now know how I will feel if I ever *ahem* get the chance to meet my fave blogger!

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie, Uh, you can come to my housewarming party, if it ever gets done. *ahem* you know who to light a fire under…

  10. whatever! Superstah!!!! And holy planets aligned!!! Sounds like a great evening you couldn’t have planned if you tried!

    Casey Reply:

    @brit, No kidding. Talk about best laid plans.

  11. That’s awesome. So she’s like a real live person? No really?

    For the record, I don’t actually read Dooce, but I do read you and I think you’re like a 1000 times better.


    Casey Reply:

    @Abby, You’re too kind! I have to admit the girl has a gift for the writing. She’s landed me in tears (the good kind) more than once.

  12. Is it bad that I’m insanely jealous right now?

    Casey Reply:

    @Nicky, Nope, I look back at stuff like this and realize I’m kind of jealous of myself. You come with me next time okay?

  13. Every time I’m ready to throw in the towel and walk away from my blog, I see, hear or read something like this that reminds me what an awesome community I’d be leaving and I just can’t do. Thanks for sharing!

    Casey Reply:

    @Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy, It’s so true. I’ve almost given up a dozen different times and something always gets me back.

  14. I drove for a total of 5 hours to go to Ree’s book signing. I stood in line with my sister and 9-month-old baby starting at 4:30, so excited was I to get my book signed by the Pioneer Woman.

    But when I saw you walk in the door, I seriously started freaking out to my sister. I think my words were something like “Holy Cow! It’s Casey from Moosh in Indy. I have to meet her!”

    Sadly, that did not happen. I’ve loved your blog since a mutual friend told me you are the funniest girl she has ever met. It’s true. You are.

    Casey Reply:

    @Laura, DUDE! You should haven answered my tweet and you could have come taken breaks at my dad’s house!
    And why didn’t you say HIIII *whiiine*

    I hope you had fun and lots of road trip food (Taco Bell Cinnamon Crunchies…mmm)

    Laura Reply:

    @Casey, I am not a tweeter {hangs head in shame and embarrassment} otherwise I totally would have come over.
    I tried making my way in your direction after Ree was done speaking, but the crowds pushed me the other direction. You were there, you know how crazy it was. Plus I was in group B so I had to hurry my little self over to the bookstore.
    Excuses! Excuses!

    Casey Reply:

    @Laura, Group B? Were you there at 4 o’clock or something!?



    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, I LOVE YOU.

    Adventures In Babywearing Reply:

    @Casey, Awwww!!! Warm fuzzies on me, everyone! :)

    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, Warm fuzzies and fantastic slings with squashy little baby girls too.
    Honestly? We could do this all night.

  16. WOW!! Awesomness. I am jealous. Don’t think Ree will be making it out our way, never mind Dooce. I totally agree with the others who put you on par with those to ladies.

    Pretty house. I’m just wondering how a house that new has plumbing problems. Good luck to you!

    Casey Reply:

    And you too are too kind.
    I’ll come sign a book near your house. Not my book specifically, just a book.

  17. I am jealous of this post.

    Casey Reply:

    @Motherboard, You can borrow it if you want to…I’m a sharer. Don’t make me scream inappropriate things!

  18. so fun! Things like that really don’t happen in Indiana. But glad you’re back!

    Casey Reply:

    @DesignHER Momma, I was going to be all “YANNI!” but then I realized that happened in Ohio. So yeah, You’re right.

    Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire Reply:

    @Casey, Indiana didn’t get Yanni and we got it twice. That doesn’t seem very fair if you ask me. Altho if they had cut one of those shows I may not have been able to go.

    Casey Reply:

    @Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire, Yeah, I think Ohio slipped the other 49 states some tongue and that’s why it gets away with so much.

    Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire Reply:

    @Casey, well, we are the heart of it all

  19. Casey you are welcome to sign books near my house ANYTIME. New Hampshire is lovely 3 seasons a year (sometimes we even have Turkeys). Good luck with the plumbing. Having been through the construction of our home, I can say that it is a pain (although I guess it will pale in comparison to law school), but in the end it is worth it and some day you will laugh about the chaos. We’ve been here almost 7 years and are just starting to smile about it all.

    Casey Reply:

    @Reesie, Oh we’re laughing, it’s just that scary nervous Stephen King type laughter that makes everyone uncomfortable.

  20. Ree AND Heather? What a night!

    Blogging is the coolest.

    Casey Reply:

    @Lauryn, Yeah. Throw in a little Amalah and it would have been darn near half the internet.

  21. You are a sharer, that’s what you do. It was so fun to hang out with you, and reprise my role as crazy girl. Chicago, SLC? All the same.

    Great fun indeed, but I shouldn’t have brought the babies. Although, they are good bait for lovely Oklahoma mothers-in-law…

    Casey Reply:

    @Petit Elefant, East Coast, desert. I love you any way I can take you. Honestly.

  22. Casey, you made our whole night (yes,the gals from Kamas)by giving up your book and “J” place in line!! Ree signed my cover, “Enjoy, and share nicely” with a smiley face. Casey gave us her card before she left us that sweet night, which reads, “writer, photographer, nice person”. We both turned to one another and said, “and she is!”. thanks again, casey and Barbara. it just goes to show that you just never know when your gonna bump into the right person at the right time. smile.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jill, HA! JILL! I did so well to get it all documented that I forgot to remember your names! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!
    So happy you got your book and book jacket signed.
    You guys made my night.

  23. I have a feeling you are the kind of person who makes everything an adventure! :) In an awesome way! I am glad you had a fun night!

    Casey Reply:

    @Kim, You should go on a road trip with me sometime. I can turn the Cracker Barrel into pretty much a rave.

  24. Oh gracious. My three favorite bloggers in one post. I gave a girlish squee when I read this post.

    I’m a little jealous but mostly insanely happy for you that you got to meet Heather!

    And thank you.
    I read both of your blogs not only because you’re hysterical and I love your points of view. It helps me so much to know that I’m not alone and you both live with depression, too.

    Thank you.

    Casey Reply:

    @Annis, No no no. Thank you! I was for sure a little goldfish cracker swimming in a sea of blogger pate.

  25. Now you may have already considered this hypothesis but all your luck is probably just good karma. You are always, always so generous – it is just second nature to you.

    What fun for you all around.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ohh Betsy!, Eh, I learned my generosity from lovelies like you.

  26. I agree, with Ohh Betsy, you have good karma. It was so fun to be there with you (and thanks for being my security blanket). I really didn’t blink when you started yelling, huh? I DO know you. It was such a great night (even considering after I snapped that pic of you and Heather she was whisked off (and away from me) in a cloud of rainbows and perfumed fairy farts). Love you, girl, and I’ll be wishing your good karma continues into your house preparations!

    Casey Reply:

    @Barb @ getupandplay, You and my Betsy would get along really well.
    Thanks for going with me.
    We always have fun wherever we go. For this I am insanely grateful.

  27. Ok, do I understand you correctly that you gave someone else your book and ticket? All I can say is “WOW”.

    Casey Reply:

    @michelle, Yep. Gave my book and my ticket to someone else. But since there was two of them and only one book one had to have the book signed and the other one had to have the book jacket signed. Then they had to get ANOTHER BOOK from somewhere when they could and swap covers.
    Sounds confusing, but it all worked out in the end. They told me so themselves, a few comments above yours.

    michelle Reply:

    @Casey, You are a seriously good person! I’m honored to stalk you via your blog.

  28. Haha…my mother, Jill, and her book jacket…She was so happy to have something signed by the Pioneer Woman…even if it wasn’t the acutal book. :)
    She came home and told me the whole story. Very pleased indeed to run into you.

    Casey Reply:

    @Josie, Well at first Barb suggested having her boob signed, that’s when my mind really went into overdrive.
    book jacket/boob
    really, is that even a question?

    Josie Reply:

    @Casey, personally, i couldn’t see my mother having her boob signed..definately not her. lol

  29. Aww what the crap! Not only did I miss Ree ( I didn’t find out about the signing until 20 minutes prior) but I also missed you AND DOOCE? /sadpanda

    Casey Reply:

    @holly, You could have just come and hung out! It was a beautiful night and there were soooo many happy ladies there…we would have turned that sad panda right upsidedown.

  30. You are a very nice person, and I’m not just saying that because I call my best childhood friend Moosh (it’s Michele) or because your business card says so! ;)

    You really are a sweetie. Thank you.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ree, Aw shucks, thanks for coming to my old neck of the woods. I know it meant a lot to every single lady (and some gentlemen) that you included SLC as a stop, including me.
    Now that I’m back in Indianapolis, uh, COME ON DOWN! I’ll get a couple more books so I’m better prepared.

  31. What a fantastic night that must have been! If I had been there to see you, Ree and Heather all in the same place, my head probably would have exploded with all of the awesomeness!

    I grew up on the west side of Indy (Danville) and discovered your blog AFTER I moved to Charlotte two years ago. Your photos and words are amazing and inspiring!

    Casey Reply:

    @Carrie, It’s better that way. There aren’t enough cupcakes in this town for the two of us.

  32. Thanks for clearing up your living situation! I was afraid you were leaving town and I’d have to break out the frowny face :(

  33. Holy blog poop! That is awesome! Ree is coming to Nashville in December. I can’t wait. Must. Have. A. Plan.

    p.s. that photo with you and the Dooce is tres awesome

  34. what a great night!

  35. crazy! I was reading PW’s blog when I saw the links to other blogs… when I saw “moosh in indy” I thought, hmmm I live in indy now and what do you know? It’s such a small world! crazy!!! I wish that person could have been me! :) I am dying to go to her book signing!
    what a bummer about your house :( please let us know if we can do anything for you! :)

  36. ooooh that is hot picture of you and Dooce!!

  37. Hi, I am the one of the lucky girls from Kamas that got in due to your generosity. I am paying it forward!! Thanks again!

  38. I’m with Vanessa – that is an amazing photo with Dooce!

    You have an inspiring story – I hope we can hang out again at another event like this. This time I’ll be more friendly. I was a bit star struck the entire night (and scheming how to see our hero).

    So much fun!



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