I have misled many people into believing that I am coasting along in this pregnancy. (Which is fine, it’s just not the truth.) The truth is I am very ill approximately 20 hours a day and this week has been the worst. I’m not sure if it’s simply because I’m running out of brave or because I am farther along.

BUT. I have realized it does me no good to complain about it. Complaining doesn’t make me feel any better, it leaves the people around me feeling helpless and sorry for me which leads them to giving me silly suggestions about how to “fix” my sick (I’m way past ginger and crackers kids.) I assure them I’ve done this before…and then I end up looking like a jerk that can’t take advice from well meaning people.


I stay shooshy.

If you really want to learn more about what I’m going through there’s an entire website dedicated to the disease. (Oh yes, I said disease.)

One of the annoyances with throwing up so much are petechiae (pe-tiki-aye). Sure it’s a vanity thing, but they garner some funny comments from observers (tact people, tact.) Petechiae are ruptured capillaries (in my case, on my face and sometimes in my eyes.) that result from vomiting, I can literally feel them explode and they so far FASCINATE every doctor that sees them.

petechiae. (tiny ruptured capillaries that result from barfing.)

After a friend told me yesterday she peed her pants every time she puked…I’ll gladly take the mottled face and dry pants, thank you.


So, what’s the weirdest sickness side effect you’ve experienced?


  1. Ouch. Does it hurt to feel them explode? I’m sure it doesn’t feel good.

    My SIL’s ribs were dislocated from vomiting when she was pregnancy sick. They still are painful for her 16 months postpartum.

    My worst pregnancy side effect was uncontrollable crying for about 4 weeks in my second trimester.

  2. My aunt had that side effect, too (petechiae) during her pregnancy.

    My side effect was heart surgery. Turns out I have WPW Syndrome. That means there’s an extra electrical impulse that would fire and cause a rapid heart rate (my hr got to 300). I needed my heart shocked (yes, shocked) and then surgery two days later. It’s a syndrome I always had but never knew I had it. Lucky for me (ha) pregnancy brought it out. I was 32 weeks pregnant. My son is fine but does have a heart shaped birthmark on his right knee. :)

  3. My wierdest was the metal taste in my mouth ALL the time, and the sensitivity to light. I didn’t throw up a lot (well, once a day was all) but felt like I needed to 24/7.

    Angela@beggingtheanswer Reply:

    Wow, I had that metal taste too, AND I was constantly nauseous. Are you sure we’re not secret twins?

  4. Poor Casey. I think my older sister had the same thing you have. During her 3rd pregnancy she had to be on an IV for the last three months if I remember correctly.

    Since I’ve never been pregnant I can’t say any weird side effects from being sick. But I did pass a kidney stone recently and there was this side effect of wanting to pee without feeling like passing out.

  5. I’m sorry that you are so so sick. I didn’t much enjoy pregnancy – my gallbladder was in the later stages of revolt (gallstones! whoknew?) and I was violently ill many, many nights. I hope that the medications can bring you some relief.

  6. I’ve never been pregnant but when I’m pukey I too get the busted capillaries. I am vain so of course they freaked me out.

    And then there’s the shakes. I dunno what weird reaction I have but sometimes I start shaking so hard I can’t barf straight. Disgusting, right?

    Yuck. I’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy. Thank goodness it’s for an awesome cause!!

  7. I puked into the drain of my shower every day for the first 17 weeks. Not unusual, just really sucky.

    Then there was the misdiagnoses of a horrible genetic disease. Have I ever told you that story?

    I need a day with you. A day where I come over to your place (without my kids), and we hang, I clean, and I cook (while you nap).


    you know I would drop everything for you, right?

  8. and you are still beautiful.

  9. A nine-month vomiter here, day and night and in between, including labor and subsequent c-sections. Nothing like the feeling of your insides coming out while they tug from the other end INSIDE to get the baby out.

    I threw my back out throwing up in my first pregnancy. That was delightful.

  10. Oh you poor poor thing. I’d heard of petechiae in the eye but never the face.

    With my two pregnancies I never got morning sickness *ducks and runs for cover* so I’ve no stories.

    Now that I’m menopausal though I can tell you some things about laughing too hard, sneezing, coughing, ad nauseum and peeing your pants!

  11. For what it’s worth, you’re still damn adorable.

  12. Aw, you’re just faking it to get sympathy. I know how you bloggers are.

    And about the comments!! What is it, people commenting on the ugly stuff that happens to us? Like “What happened to your face?” – I am acquainted with that because I pick and pick at blemishes until they turn into big horrible things. LOOK I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ESPECIALLY WITH STRANGERS, IT IS IMPOLITE TO ASK SO JUST SHUT UP.

    Wow. I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent.


  13. The surge of hormones in the 3rd Tri. makes my liver stop breaking down bile. So bile salts build up under my skin and I get itchy. Really itchy, especially on my hands and feet. Like can’t sleep, can’t stop itching to the point I get scabs on my feet and have worn holes in sheets itchy. And fatigue. Last time (baby #3) after a month of it they found some medicine that worked (Praise the Lord) and that made it a bit more bearable. The bigger problem is the build up of bile can cause a still-birth, especially after 37 weeks, so the last two have been induced at 37, which cuts down on 3 weeks of misery at least.

    I think you have it worse tho. I’m very sorry.

  14. What Em said.

  15. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I vomited very forcefully and often too during the first trimester–but nowhere NEAR as bad as you have it. However, I did get the petechiae also–really bad around the eyes and in the eyeball too. I also wet my pants every.single.time.

  16. You have all my sympathy. Puking really does suck. I puked my guts out for 9 months…each of the FIVE times I was pregnant. I’m a slow learner…lol

    When I puked it would come out my nose and I’d get horrible sinus infections… Lovely, huh?

    Christie Reply:

    Yeah — I did it 5 times also. Sick, sick, sick each time. Had kidney stones with #2 and #3. Lost 20 lbs. with #1. Nos. 4 and 5 weren’t quite as bad, but my poor husband got frequent calls to come home from work and feed his children lunch because the mere act of opening the fridge caused me to yak!

  17. Gum disease. Advanced periodontal disease that required two surgeries to fix; 2 root canals.

    I had bad teeth going in, but the surge of hormones just eroded my gums all to heck.

    Also, I peed my pants regularly. And I still do. Babies are 3 and a half and 1 at time point. Good times. Good, Times.

  18. Oh man, I had that too. I didn’t realize at first and was just like, “man that last episode left my face feeling really numb!” I eventually glanced in the mirror and scared the crap out of myself.
    Fun times, fun times.

  19. All of it, the pants, the burst blood vessels, the after effects (won’t go into that now. I’ll save it. You’re welcome.), I had it. You’ll get no judgment from me so complain away. Sometimes a good online cry helps.

    And HelpHer helped SO MUCH.

  20. I always thought it was kinda weird that the only food I could keep down for 3 months was watermelon. Every other thing I ate came back up.

    Sending hugs your way.

  21. Jessee R. says:

    I suffered from HG during my pregnancy and unless someone has been there, it’s really hard to explain. I always have friends telling me that they had really bad morning sickness too and you hate to start playing the “I’ve had it worse” game, but it’s hard to compare throwing up to spending most of my pregnancy in the hospital and steroids. Hang in there. We’re considering another one and I’m hoping it’s not true that it usually gets worse with each one.

  22. Crazy_Lady_Me says:

    I had 2. With all my pregnancies, I had anxiety in my last trimester. It was like I was claustrophobic to myself and couldn’t get away from it. With my last pregnancy, I had severed itching (to the point I now have scarring from scratching my skin open). Nothing enjoyable, but at least it was manageable, and it is laughable now.

  23. I’d take dry pants too dude. Biiig hugs to you. Just don’t ralph on me, k? :)

  24. I puked at least once every day of my pregnancy, and yes I peed myself almost every time for those last few months. But oddly enough all that puking gave me very strong abs and healed from my c-section really quickly!

  25. For me it was the mere thought of barfing…i’d have MAJOR anxiety attacks at the thought of throwing up…especially if i was out in public. I spent a lot of time hanging over the toilet forcing myself not to puke. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?!
    Hang in there.

  26. I have the worst gag reflex EVER. Thankfully it doesn’t result in actual puking but boy does it frighten people when it happens in the grocery store or some other public place. People start backing away and looking at me all funny.

  27. I had the PUPPS rash during the last two months of my first pregnancy. Giant rash covering all of my arms and legs. That was fun.

    Unrelated to pregnancy: I discovered I am allergic to Ginseng when, after I started going to a smoothie joint every day during lunch, all the skin from my underarms peeled off. That was unique.

    No words to make you feel better. Just prayers for easing you through.

  28. I had never heard of petechiae, but that does NOT sound pleasant! Sorry to hear!

    I’m one of those pee when you sneeze girls (actually, with this pregnancy just about anything will make me pee!). Honestly, it’s easy to put on a pad or have a change, I can’t imagine having issues on my face that I just could not fix instantly!

  29. My side effect is that I’m pretty much allergic to every medication, especially pain medication. I had my tonsils taken out at 17 and after they pumped me full of codeine for 24 hours they discovered I was allergic to codeine. The effect…continuous projectile vomiting out of my nose (because my throat was swollen shut). Not fun at all.

  30. Off topic, but I just have to say I am totally jealous of those eyelashes you got going on there.

  31. I got petechiae all over my face, neck, shoulders, back, and chest from pushing so hard to get my daughter out. I had never heard of it before that.

    I was so nauseous for the first trimester but I never vomited. It was so miserable, so I absolutely cannot imagine how horrid you feel! I hope you can find something that works to ease your suffering!

  32. i heart you sooooo much.

  33. Wow! I always get the dry heaves for a half hour or so after I barf and thought that was bad. But the burst capillaries and the pants peeing have me thanking my lucky stars. I did know a guy who separated a rib he puked so hard – the worst part was that being a man-baby we didn’t believe he was really in that much pain. Poor guy!

  34. Bless your sweet heart. You are still adorable. I think the worst thing about morning sickness for me was that when I’d given everything I had to give from my stomach, it was as if my salivary glands went into overdrive. I spent one evening drooling so much that I finally just got a big cup to spit into. I’m sure that story REALLY helped your nausea.

  35. I have gotten the mask of pregnancy with both my pregnancies (melasma) and the bridge of my nose turns brown. Its horrible. This huge brown patch on my already horrendous looking nose. My brother told me “You got chocolate on your nose.” and I said “No i didn’t. its the dang melasma” and he said “No really. Lick your finger and wipe it off.” and I said “No really. if you mention it again I’ll hit you.”

    Pregnancy sucks. Oh and I would pee my pants a little bit almost every day for the last trimester.

    Bless your heart Casey.

  36. I had the same thing from 7- 41 weeks of pregnancy and it is what is keeping me from having another one anytime soon. I was miserable during pregnancy.

  37. I had morning sickness for 7 months with my 2nd then someone mentioned B6. No more sickness at all….
    worth a try…

  38. During my first pregnancy, I was SO nauseous; the only way I could explain it to people so they could almost understand was to say, “You know how when you get the flu or food poisoning, and you are so nauseous, but you really don’t want to throw up, so you lay there miserable for a long time, but you come to that point where you are leaning over the toilet begging God to either kill you or let you throw up? THAT is what I feel like EVERY MOMENT I AM CONSCIOUS.” I could barely eat or drink. The doctors said, “It is morning sickness. Pregnant women feel nauseous.” Uh huh. It lasted for 20 weeks, and every day I wondered how a body could feel so awful and not JUST DIE from the misery. I got pregnant the second time thinking, “Some people just get really sick the first time and they are fine after that! Hopefully…” and that time I only had morning sickness which was SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT over what had happened the 1st time. So the 3rd time, I thought I would be safe! But no, I got sick the same time as the first pregnancy, but this time I actually had to lie flat and not move (so much fun with two little boys at home and a husband who got sent away on trips for work) for 4 weeks to keep from throwing up all day long. I could sit up for the next 4 weeks, as long as I didn’t move too much, and I could walk for the next 4 weeks, as long as I didn’t move too fast. Not that any of that helped me feel less nauseous every waking moment; it just kept me from actually throwing up. I was so miserable I finally went to the ER and begged them to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING! because I hadn’t been able to eat or drink for so long, and death was looking like a GREAT option for escaping the misery, and the woman taking my name looked at me suspiciously and said, “I was pregnant 6 times and wasn’t ever sick” and the nurse checking me in looked at me and said, “You don’t look dehydrated”. And then they wondered why there was protein in my urine and why I didn’t need to pee after receiving 4 bags of fluid. Huh. A different set of doctors said, “You are pregnant. Pregnant women get nauseous.” I felt worse than the first time, and again I wondered how it was possible for a body to feel so much misery and not JUST DIE! My first two were boys, and the third was a girl, so when I was going to get pregnant the next time I thought, “OK, some people get sick the first time they have a boy or a girl; now I’ve had both, hopefully it will be better this time!” I had to lay down for 8 weeks that time to keep from throwing up all day long, and then I was able to walk SLOWLY for another 8 weeks after that. I could barely eat or drink again. I lost 12 pounds in one month and my doctor GAVE ME A REFERRAL FOR THE NUTRITION CENTER because OBVIOUSLY what I needed was help knowing what healthy things I should be eating (along with ginger and saltines, you know). This was even worse than the first two times, and again I wondered, “How can anyone feel this awful EVERY MOMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS DAY OR NIGHT and NOT JUST DIE from the misery?!” All three times I was so sick, but the nausea went away by about week 24. About 10 months after that baby was born, I found your blog. I read the post about the overdose and I cried because I KNEW WHY YOU WOULD MAKE THAT CHOICE! And because I FINALLY KNEW THERE WAS A NAME FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS PREGNANT! I was not crazy, and all of my doctor’s had been stupid! A few months later, I met another lady who was telling me that she got really sick when she was pregnant, and I was able to tell her that IT HAS A NAME and point her to the website! When I went to visit her when she was pregnant, and she looked just like I had the last time I had been pregnant, I was able to tell her, “You are dehydrated and can’t think straight; you NEED to go to Urgent Care and get an IV.” This last time I got pregnant, I pretty much knew what was coming. I called the doctor the minute I found out I was pregnant, I firmly told them I needed to get in ASAP because by the time they would have scheduled the usual 12 week appointment, I would already have been sick for 6 weeks. I went to that appointment and told the doctor that I had HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDARUM and I needed her to give me the anti-nausea medicine then so I would have it when the sickness hit, and I found out what I was supposed to do when I was too sick to eat or drink. Of course, the medicine didn’t actually make the nausea go away; nobody seems to understand that either, so I tell people, “If nausea has a scale of 1-10, and 1 is where you feel fine, and 10 is where you wish you were dead, hyperemesis puts you at about an 18, and taking the medicine and getting IV fluid brings you down to about a 14, so, yes, it helps, but not that much.” This time was EVEN WORSE than the previous 3 times; I had so many IV’s that my arms were covered in bruises, I was so dehydrated that they couldn’t find a vein, they gave me a PICC line which was HEAVEN…until it gave me a blood clot…I just am not talented enough with words to convey how miserable the pregnancy was. This pregnancy I discovered that if you don’t eat anything for 2-3 days, you stop feeling hungry (hunger seems like such an ironic companion to have along with nausea). I lost 30 pounds in 3 months because I was too nauseous to eat. And this time? The nausea didn’t go away until the baby came out (and I promptly had my husband order Pizza Hut in the delivery room because I was HUNGRY). Again, I wondered how a person could feel so awful and NOT JUST DIE, and this time I was worried that it really was going to kill me, so I AM DONE. But through it all, I was able to say, I AM NOT CRAZY, and THIS IS NOT ALL IN MY HEAD, and CASEY DIDN’T HAVE WARM FUZZIES FOR HER BABY UNTIL THE BABY WAS BORN EITHER SO THERE IS HOPE THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE MY BABY EVENTUALLY, and I was able to tell all of the medical professionals what was wrong with me BECAUSE OF YOU! I was also able to help another woman know what was going on with her pregnancies BECAUSE OF YOU! I hope you end up reading this because I wanted you to know how GRATEFUL I AM that you shared your experience because it helped me hang in there when I didn’t think I was going to make it! THANK YOU! Sorry for the novel, but I wanted you to understand why I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH and know that YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD and know that YOUR EXPERIENCE WAS NOT IN VAIN! I will be praying for you!

    Windy Reply:

    @Rachel, AMEN!

  39. I’m actually commenting because of a post that you closed the comments on already…actually a few of the past posts that have spoke to me…you’ve been where I am (and I hope to be where you are now, soon). I wish I’d been reading your posts over the last 3 years. I have a 4.5 year old daughter and have since not been able to have another child. It’s been tough to say the least but reading your posts and the way you explain it all to a tee what I feel even now…I don’t even need to explain it…you know it! I am referencing and quoting from your blog on mine and I hope you don’t mind. Theres just so much that you explain that for some reason I just can’t put in to words myself lately so I wanted to share it in some way and you say it exactly how it is.

    That aside though I am SO happy for you getting a second chance, and I hope many more or as many as you always hoped for. Congrats on your Pregnancy…sorry you’re having some painful and annoying side effects to the whole thing. That part is never fun but I know you appreciate the blessing of creating life again.

    Thanks again for such a great blog—you have an amazing way with words and I know you’ve helped a lot of people along your journey. Your daughter is adorable by the way.

  40. I am 33 weeks along with my second daughter (my first is 15…after years of unexplained secondary infertility, giving up and coming to peace with it, I too became “one of those stories/people”) and started round the clock barfing started very early. By 8 weeks it was so bad that I ended up in the ER because the pain in my neck and shoulder was so severe I could not even move…turns out the violent barfing caused severe nerve and muscle inflammation that required weeks of chiropractor visits, physical therapy heat and ice packs supplemented by zofran every four hours. Ultimately, they gave me IV fluids and a bolus of steroids that finally made the pain go away. I am still needing the zofran, and am miserable a lot of the time, but I am still grateful for every minute. No matter how hard she kicks my ribs, elbows my kidney or head butts my bladder, every wiggle and movement makes me smile a little…my little miracle takes my breath away in more ways than one and I can’t help but love it.

  41. I’ve had two pregnancies (both successful). No real problems with the first, she saved that for her teen years (she’s 17 now).

    With the second, I was nauseated for about the first five months. If I smelled food, I didn’t want to eat it. (very, very unusual for me)

    I also had a recurrence of Bell’s palsy during my second pregnancy. (Originally caused when I was hit in the face when I was mugged.) For several weeks, one side of my face drooped, my mouth was kind of like when the Novocaine took effect, and I actually had to tape one eye shut at night because it didn’t close properly. Ah, the joys of pregnancy! That kid came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, causing all kinds of consternation from the medical personnel. However, she’s 14 now, and absolutely brilliant, if sometimes a little hard to get along with. It pains me to say, but teenagery has taken hold of my sweet baby. ;-)

    Anyway, I realize it’s not quite what you asked for, but it is a pregnancy side effect. I also had a co-worker who developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I asked my nurse midwife and she said pregnancy effects your whole body, so weird things happen.

  42. Reading your entry today reminded me of my pregnancy – I wasn’t as sick, but the effects of sickness included ruptured capillaries on my face and eyes too…it was miserable. That and 28 weeks of semi-bedrest about did me in… However, the two girls I delivered months later made it all worth it. Hang in there! Love your attitude and approach – wishing you the best. :)

  43. You can complain all you want, babe. I’m usually preaching to the choir when I rant and rave and whine to a good friend and they totally understand and still love me for it. As we do you. Though I didn’t have that as a symptom during pregnancy, I do tend to burst little capillaries when I throw up. What can I say? I’m an overachiever!

  44. Yeah, I pee when I puke, too. Glad I’m not alone on that one…

  45. I too had issues with petechiae. Luckily though, I was not throwing up a lot, so it was easier to handle.

  46. Like you, I had hyperemesis with my first pregnancy. Bed rest with IV treatment for one month straight, and a pump that delivered the reglan to me 24 hours/day.

    With my second, I knew to be on the lookout and got on zofran as soon as I started feeling nauseous. It helped. I hope that you’re not stricken for your entire pregnancy so that you can enjoy at least a few moments. I never knew anyone else with HE, thank you so much for writing about it.

    And, I got the busted capillaries too. SO HOT!

  47. This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday!

    And, somehow, you make even being spotted in pink dots beautiful :)

  48. I have Meniere’s Disease..which means my inner ear doesn’t work and I have terrible dizzy spells. Which (much like HG) people do NOT get. (What do you MEAN you get dizzy? Just close your eyes!) Unless they see me go through one..it’s like being on a tilt-a-whirl for 5 or 6 hours that you can’t get off of (eye closing does NOT help), so I fall down, throw up, and then sleep for 2 straight days because it is exhausting. So, not a side-effect, really, but just a weird disease that was only helped by a shot into my eardrum. The shot was easier than the dizziness.

  49. For the record, the first thing I noticed in the picture was those gorgeous eyes of yers.

  50. I agree with that designhermomma chick. you are totally beautiful.

    and I had that too from puking.