Emily and her BirdieBirdie and Emily

Good luck getting that big thing out of you darling.


  1. Oh my goodness… are you sure there’s a baby in there and not a basketball? That is the most adorable photo and pregnant belly!

    Casey Reply:

    @Heidi, I kind of want to keep her pregnant forever.

  2. hilarious, and she is so very lovely that it almost makes me want to get pregnant again. Almost.

    Casey Reply:

    @Erin, I know right? Especially since I called dibs on her maternity clothes.

  3. Does this mean that she’s FINALLY in labor, and you get to be the one to break the news?!?!

    Casey Reply:

    @Joe @ IrrationalDad, Nope. It’s still tucked up in there nice and tight. However things could change at any moment…

  4. She’s just so gosh dern cute. Both of her. All of her. =)

    Casey Reply:

    @QuatroMama, Painfully cute. And she also thinks she’s going to push that out naturally, which is just, well, painful.

    QuatroMama Reply:

    @Casey, I wouldn’t know anything about that…got the scar and overflap to show for it!

  5. May we all have at least one good dance-on-bar friend at some point during our lives.

    Ladty Reply:

    @Camille, Amen.

    Casey Reply:

    @Camille, I’m lucky enough to have at least six. And those were only the ones in the bar with me at the time.

  6. This photo is amazing and so beautiful. That baby is going to just POP right out. I just know it!


    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, It’s strange to think of the physics involved in getting that belly into a baby.

  7. I love these pictures!

    And I loved that I got to meet both of you at BlogHer. Hope I’ll get to see both of you again soon.

    Casey Reply:

    @Bridget, Not only did you get to meet us you got to see Emily hunkered down on the bed eating! Just the way I like her.

    Bridget Reply:

    @Casey, She wasn’t the only one hunkered down. That was some good pizza!

  8. that is THE most gorgeous photo of a lovely threesome! The colour combination of the stripes and grey is lovely, but the best thing is that bright sparkly face beaming out from the photo and the quietly happy smile behind it.

    Hoping all goes smoothly from here!

    Casey Reply:

    @pixielation, They are a truly lovely family. LOVELY.

  9. I go to sleep for one night and come back to this? You are the best! I hope you know, this picture means the world to me.

    And I was thinking – Coyote might make a cute name.


    Casey Reply:

    @DesignHER Momma, I was thinking Chicken Wing.
    Chicken Wing Coyote!

    We can call it Chickote for short!

  10. Gorgeous photo! She’s so cute and pregnant. If I’m half as cute when my time comes, I’ll be grateful.

    Casey Reply:

    @Elizabeth Kaylene, She really is top five cutest pregnant ladies ever.

  11. Aw! How cute!

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie, You wanna rub it don’t you? I have to resist the urge whenever I’m close to her.

  12. Even as the most pregnant-with-a-watermelon lady I’ve ever seen, she’s a tiny little thing. And I kinda want to smack her. Just a little. And then rub her belly.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kelly, Word.

  13. Love this tribute to that so cool sis-in-law of mine. :) She’s awesome, isn’t she?

    Casey Reply:

    @Susan Alberda, Completely. Thanks for sharing her and her little bitties.

  14. betsy dejonge says:

    you are too cute emily! i might come see you and the new little one over thanksgiving :)

    Casey Reply:

    @betsy dejonge, OOH OOH! I’ll be there too!

  15. Adorable!

    Casey Reply:

    @Kendall, Adorable pregnant, Adorable babies.
    Adorable is right.

  16. memphislis says:

    Oh my!! That is the pregnantest pregnant all-baby belly I have ever seen. It’s like, normal legs, keep going up, normal butt, keep goingWHAMMOBABY. :)

    Casey Reply:

    @memphislis, I like to have her face away from me and then turn around. Heh.

  17. Holy baby belly Batman! God Bless her–that looks like a big one! You have totally gorgeous friends, you know. You and that moosh kid aren’t bad either.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., And I consider you one of them. So there, gorgeous.

    Jen L. Reply:

    @Casey, *blush*

  18. I met Emily a few years back at an IndyMoms Baby Wearing meet up. She’s pretty awesome!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Eternal Lizdom, She gets even better with time.

  19. What a great post and picture! I just love Emily as well!

    Casey Reply:

    @crystal, Oooh I love that she is so well loved.

  20. Gorgeous photos, as usual.

    Also, just looking at Emily makes my back hurt.

    Casey Reply:

    @Must Be Motherhood, Makes my vagina hurt, but whatever.

  21. This might be my one of my favorite posts that you’ve done.

    Casey Reply:

    @Avitable, u haz a ting for deh cute preeegnant laydeez?

  22. I haven’t seen Emily in person since BlogHer . . . she’s gotten a teeny bit bigger. Fabulous picture! As someone who’s pushed out two rather large babies sans drugs, I’m pulling (er, pushing?) for her!

  23. Love it! And my daughter has the exact same sweater! Too cute!

  24. Look at that belly!

  25. That was my favorite shot of the bunch!!! Very nice!

  26. Great photo! I love it! I’m sure she cried a little to see your sweet post!

  27. Such sweet friends and such a wonderful photo! Her belly is seriously awesome. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ that baby!