I can never ever forget where I came from that got me to this point.

Jealously that almost ruined my best friendship.

Anger and bitterness that drove people away.

Friendships lost because the hole in my heart was too big to manage.

Nearly alienating my only sister because of one comment.

Almost losing my marriage and my own life to a medical treatment because I was so desperate for a baby.

If I didn’t have my archives to go back and read I may be able to think about the past five years differently. I know a lot of you had hope for me, you knew this would happen for me when I didn’t. There were even a few of you who sent me “I told you so’s.

There are also those of you who have come forward to admit that you stopped reading my words because you felt guilty for having what I longed for so badly.

There have also been some who have pegged all of your hopes on me. “IF YOU CAN DO IT SO CAN I!” or “WHY YOU AND NOT ME?”

And then there are those of you who have lost much longed for babies. I can’t even pretend to know the pain associated with such a loss, I only know the fear, and the fear on its own is crippling.

When a painful five year journey ends in an instant, and suddenly your entire life is about to change in less than 36 weeks? Five years doesn’t seem like such a long time.

I know I was guilty of turning my back on my friends who became pregnant when I couldn’t. I am so deeply remorseful for this. I was so busy licking my own wounds that I lashed out at those who didn’t deserve it. I can’t thank God enough for giving me the last year to realize my mistakes, rectify some of them and come to peace with what may or may not be in store for me.

I feel like a hypocrite writing the following words when I know that I was guilty of doing the same thing. As soon as I announced my pregnancy I could feel a two handed shove, the kind that whips your head back, shoving me out of the classification of infertile and into unfamiliar territory.

I’m not sure I can ever take my rightful place among the other side. It took way too much to get here to ever take this pregnancy for granted. I mingle with the other side. Make jokes about cravings and poop. But I can’t ever truly turn away from that other group, the one I was a part of for so long, the one I spoke up for and the one that supported me when I couldn’t support myself anymore. I feel as though when I look back at them, their backs are all turned to me. “Traitor” they mumble.

But…but! You guys! I get it! I know how you feel!”

They turn for a moment, look at my swollen belly, roll their eyes and turn away.

Maybe I know their mannerisms so well because I did the same thing for so long.

It’s lonely out here in the middle. There’s very few people out here with me. Or maybe there’s more of you, we just haven’t talked about it yet.

I don’t want to be the story someone tells to an infertile friend, “Well there’s this blog I read, she tried for years…surgery…hormone treatments…she had finally given up and then WHAMMY! it happened!

I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of that conversation. I know how to mechanically smile and nod in response, not letting on to how frustrated and hurt I am inside.

I am so deliriously happy that I sometimes forget that there are women around me at the grocery store or online that are giving me the same dirty look I’ve given so many women in the past. If I were to catch one of them and hear their story and try to relate I wouldn’t be taken as a credible source, simply because the stars aligned and I was fertile for one magic moment.

I don’t know why this has been so hard for me to write about. Maybe it’s because I can still feel the shove to my back while the sting is still on my hands from shoving others.

I don’t have an answer.

But I know I’ll never forget. Especially since I’ll never quite belong here or there.


  1. I didn’t read all the comments. Sorry! But I just had to put in my two cents. Some of us never have the stars align when it comes to fertility. I’ve been married 11 years, every moment of those 11 years has been one when we thought it “might” work out. It hasn’t. But, I have SEVEN kids. We adopted seven of the most wonderful kids on the planet. This isn’t for everyone, I know that. I wasn’t brave enough to try the IVF, the Lupron, the endoscopy. We said “screw it” and went out and waited for someone else to make the tough choice that would ultimately bless us. My point in saying this is not to discourage anyone from getting pregnant through any of the aforementioned means, it’s all up to you how you want to proceed. I’m just saying that sometimes you have to end the misery for yourself by finding an alternative path. You didn’t need to, I don’t begrudge you that for one second. We all find a way, and while the pain never goes away, it fades a little when you look at that baby, no matter how it got into your arms. CONGRATS!

  2. as someone waaay on the other side (we celebrate sterility!), i know how much you ached for this and i am familiar with the hurt …so i, for one, didn’t turn my back, but was honestly happy for you.

    enjoy your happily ever after–you are living it right now, gurrrrrl!


  3. Casey- oh I know exactly how you feel. We dealt with only 18 months of infertility before finally conceiving Sarah. Now it has been 3 years… 3 long years or hoping and praying. Finally in Nov. I got confirmation I was pregnant….. two short weeks later I miscarried. This past month has been so hard for me. The pain is unreal and now I see women getting pregnant and announcing almost weekly and it stings. Yesterday a friend from HS said she was pregnant with #2, but then PM me saying she didn’t know I was online and had wanted to tell me herself…. well she could have told me first before announcing on FB.
    While I am so excited for my friends, I am bitter because I truly feel like they take it for granted. They have no idea what a miracle a baby really is.

    Fist you have less than 5% chance of actually getting pregnant in any given cycle, and then 1 in 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage…. Babies are miracles from God.

    I am so excited for you Casey, I have read about your posts over the past few years and know how much you wanted this. I hope I get to join you on the other side soon, but I wont be on the infertile side with my back to you… instead I’ll be rooting for you and knowing my turn will come too.

  4. oh and I want to add, I can’t get pregnant on my own… but luckily for me, clomid has worked.


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