March 3, 2003

Internal Monologue: “Cody’s birthday is coming up quick. March 25th in fact. I really need to think of something to get him.”

March 14, 2003

Internal Monologue: “Cody’s birthday is coming up quick. Really quick in fact. I really need to think of something to get him.”

March 22, 2003

Internal Monologue: “Cody’s birthday is next week. The 25th, Tuesday. What should I get him? I really need to come up with something. And soon.”

March 28, 2003.

Internal Monologue: “Jeesh, what am I going to do for Cody’s birthday? It’s in, like…let’s see, today is the 28th…………………..oh hell.”

I missed my husband’s birthday by three days. And if memory serves me right I was NOT a pleasant lady to be around on his actual birthday three days prior.


Just in case you were considering me for any wife of the year awards, I’d hate to misrepresent myself.


  1. Is his birthday the 25th or the 28th and I’m just slow to get the joke? Regardless, um yeah, thats bad. Thankfully I think he might have seen that before you married and understood.

    Angela’s last blog post..Great Tribute to Pres. Hinckley

  2. My hubby’s birthday is 6 days before mine so I had better remember it if I have any hope of him remembering mine. Funny that he didn’t say anything. Maybe he forgot too…

    Erin’s last blog post..Question.

  3. Maybe he forgot too. Or- and I’m only making this suggestion after reading about the coupon incident- maybe he was happy you didn’t spend any money on a gift!
    Ooorrrr- maybe he saw you were having a rotten day and sacrificed his birthday because he didn’t want to make you feel worse. (in which case you can no longer be mad about the coupon incident….)

    Sheyenne’s last blog post..Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets

  4. My dad forgot my mom’s birthday one year. She’d been telling him for years she didn’t care about it and not to do anything. We found out two or three weeks later when my grandma showed 8 year old me her present to my mom. Then it got mentioned to my dad and he remembered. Totally felt bad and has never forgotten since. But yeah wow that sucked.

    Angela’s last blog post..Great Tribute to Pres. Hinckley

  5. My husband would NEVER let me forget. He starts dropping subtle hints around Halloween and not so subtle hints at Thanksgving. By December 1st, I’ve better have a plan, a present and a card!

    Amy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Surprise

  6. bad casey bad.

    i’m assuming you learned your lesson and haven’t made this mistake again?

    janet’s last blog post..Morning carpool talk — now with bonus material!!

  7. I’d say you simply found some catharsis for the sitting at different tables-cheapness on his part!

    But since 3/25 is my birthday too, I’ll expect you to never forget it again.


    Must be Motherhood’s last blog post..New Yorker Me is a Raving Snot, Part 1

  8. Yeah, but at least you didn’t ask him to sit at a different table for his birthday dinner.

    Aimee Greeblemonkey’s last blog post..Racking Up Our Deductible

  9. Well my husband thinks it’s a good idea to buy HIMSELF his bday present. His bday isn’t until Mar 31 and he’s already spent $600 (on a rifle and stuff to go with it) and tells me it’s his bday gift. Oh okay!

    ashlee’s last blog post..Out with the old – In with the new

  10. So…I guess that makes you even for the coupon thing?

    Maybe that was his plot all along…

    rookiemom’s last blog post..The CNN Republican Debate, i.e. Let’s Not Let Ron Paul Get A Word In

  11. I’ll admit it, I always forget what day my husbands bday is. It’s always “is it the 26th or the 28th” in my head. At least I know it’s not the 27th…

    emily’s last blog post..I’m pounds lighter…

  12. it’s his fault for not reminding you….
    now you don’t need to feel bad.

    Laura’s last blog post..Three little words…

  13. LOL.

    I’d have made you sit at another table for supper too!


    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..Worms out of the Woodwork

  14. I will be informing Spouse of this story ASAP to get myself out of the dog house!

    Clink’s last blog post..The JMIL Factor