(GIVEAWAY OVER! Winner has been contacted and will be announced soon!)

Hey there.

Ever dropped your phone? In water? Yeah, me neither (LIES.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone that could survive a little swim? You know, just in case?

The Rugby Smart is also dustproof, water resistant (1 m for 30 minutes) and can handle extreme weather conditions. It’s light, feels good and the touchscreen is super responsive, not to mention I love me some AT&T 4G.

I’m giving a Samsung Rugby Smart Phone away to one commenter, just tell me your phone-y tale of woe (not phoney like a lie, phoney like a phone.) Contest will run through Monday April 23rd at Midnight EST. Winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to respond.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Samsung Rugby Smart phone with 30 days of stellar AT&T service to facilitate in my review. I have been compensated for my time, not for promoting a particular product and opinions are my own, as usual.



    One year ago I got a Motorola`Droid X, and three months in it stopped charging. Verizon replaced it with refurbished phone that had a broken camera. The next refurbished replacement wouldn’t connect to the internet, and the NEXT phone they sent had speaker issues (everything sounded like oompah loompahs on crack). I am now on my FIFTH replacement phone, and it randomly shuts off, won’t connect to my Yahoo email accounts, won’t let me download anymore apps (I only have three on it) and the alarm goes off at every time other than what it’s set for. But I know if I replace it through Verizon I’ll just get another refurbished piece of junk, so I’m holding out.

    The other part to this is that I’m moving out of the country in a year and a half, so I don’t want to commit to another 2 years of service to get that coveted phone discount. That means I’ll be paying out of pocket, full cost! But not if I win this phone ;-)

  2. I don’t have much of one though it is hard to watch your phone fly out of your pocket while you’re riding your bike. No, my brother dropped his phone in Galveston Bay and sailed off about 30 minutes before realizing it was gone. He sailed back and it was laying there by the dock. He pulled it out and it was just fine. He is on his second Casio G’Zone phone. This latest one has lasted 3+ years now.

  3. There was the one time my dog took my phone out back and used it as a chew toy. He then tried to hide the evidence by giving it a proper burial but my husband found it when he went out to yell at the dog for digging up the yard, again. I’ve since been using my old old phone that I’ve dropped a million times but it hasn’t died completely. Sure you can’t always answer the incoming calls. Sometimes the buttons don’t work. BUT at least I still have a phone.

  4. Bought daughter a pink Razor on a Wednesday.

    Two days later, on Friday, it slipped out of her back pocket while she was sitting on the pool ladder.

    It was dark out so I “called” it from my cell phone. It lit up once on the bottom of the pool and then died.

    There was much wailing.

  5. Well, I’ve been lucky, besides the drops from 3-4 feet onto the ground, I haven’t experienced such a catastrophe- yet! I hate to even say it out loud;) I treat my cellphone with extreme caution, probably borders on fanatically cautious. This Samsung phone looks awesome!

  6. RsqAnimals says:

    My husband did the laundry for once and kindly washed my cell phone as well. :o I did let it dry over night and it seemed to work okay, I did eventually get a new phone.

  7. Lauraszoo says:

    Umm… 2yrs ago my then 4yr old decided to use a sharpie (a black one) to draw hearts and smiley faces on the screen of my phone. I was very touched (and a little mad) the phone still worked fine tho (except for the fact that I had to see around the “happy hearts”

  8. I’m incredibly mean to my phone, but so far it’s held up. I’m actually really surprised. The most common place for it to drop is in Target and that floor is NOT soft! Great giveaway!

  9. My two year old put my iPhone into her play kitchen sink and then managed to pull a chair over to the big sink and fill bowls with water that she dumped into her sink. On my phone. And then ‘washed’ my phone for me. She was so proud. I think I was writing a blog post in the other room and was so happy she was playing quietly. ahem.

  10. amanda bone says:

    I had a blackberry that all my friends called the zombie phone because it just coming back to life after all the times that I accidental killed it.

  11. I had my new phone in my back pocket Christmas day, and when I went to pull my pants up after I went potty, PLOOP there goes my phone. Into the toilet. I screamed. Luckily I fished it out, and got it all dried out and it started working again. Not so luckily, I had it in a dress pocket about 6 months later and I went potty and PLOOP there goes my phone again. Into the toilet. At the college student center. so gross. It stopped working after the second plunge..

  12. The worst things I have had happen to my phone are the multiple times it has fallen out of my pocket when I’m on my bike! It’s so scratched up. With my old phone, once I was washing my car and the phone fell out of my pocket into a puddle! I guess I shouldn’t put my phone in my pocket anymore.

  13. Jeff Wright says:

    working in construction using the honey bucket I get a TXT and plop needless to say I got a new phone after work.

  14. I once had a phone for MAYBE 2 days when I dropped it in the toilet. It might be a waste of money, but I refuse to go without insurance now on a phone. I LOVED that phone. And couldn’t afford to buy it flat out. Had to get a piece of crap to replace it. :(

  15. Charlane says:

    Maybe this isn’t a phone horor story as much as it is a phone bill horor story… My little girl knows how to download apps. Quietly download apps. I got the bill for the phone I can barely use and and one I realized that 1. it was in fact my bill and 2. it was in fact the correct amount I owed I taught myself to password protect my phone!

  16. I am a painter and decorative finisher. I have a pouch on my belt to protect my phone from paint and other debris. This past year I used my phone and replaced it in the pouch without fully securing it. Later, while up on a ladder my phone fell from the pouch into an open can of latex paint. I immediately reached into the can, retrieved the phone and wiped it off with a dry cloth, a damp cloth, and again with a dry cloth. When clean, I opened the phone and placed it into a plastic bag of uncooked rice. My efforts were futile ans the phone was ruined.

  17. About a month ago I was balancing a ginormous cup of orange soda after a long day at the zoo with the kiddos. About two seconds after thinking I should really put the soda in a cup holder, in went my phone. It magically survived. A few days ago I somehow dropped it into a bowl of milk. Amazingly, it survived again. If you don’t count the fact that it randomly turns off and the volume button doesn’t work.

  18. Night before Britt showed up I left my phone in a rain storm for over an hour. Brought it in, dried it off, pulled it apart, used a blow dryer for about an hour, placed phone and battery in bag of rice over night. Still works!
    But I totally want to win the bad ass phone you are giving away!

  19. My phone got a cracked screen in my purse. I wasn’t rough with it, honest! I tried to be careful. Now I’m around family with all kinds of smart phones and feel quite left out. :-/

  20. My phone went swimming in the bathtub about a year ago. Since then, my home button acts like a 15 year old being asked to do the dishes; just sits there looking at me with it’s arms crossed and one eyebrow raised. This has been excruciatingly frustrating (though I did recently figure out, thanks to my 11yo, a work around).

    One of my 14 month old’s nicknames is “the billy goat” – everything goes in this kids mouth! He managed to chew and drool his way through his PawPaw’s Otterbox which is SUPPOSED to be waterproof. Nope. Not for this kid.

    Needless to say, I NEED this phone!

  21. A friend’s son was playing a game on my phone, yeah I know, bad idea, and he was bringing drinks out to his siblings. Two drinks, two hands, one phone. I watched as he looked from the phone, to the cups, to his hands, and then simply dropped my phone in his cup of juice and walked outside with a triumphant smile. Oof it hurt me.

  22. Amanda Elkohen says:

    I really hope this one is open to international residents! With 3.99 kids under 5, what HASN’T happened to my phone is a much shorter list than what HAS. However my favorite phone story happened long before I had kids, riding my bike to work in Olympia one morning (no kids, no car!) I heard someone driving kind of along beside me yelling (at their phone. then they screamed “FINE!” and chucked their phone out the window and HIT ME! No joke. I should have stopped to pick it up, but I was already late.

  23. I had a breakfast meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and had my Kyocera in my pants pocket when I went to use the ladies room. Let’s just say, it took a swim! Verizon was nice enough to let me upgrade early to a Krazer, which I had until I joined the cult of Apple. So far, no issues, but I did shatter my husband’s iPhone screen when I dropped it in a parking lot.

  24. I’ve laundered many cell phones in my lifetime. I did it again, recently. I could NOT find my phone – I looked and looked. So, I decide to call it from my house phone. I hear it ringing and as I draw closer, I realize IT’s IN THE WASHING MACHINE THAT I JUST STARTED. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I have a washer that has a locked lid, so I had to hold buttons down, all the while praying “Please Sweet Baby Jesus, don’t let my phone be ruined.” I got it out just in time!!

  25. My current phone is dying a slow death of baby drool. I handed over the phone to keep the peace in a waiting room one day, then turned my attention to my older kids and turned back to find the phone being used as a teether. For days, it was a total gamble to use my phone. When I pushed the button to start dialing a number, the “call” button would be activated instead. When I pushed the call button, the address book would pop up. Things have dried out now, but there’s about a 10 second delay between pushing a button and getting the desired response from the phone. I’ve never had a smart phone either, so smart phone PLUS drool proof?? Sounds like a dream to me!

  26. Ok Casey, I’m totally going to be guilty of not commenting in a LONG time and then commenting on a giveaway post (SORRY!). BUT! My iPhone is trashed right now. It’s been dropped in the bathtub (then packed in rice … it survived that) and dropped a million times and my daughter has broken 4 cases on it. She plays “eat” the cookie on Cookie Doodle by LICKING THE SCREEN. And finally, FINALLY the top button that locks the phone crapped out because my son enjoys spiking it on the floor like a football. So I cannot lock my phone and stick it in my pocket without accidentally butt-dialing about four people. In fact, I tried to comment on this post WITH my phone but it fritzed out so I had to switch to my computer!
    And have I mentioned that my husband refuses to upgrade me for $200? Even though I am ELIGIBLE? I mean, DUDE. What I have to put up with over here. Butt-dial ya later!

  27. My phone got stuck on the AT&T animation three days before I was supposed to take in on vacation as the one phone we’d keep on while traveling. Nothing worked to fix it. It just played the animation over. and over. and over again.

    That was fun.

  28. My phone horror story is lame – my 16-year-old keeps losing her phone.

    However, here’s a phone horror story I witnessed several years ago. I was waiting for an early morning college class to begin. One of the other students took out her phone and it slipped out of her hands, over the railing and down from the third floor to the first floor into a small goldfish pond. I wonder if the Samsung Rugby Smart Phone could have survived that. It sounds right up its alley.

  29. Michelle H. says:

    I like to say my dogs have more issues than Time Magazine. The smallest one has “quirks”. Quirks like she brings rocks into the house except sometimes she mistakes frozen poop for rocks (aka Poopsicles). Not only does she bring things into the house, she takes things out. There’s never been a time she hasn’t grabbed something to let me know she has to go outside; normally it’s a toy and she runs in circles. I get up, shake her down at the door to get whatever she has in her mouth, and then let her out. Note to self, make sure that you open your eyes before letting said evil dog out in the morning. Setting the stage: sleeping on couch, cell phone on coffee table, one bored dog. You guessed it, she ran out of the house with my partially chewed cell phone in her mouth. When I yelled “NOOOO” she dropped it, right into the puddle of mud.

  30. Okay, so I re-use glass jars. Because I’m green! And this one time I fished the last delicious olive out of a jar of brine, then put said jar in the sink, THEN tried to set my old Blackberry Pearl on the windowsill above the sink while I did the dishes, and it…slipped, flipped, bounced off the divider between the sinks, and PLOOSH! Right into the olive brine. With like, 1/8th of an inch of clearance on either side. RIGHT IN THERE. Turns out that while that phone could, with the aid of a bag of rice, survive epic baby pukes and a fall into a (clean, thankfully) toilet, salty olive brine was the last straw. *sigh*

  31. I LOVE my phone, but lately it HATES me. It freezes and protests when I text to much. I’m holding out for my contract to be up but god knows if it will make it that long. Help!

  32. Jeff Wright says:
  33. Jeff Wright says:
  34. OH MY!! You mind reader! This giveaway would be a GOD SEND right now! Seriously. Today, my son was racing his dirt bike out on the track (he’s 4, he rides a PW50.. here’s a video of him riding here
    http://youtu.be/0vTdBu3a9TM )
    Anyway, we get to be on the track and chase him around incase he falls, he can’t pick his bike up and start it by himself yet, he’s too small. So there I am, chasing him around the track, cheering him on, picking him and some of the other riders up when they fall. After the race I go to take a picture of him with his dirty bike (it was all muddy) and whoa, where’s my phone. Oh no. Dread sets in. We go back out and rewalk the track.. nowhere to be found! So either, the phone is buried somewhere out there in the mud or someone found it and kept it. Neither of which make me very happy. I had the new iPhone 4S with a lifeproof case (made it waterproof) and I don’t have another upgrade for like 2 years now :-/ :::sad face:::
    I use my phone for everything. I have a photography business I’m trying to start and a phone is kind of essential for that.

    Not to mention, I have a 4 year old son and a 9 month old baby girl. I need a good sturdy fairly indestructable phone!


  35. Ha! I loaded my phone to a friend of my daughter’s, who was down on his luck. He was allowed to use the phone for business (get a JOB) use only. He would walk and put in job applications. One day he was walking home and it was beginning to rain and he stated to run and dropped the borrowed cell phone in an 8′ storm drain – never to be seen again. So yeah, do not loan your phone out. Never ever Never!

  36. I have a three year old and an 8 month old. You’d think that would be what my phone story is about, but it’s not. I was at a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concert after only having my new phone for a couple weeks. Our seats were off to the side of the stage, on the second level, right on the edge. I went to grab my phone to take a picture and dropped it. It fell through the railings and down on to the sound man’s sound board! He was not happy with me! I had to go down there after the show and shamelessly collect my phone and case (the case had shattered)!

  37. My name is Mindy (Hi, Mindy!) and I am a phone clutz. I am a Mommy to a toddler, a freelance performing arts teacher, and a writer. And my phone is in a sad, sad state. It started a few months ago at a toddler music class. I took off the case (mistake number one…) to plug my phone into the sound system. Then I hurriedly left and headed to my next class 45 minutes away. I did not replace the case. (mistake number 2.) Since my next classroom didn’t have a clock, I set my phone on the music stand. (Mistake number 3. I think you see where this is going.) A few minutes later… smash. I wish I could say that was the last incident. I wish I could say I put the case back on to avoid future cracks. I wish I could say I never dropped it again. My phone is now a modern art piece entitled “Broken glass.” And that’s not the worst of it. In January I had to take my daughter into the city. (we live in CT but I often work in NYC.) I brought some milk along so I wouldn’t have to buy it. This “money saving” plan cost me hundreds of dollars. Repair charges for the spilled milk on my laptop, months of editing work on my book- as the laptop was never recovered- the cost of a new netbook… and my poor phone. It still works. Ish. Sort of. I don’t get a lot of my texts, I can’t take pictures, I can’t send emails, and I can’t get to most of my apps. But if it rings, I can answer. Sometimes. I’m a Mommy on the go. “Need” is a strong word. But I’m using it anyway. I need a new smartphone. And I cannot afford a new one. Help!

  38. My last Blackberry (before my official convert to iToys)took a kamikaze dive straight into the toilet as I was hiking my britches back up. Not one single grain of rice could bring it back from the dead. After, you guessed it, a month of ownership. Funny how that happens, huh?

  39. Not my own tale of woe but my daughter so it counts as I pay for her phone. She is forever dropping and cracking her screen on her Iphone 3g and it has been replaced now 3 times. The worst was the day she lost it while 4-wheeler riding with friends on their 400 acres of land. After searching for nearly 2 hours they finally found it. It has been run over by that time but amazingly still worked – just screen busted again. I think the Rugby would be the perfect phone for her!

  40. I waited too long to go to the restroom during a movie so when I got there I quickly put my phone in my back pocket and as I sat I heard a “plunk”. i had to go so bad there was nothing i could do but pee on my phone. yuck. Somehow it survived and I used alcohol to clean it. i don’t put it in my back pocket anymore.

  41. I have an iPhone 4 with at&t that’s a little bit possessed…I can’t use the phone because it calls other people, facetimes, sends texts, plays games ALL while trying to talk… It drives me crazy!! :)

  42. Natalie C says:

    Working intently…check a text on my phone…go to put phone back on desk next to me…instead place it directly into a steaming cup of coffee…no lie.

  43. I have “lost” three phones due to a puppy that thought they would make great chew toys. I literally had to pick up the 10,000 tiny pieces she left everywhere. Now I am worried because the drooliest baby ever has taken to living a coat of slime on my phone whenever it is in reach – along with flinging it across the room! Good thing she is cute.

  44. Wellllllll it started as a lovely day – getting a mani/pedi, which is a rarity in my life! Of course I ended up dropping my phone in the pedicure bath…fun stuff.

  45. I had the flu and one minute I was playing a game on my iPhone and the next minute it was flying out of my hands and dropping into a cup of juice. I have no idea what happened, I do know that after a night in rice it seemed to be working okay except for the random errors I would get when it would tell me that the device that was connected to it wasn’t a valid apple product…and nothing was connected to it.

  46. Back in the OLDEN days..I had my phone fall out of my back pocket while I was preparing to go potty. Not one of my best moments.

  47. My 4yo plays with my phone and leaves it in THE most random, obnoxious places. I finally had to install an app that sends out a high-pitched beacon call when activated from my PC or another phone. That app has been a life saver!

  48. My husband let our drooly baby chew on my phone, to the point that it got totally soaked and the screen shorted out. My newest phone hasn’t gotten wet yet, but has been crusted in boogers a few times. Ick.

  49. Sit down, it’s a long one.

    *waits for Casey to sit*

    This was a month ago. You know Maggie, right? She thought ninja kicks with her phone in her jacket pocket would be fun. Don’t get me wrong, a well timed ninja kick rocks, but this time the phone falls on the ground and cracks. BUT still usable. Fast forward to yesterday. She walks in and, sits down and we chat.. casual rainy day – you may not know, but she’s pregnant and we have TONS to talk about. 20 minutes later she asks if I see her phone. Nope. We call from mine. Nope. Oh well must be in the car. You know “Baby Brain”.

    Two Minutes later she goes to the car to get it, and I hear BANG on the door, screaming “MOOOOOOMMMMM” – I’m thinking “DEAR GOD THE BABY” – Her: DO WE HAVE RICE! Me: You need rice? Her: My phone was lying on the ground in the rain. WITH THE CRACK FACING UP AND ITS NOT WORKING. Me: I dont have rice Her: will grits do?

    Note to all: They actually don’t. We are out of grits and out a phone.

  50. Washed ny phone. And dropped it in the toilet. It survived though!!! Trusty old flip phone!!