Perhaps some of you notices Vivi’s sweet new wheels in recent pictures. The bike is a Smart Trike Dream and it’s kind of amazing. I wrote up an entire post about it over at Babble, complete with photos, red leopard boots and Vivi’s chubby little knuckles. The best part is I get to give one away.

For the full review, check out my article on Babble, then come back here for bonus entries for simply checking out where Vivi stores Bunny and how your child can get even more use out of the Smart Trike Dream. (Sorry it’s kind of a funny way to do a giveaway, there’s a reason, but it’s pretty boring. I’m just excited for one of you to win this sweet bike for someone little in your life!)

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Disclosure: I was provided one Smart Trike Dream in purple in order to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own, as usual. The Smart Trike Dream is available at Toys R Us for $129.99.


  1. I love that this trike could grow with my now 16 month old son. The sun shade is also a plus and would definitely come in handy this summer!

  2. I love that this trike would grow with my toddler. And save my back!

  3. This is like Mac Daddy of kiddie trikes – wow! I’m kind of loving all the little storage cubbies – the cup holder up front, the bucket in the back, even a spot for a “cell phone.” Very cute.

  4. I love that my little one will be able to use this from one phase to another.

  5. what a cute little trike. my little guy has a little scooter, but is always tipping over on it. he would love a new ride come Spring. :)

  6. Love the different options for storing things – we pick up so many rocks and sticks and leaves….

  7. I love the handle! And that it will grow with the baby!

  8. I would LOVE a new trike for my kids!!! It would definitely make it easier to push my 28 lbs 1 year old around! :)

  9. I so need one of these for my 18-month-old. She would flip out!

  10. This would be perfect for my almost for year old as well as my 10 monther to share! I just wonder which one would get pushed of first!

  11. I’ve wanted one of these for a while…I love how it grows with you and the child. Also…I so want the purple :-P

  12. Oh my word she is cute.

    Ok, so favorite feature? The buckles!!!! My 17 month old wants to ride outdoor toys, but his feet don’t usually touch the ground or peddles so he’s unstable and falls off. If he were strapped in he’d feel safe and I’d stress a lot less!

  13. Oh my, that looks amazing!! My 2 year old would love it!

  14. this is perfect for my little guy who wants to keep up with big sister (but he’s only 13mos)… fantastic product, and Vivi only makes it cuter :)

  15. What a sweet trike! They thought of every thing with this on. We brought a red ridder trike for my 4yr old son and acourse his little 2yr old sister loves it. But its the same thing with every trike she can’t reach the peddels, lucky she is just happy with using her feet on the floor to push it around.

  16. My little monkey turns one on Saturday. (I still can’t believe it.) And this would be a sweet gift. Ok, so I’d probably have to put it away until he’s a little bigger. But still… a sweet gift.

  17. I love that it has two pedal options! My 22 month old can’t reach traditional trike pedals yet, but boy does she love slipping off to one side or kicking everything in foot range! The stationary pedals would give her something with which to occupy her happy feet!

  18. I love that she has a place to store Bunny. We would definitely not be able to put Molly on that without a place to put Grey Bunny (same bunny).

  19. I think my son (now 7 months) would LOVE this someday. I like that it has an adjustable parent-handle so that both my 6′ husband and my 5’3″ self can push him until he’s ready to push himself! :)

  20. I pretty much love everything about it! I love that it adapts for the age of the kid. We currently have a tricycle that we inherited from my husband’s grandpa. It’s great, but my daughter’s feet don’t reach the pedals and she can’t steer. It makes for a very annoying bike ride!

  21. Cute trike! I’d love to win this for my niece. :-D

  22. Love this smart trike! My 24 mo old granddaughter, Maura will love it :) and, I read your blog posts every day because your viewpoint on things is so fresh, even though I’m not in the child rearing demographic anymore.

  23. This is AMAZING! How did I not know about these before? My son is 16 months and I know he would LOVE it!

  24. Emily Woods says:

    I love that it changes as your baby changes!

  25. I really like the lockable steering, my little cupcake has some crazy ideas about where she should be going!

  26. Would love to have this for a nephew of mine!

  27. My 2 year old son would love this!

  28. I love that there is a handle. My son is 18 months and can’t peddle yet. So either I’m pushing him or he wants me to ride and chase him- neither is fun for me!

  29. I love the versatility and that it will grow with my twins!!

  30. My sweet cousin Gavin would love to rock this trike !

  31. You know I really need this, don’t you?

  32. Love how this trike grows with the little one. It would be a great first bithday gift for my baby girl. Love all the great features!

  33. I love how the trike grows with your child. My 11 month old would really get some use out of this!

  34. I’ve always thought these bikes looked like a lot of fun for one of my little girls!

  35. Lisa Lodter says:

    I love that the trike grows with kids.

  36. I love that this trike can be suited for kids of different ages or development…grows with them as they’re ready…and doesn’t kill anyones back?! WINNER!

  37. Livivua Chandler says:

    i like how it grows with your kids and the colors

  38. I love this trike (I’ve been eyeing one for a couple of months)! It grows with the kid, plus the handle for parents is nice too!

  39. I love that it grows with your child.

  40. I am dying to win this for my 10.5 mos old. Hubby and I would love to give it to her for her 1st bday!!

  41. My 18 month old daughter and I would love to win this! Either way, Im buying her red leopard boots asap!

  42. I love that it grows with the child.

  43. I love that it has a handle, what a great bike!

  44. Love love the option to push it while saving my back!

  45. um, yes PLEASE – love the pedals in right reach of baby legs

  46. This bike may make me head outdoors more often. Hope I win it.

  47. I love the versatility and style! Pick me!

  48. the parent handle!

  49. I like how my son could really grow into the stages of this trike. Great features!
    Ross Olson

  50. My daughter needs this trike. Her neighbor friend has one so I know they would love to ride together!