“What’s your name?”


“Oh! I like your name.”

“Thanks. No one has ever really liked my name before. Everyone makes fun of my last name.”

“They do? I’d never make fun your name.”

“Thanks. You wanna play?”



I told you on the way home how proud I was of you. I’m writing it here because I don’t ever want to forget.

But the truth is there’s no words for how I felt as I watched you and your new friend Hadley at the library. You didn’t know I was listening, so I know you weren’t saying it to appease me.

You said it because that’s who you are.


maddie day.

One year ago I was in Kansas City living a out a fantasy in the halls of Hallmark world headquarters while Heather was back in a hospital with Maddie.

It wasn’t fair.

things changed that night.

I didn’t get back to Indy until late that night.

Just before midnight I got a text…”Did you hear about Maddie?”

Less than 24 hours later I was on a plane to L.A.

It was so sunny there.

Now it’s been a year. A whole year. 365 days.

Maddie Spohr's Balloon Release.

I set up shop to sell prints of some of my favorite images, including this one.

All of the proceeds will go directly to Friends of Maddie.

You can purchase prints here.

You can also donate directly to Friends of Maddie online.

I’ll never forget that little kid. No one should. She was simply too lovely.

thunder and the moosh. *giveaway*

Comments Closed-Winner of the giveaway is Angela!  Congratulations!

If thunderstorms are not your thing, the Midwest is not the place for you.

You can feel thunderstorms here in your bones.

The lightning will wake you from a dead sleep and the thunder that follows causes you to flail so quickly your bunk mate usually scores a knee to the gonads or a slap to the face.

Once your heart rate is down to a non lethal level your mind wanders to that little kid sleeping all alone on the other side of the house. You wait for it.

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project 365 for giver uppers.

I was totally on board with Project 365 this year. I made it about 45 days consecutively.

spring @ the oldfields-lilly gardens. Indianapolis

There were some days I was forced to take a picture to fulfill the rules, not my passion.


There were moments I was inspired to pick up my camera when I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I caught magical moments.

moosh catching indy air.

I think I’ve found something that works for me.

flying a kite.

By the end 2010 is over I want to end up with 365 photos I love. Some of the ones I have in my set right now may get bumped. Some of the pictures I took out may make it back in.

Trader's Point Creamery-Indianapolis

I rarely like any of the pictures I take.

spring @ the oldfields-lilly gardens. Indianapolis

That is, until I come back to them later.

Trader's Point Creamery-Indianapolis

And you know? They’re not half bad.

spring @ the oldfields-lilly gardens. IMA Campus-Indianapolis

To my fellow 365 giver uppers? Want to do it my way? We can totally claim that our way is the right way.

goodnight sweet sissy.

*I wrote this post while participating with¬†GoodNites Bedtime Theater, just so you’re aware. xo*

Perhaps no one really pays attention to what a change of seasons does to bedtime, but in our house? I fear it. For several different reasons.

The first reason is my vacuum what what my family does with it while I’m away.

They vaccuum up bugs.

All sorts of bugs, ladybugs, spiders, wasps and flys.

My vaccuum is a cansiter vaccuum and rarely to the sucked up critters die when taken into the canister, since I am the one who empties the canister I am the one pleasantly (not) surprised by dust covered insects clinging to life.

I’ve learned that if I come home to the vacuum in an unusual spot, the kids (meaning Cody and Addie) were probably playing bug vacuum cowboys.

I take a different approach, I scoop them up with tissue and throw them in the toilet.

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