Hey. So I’m never going to pretend that I know what I’m doing when it comes to home decor.

Because I don’t.

The interior design gene skipped right over me, which is why I don’t have a headboard, I still use the dining table Cody grew up with, I have bachelor pad furniture in my bedroom, old nightstands off Craigslist, a giant red puffle beanbag chair in my living room and a blanket made out of t-shirts on the back of my couch because it is the best napping blanket ever. It even has the Weinermobile on it:

When Kohl’s asked if I wanted to update either my look or my home for fall I figured since I’m all set for fall with four sets of black pants and a dozen sweatshirts it was time to pay a little attention to my home. I started with the stock pillows that came with my couch. Sure! Throw pillows! But they’re green. Green is my least favorite color behind purple. TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Again. Please keep in mind that I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I know what colors I like and I know I love big fluffy pillows and texture.

BEFORE. WOMP. (Heeeey Puffle!)

After: Whoo! At first I was going to go matchy matchy, but I couldn’t find the enough of each one and it was almost kind of stressful laying out pillows along the back wall of Kohl’s but people were very understanding because choosing accent pillows is a very big life decision. Cody chased Vivi around playing peek-a-boo until she finally started chanting “THIS IS STUPID” which was used completely out of context and we’re not entirely sure where she learned it but that sped up my pillow buying process.

Blech. Those green pillows, I never liked them. Ever. (No offense pillows, it’s not your fault you’re a stupid color of green.)

Watch out for that brown chenille one on the left, it’s filled with down and will knock you on your rear if you get caught in its pillow crossfire. They all kind of go with the rug and each other, but maybe they don’t. I don’t know. I was going for casual, they can all just be thrown onto whatever couch without having to be in any specific place. They’ve also made a pillow forts already. Addie says one of them is too scratchy but I say she’s picky.


Nothing says “This is a home!” like photos. I’ve made a very conscious effort to fill my home with handmade art and things that mean something to me. So far so good! Everything you see above has a story, come over and I’ll tell you them. AND I’LL FEED YOU! Onto the dinner table!

Tablecloths are super grown up. I don’t know any college kids who use tablecloths and cloth napkins (and if you do know of some shh, don’t tell me.) I bought the dishes from Kohl’s for myself last Christmas, another very grown up move (no offense to the baby blue floral Corelle we registered for from Ace Hardware in Vernal, Utah back over a decade ago.) It’s Fiestaware so none of it really matches but all of it matches, much like my life right now.

So we won’t be using the tablecloth regularly, in fact it may only come out on Thanksgiving but still…SO GROWN UP!

So this is where we get to the sponsored part, I have loved Kohl’s since 2004 when I drove a really long way to buy a shower curtain at midnight the day before I went into labor with Addie. (That shower curtain still hangs in Addie’s bathroom to this day, it’s that good.) I like to play a little game when shopping at Kohl’s called “HOW MUCH MORE CAN I SAVE VS. WHAT I ACTUALLY SPEND?”

My friends, I won this round:

Ten Pillows.

One Serving Platter.

Six Cloth Napkins.

Festive Tablecloth.

Four Picture Frames.

$15.75 to spare (Kohl’s generously provided me with a gift card to prove what Kohl’s and I could do together. Also, I’m calling this disclosure, because it is.)


Kohl’s wants you to have the same opportunity. Comment on this post with either your best Kohl’s find or what you’d update with a gift card from Kohl’s and you’ll have the chance to win a $100 gift card from Kohl’s. (Giveaway closes October 21st, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.)




  1. I just got my daughter some beautiful stirling silver earrings for 50% off. And bonus. I do not have a comforter for my bed and I desperately need new towels and a shower curtain for the bathroom.

  2. We just moved and everything here needs updated! I would start with rugs maybe and go up from there.

  3. My house! My house! I’d update my house! We are remodeling our living/dining area right now and we will need window treatments, area rugs, wall art etc when we are done.

    My favorite color is green but even I don’t like your old pillows! Your new ones are cute!

    Also: fiestaware. I love that sh!t.

  4. So much needs updating!! New bedding for master bedroom or update some of the bathroom essentials.

  5. I would update my bedroom since the space above my bed is still empty nearly a year after I bought a new quilt and swore I’d make my bedroom look grown up! And maybe throw in a couple things for myself since my post-baby body isn’t quite the same shape as it was before!

    Oh, and a couple months ago I shopped at Kohl’s armed with coupons and at a perfect time for clearance. I think I spent about $120, but the amount I saved made the cashier and the people behind me gasp! I think it was somewhere around $300. Crazy. School clothes for my son, a few things for me…it was a perfect trip!

  6. I play the exact same game with Kohl’s, and only Kohl’s! My husband thinks I’m tacky (he may be right) because every time we’re walking out of Kohl’s I’m whispering to him, “Honnneyyy! Look! WE SAVED MORE THAN WE SPENT!”

    Also, we’re remodeling big time right now so I think we’d take a trip to Kohl’s for some new window treatments!

  7. I love Kohls and I just bought a table cloth the other day.

    I really need new sheets/bedding on all of our beds. That’s what I’d get with a gift card.

  8. Love the pillows you chose! We recently moved and I am trying to do something to jazz up the dining room. Would love a gift card from Kohls!

  9. I would update my handbag!! Love love love their purses.

  10. I LOVE Kohl’s!!!
    I recently got a $10 off coupon in the mail and had $10 kohl’s cash from back to school shopping- I got my self 2 new shirts and a pair of jeans AND a pair of AMAZING earings for …. $3.74 after coupons! I saved over $80+ because of clearance and sales then PLUS my coupons!!!! so acutally over $100!!!!
    I was so proud of the reciept i took a picture of it.
    GIft cards are like extra BONUS money- so I’d spend it on something frivoulous like clothes for me. ;) or new towels! (WHHAAAT!!) or even new sheets!!! ohhh yummy hotel quality sheets!!! yeah <– thats what i would do!

  11. My bedroom!!! We have been married over 6 years and have a bed on a bed frame, mismatched lamps and night stands. It’s a horror that desperately needs help!!!!

  12. I tried forever to find the perfect duvet or covering for my bed. I was WILDLY unsuccessful, until I hit Kohls. I got a fantastic coverlet in a beautiful cover for $55. FOR A KING SIZE!!! <3

  13. I would get a whole new look for my thanksgiving table. New tablecloth, napkins, dishes and platters. So much fun!!

  14. Melissa S. says:

    Definitely some king sized bedding! That stuff isn’t cheap!

  15. Allison M. says:

    I want to update my bedroom SOOOO BAD! We bought a king size bed almost a year ago and I am still using the same bedding from our queen size bed (which is 8 years old). I love Kohls! I alway find great deals and LOVE the childrens clothes!

  16. I’d like to magically decorate our family room. We’ve lived here 2 years and that gene definitely skipped me. My mom had it. I sure don’t. I try, but…I’m better at dressing me than the house! LOL

  17. Master bath towels…so need to update! Love your new pillows!

  18. I have lots of good ones, but I was most recently excited to use a $5 coupon to buy underwear…which, after markdowns, made them free :)

  19. I would update out bedroom, we are in dire need of a grown up bed spread. We have continuously bought ours from Walmart, but with a one year old that thinks the bed is a play place we have to wash it frequently. (Hint: Out of the five that we have purchased, none have held up after one washing..) So we would do a new bed spread, something nice and soft that could last years!

  20. I could go for some new table cloths. The one I have for the kitchen table is about 4 inches to short. Would love one that fits properly! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. My living room needs new pillows. I’d love new linens for my bed. My cookie sheets have seen better days. I’ve been married for 19 years next month. Stuff wears out :/

  22. We registered at Kohls when we got married and have a TON of stuff that people got us from there… our favorite is our knife set (Food Network) that we still use. I looked it up for my mom (who now wants one of her own) and it’s only $100! Such a good price!

  23. Anne-Marie says:

    I love your pillows! I think you did an awesome job coordinating without going the matchy-matchy route.

    As for what I’d update…oh man. I’ve been living with my fiance for a year now and our house is a lovely hodge podge of college dorm/bachelor furniture from each of us mixed with the occasional piece of ‘grown up’ furniture. I just replaced the dining room table, so I’d love some tablecloths, or nice placemats, and dishes that didn’t come from IKEA. Fiestaware is seriously the best thing ever to happen to plates and bowls.

  24. I’d update my dishes. We have a cheap box set from Target that’s going on 5 years and lots do wear/tear.

  25. I’d get my son some new shoes. He’s growing like a weed and has decided that he only wants to wear running shoes (yes, with socks, even in summer with shorts). We actually bought our last batch at Kohl’s, after having never shopped there before, and we were surprised at how great it was!

  26. I was *just* thinking that next time we get a Kohl’s coupon in the mail, I have got to update our bath towels. We’ve got a jumbled collection from my husband’s and my single days, and they’re starting to show their age. Kohl’s great sales + frequent coupons = actually being able to afford matching bath linens. Whoo!

  27. New throw pillows, new regular pillows, holiday ware (our first year hosting Thanksgiving!), new towels & rugs

  28. We could really use some new flatware. Ours is getting pretty beat up.

  29. I would update my bedroom. It needs it!

  30. It’s no coincidence that Kohls opens right when I drop the kids off at preschool. I love finding deals there! And, I’d love to update my wardrobe with a gift card and without spending guilt!

  31. Lisa Anderson says:

    I’d update my living room with new pillows, too! So easy to have a fresh look! And new kitchen hand towels and new sheets – 26 years of marriage has taken it’s toll on stuff!

  32. I’m not going to update anything so much as FINALLY finish our bedroom after living here 5 years! Still no window treatments. Still no bedspread to match the lovely wine-colored walls I chose. Just overall BLAH!

  33. First off I love Kohls!!! They always have amazing sales and I pretty much buy all my kids cloths from there. I think I would try to update our master bath and add some flare to our living room!!!

  34. I would update my bathroom and would buy some new towels and shower curtains

  35. blessed-with-3 says:

    My best purchase at Kohl’s was a women’s Columbia winter coat that I purchased for $35 about 4 years ago. I picked up this little bargain when it was on the clearance rack and I had an additional 30% off coupon. I’m a big fan of Kohl’s and enjoy combining sales and coupons together. Who doesn’t love a good buy?

  36. Mynde Goble says:

    I need pillows for a new bench in my dining room. And new towels for the bathroom. And a rug for the living room. Man would I love to win this!

  37. I need a grown up house. The hubs and I always look around and wonder when we will have one. I keep saying when kids are bigger but I doubt that will happen. I’m missing the decor gene too.

    As for Kohls…I don’t even know what my best deal is. I lived there while we were in Alabama and am counting the days until I can get out of Korea and go back to it.

  38. Nice job with the pillows! It looks much brighter in there. If I won I’d get some Frames for some posters I’ve been collecting but never have hung.

  39. I, too, would get new dishes. We are using chipped Corelle that we got 13 years ago when we got married. It’s time for something new.

  40. Baby #2 is 9 months old today. I have been running like crazy since I got the okay 6-weeks post partum. The exercise has been great, but now I’m down to a size smaller than pre-pregnancy. I desperately need new clothes, but that won’t happen anytime soon since my husband is a furloughed federal employee. So, I would definitely spend the gift card on new clothes for me. :-)

  41. My bedroom is begging, BEGGING I tell you for new lamps and side tables. Please Kohls pick me? :)

  42. I play the same spend vs. save game when I go to Khol’s! Since we just purchased a new home and I have a baby on the way, I’d definitely update our home. Maybe the nursery, maybe the living room. Either way, it’s a win, right?

  43. Love the new look! My fiestaware needs some pieces to have an updated look.

  44. TinyGramma says:

    I don’t shop a lot, but Kohl’s is almost always where I go first to find clothes, kitchen items, home goods. I just got a new Cuisinart Immersion Blender a couple of weeks ago. But my best Kohl’s moment was getting a Kitchen Aid mixer for my daughter. I got a killer deal and it sealed my love of Kohl’s forever!

  45. I’d be updating myself. Because that seems to be the last to be done! :)

  46. I’d love a new shower curtain for the kids’ bathroom. And pillows for their beds. And towels for their bathroom. And jeans for myself. And running shoes for the kids. (I’m pretty sure that’s more than $100.)

  47. oh my poor 12 year-old son still has the decor of an 8-year old! It would be awesome to help him take it up a notch!

  48. Oh I would love to update my living room with pillows like you did! Looks so nice! My living room really needs an uplift!

  49. What WOULDN’T I update? I could really go for a rug in my living room. Or some new throw pillows. Or some new bath towels. Or some new bedding. As we approach our 10 year anniversary, it’s becoming painfully obvious that we got a lot of this stuff for our wedding.

  50. I could use some decorations for my daughter’s new “big girl” room!