(baby babble) Scrunchy Baby Toes

If you were to take a survey of the cutest body parts on babies chances are Vivi would rank high on all cute baby qualities. Chubby knees? Check. Furry head? Check. Chubby cheeks? Check. Thigh rolls? Check. Wrist rolls? Check. Block feet? Check and check.

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{baby babble} An Open Letter From Vivi to Addie.

Hey big sister,

I know we really don’t get the chance to talk, with me being all “BA BA BA” and you being all “MOM I’M BORED!” but I really wanted to take this chance and tell you what it’s like to be your little sister. First of all, I’ve noticed over the past few days that you don’t come straight for me as soon as you walk in the door from school. This is unacceptable.

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also on baby babble…4 am is an entirely different experience with babies around.

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{baby babble} Half of a Year in 20 Photos.

Vivi came from me and into our lives six months ago today.

I don’t really have anything eloquent to say about the subject since I feel as though I’m still that poor girl who so desperately wants to be pregnant.

Not only did I get pregnant, I had a baby…and that baby is suddenly 6 months old and spitting peas all over my face at the dinner table. (Literally, my husband had to wipe them off my face in front of company.)

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Also at baby babble…feeling a little smug about making your own baby food? You’re not alone, smug it up.

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