Fadra is giving away a Tempurpedic Cloud bed.

When Cody and I go on dates we generally end up in mattress stores spooning on Tempurpedic beds.

I do not lie.

It makes the sales people very uncomfortable.

But if they don’t want us lying on them then they should A) not make them so comfortable and B) not leave them out so people like us can get to them.


  1. Awesome!!! This is totally cute… Hope you win!

  2. I was going to enter, but now I’m not going to. Because you win. Or at least you better…

  3. Awesome. Simply kick-butt awesome.

  4. WAY CUTE!

  5. All kinds of awesome. You are so creative.

  6. Fabulous!

  7. LMAO! That was awesome! Seriously loved it. Hope YOU win.

  8. This is fantastic!! Fingers crossed for you!!!

  9. That? Brilliant!!! Good luck!!

  10. Auntie Nettie says:

    Who the hell can compete with that piece of awesomeness?

  11. That.

    Sheer Genius!

  12. brilliant!!

  13. I love it! You’re video was great and I’m rooting for you to win.

  14. 10 stars for most effective use of dollhouse toys EVER.

  15. um, nevermind fadra’s giveaway. i think you just created tempurpedic’s winning ad campaign.

  16. That was cute! Even the 8 year old thought it was funny.

  17. I LOVE this! You better win…or else! :)

  18. Absolutely BRILLIANT and hope you WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

    Congratulations on 2nd baby on the way and I hope that it becomes less trips to the bathroom with head in toilet.

  19. Just so you know, if you win? I will totally be worming my way into that bed a night.

    There will be SO MANY colored ponies all over that headboard.

  20. Now listen. I did not give my approval for you to come to my house and be peeking in my window at night. I mean, I thought *I* was the one who had sleep issues of that sort.

    We have a King size bed and it’s STILL not big enough for the two of us, a cat, my pregnant belly and a toddler who flops like a fish.

  21. You

  22. If you don’t win the bed you should atleast win an Academy Award for the best short story adaptation of real life!

  23. Oh man…the bed we have? Was a hand-me-down from my ex-boyfriend’s parents.

    awkward? yes.

    but we don’t have money for a new one. So we sleep on the concrete hammock.

    i REALLY hope you win because you are by FAR more creative than I could EVER be to enter!

  24. That was really impressively done. You should win, because I can’t imagine another video that would be this good. This was commercial-quality good.

  25. I just had michael watch the video. He wants to know if you already had all those toys or if you had to buy them.

    Also, he said if you don’t win, there are issues with society.

  26. that is so cute!

  27. Okay, you? Are too brilliant for words. And I? Really want you to win!! Casey, you’re the coolest. I heart you.

  28. That was awesome! Wonderful! Creative! I loved it!

  29. Funniest video. Ever. I second that that is the new ad campaign and they should give you a new bed on account of you’re awesome.

  30. If you don’t win, I’m going to complain to the Funny Authorities.

    Best. Post. Ever.

  31. That was fabulous. Well done, Moosh. Well done.

  32. That’s awesome. I had to watch it twice because I was worried I’d missed some of it the first time with all the snorting I did. You totally deserve a new bed – even if you hadn’t done such an awesome video

  33. Nice!

  34. That was hysterical and so true!

  35. Completely awesome.

    And you should do commercial voice overs. That is all.

  36. Why are you the cutest person ever made? Seriously. You ooze adorableness.

    You better win that bed!

  37. My head is still spinning… do you talk that fast in real life?

    Casey Reply:

    @SciFi Dad, when the need arises, yes. It’s a valuable skill to possess.

  38. Mrs. Goodbee and her merry lot of plastic people for the win!

    Casey Reply:

    @Burgh Baby, I’ll bet those caring sharing people never thought it would come to this.

    Burgh Baby Reply:

    @Casey, Have you seen the new pregnant doll? For reals, I think those sharing caring people know EXACTLY what happens in that house.

  39. Cute Casey! Totally understand! Ask Tim, at about 4:30am this morning he freaked out cuz Kinsey was squishing him. haha

  40. Creative genius at work. That was awesome!

  41. What a great video! Good luck!

  42. Creative genius.

  43. Dude…..that totally rocked!

  44. So Adorable!! And I love your voice, so cute! I hope you win!

  45. That was hysterical! Great job, I hope you win!

  46. PS. I just watched a few of the other videos and while there were a couple good ones, yours was by far the best and most creative.

  47. I love the video!

    A new mattress is at the top of my Christmas list. When you think about it you realize it is a down right romantic gift. :)

  48. I loved your video – I hope you win <3

  49. SOOOOOO stinkin clever!!

  50. You BETTER win after this!!! This video is GREAT!!!