I am the wiener.

I used to be one of those people who never won anything, wah.

Then came the internet.

If you’re pretty active on the internet and have never won anything? 

It’s safe to say you’re doing it wrong, or you’re entering the contests and giveaways I’m busy winning.

I’ve won a personalized book, an apron, a carbon monoxide detector, blabla finger puppets (Thanks Emily!), $1000 gift card, wallpaper, christmas cards, barbeque sauce, a craft book, a $250 shopping spree and oh yeah, A MACBOOK.

And that’s just in the last year. I don’t even go out of my way to win stuff, I just enter when I see the opportunity. 


Needless to say I can no longer say “I never win anything, WAH.”

This brings me to the HP Magic Giveaway. 50 sites will be running the contest, including mine. (Some are live now! Check this link with a calender that has links and starting dates to all 50 contests.) Each contest has it’s own set of rules, including mine. Some require you to only leave a comment. Some require a tweet. Some require a little more effort. BUT HELLO? It’s $6,000 worth of painfully awesome stuff, a little work won’t kill you. Maybe this could be your magic win. The end to your losing streak. The contest that could end all contests. Hell, drawing on my sink for an hour with bathtub crayons won me a thousand dollars.

Totally worth it.

You could totally win one of them.

If I can win stuff? You can win stuff.

But I need to warn you that your loved ones will give you dirty looks when the FedEx man keeps showing up with boxes of stuff for you. They will also try and negotiate (steal, whatever) your winnings from you. Sometimes they will even hide the stuff from you hoping you won’t notice (I’m looking at you Grandpa Fish.) Other people will tell you “I never win anything, wah.”

And you’ll be all, “If I can win? You can win.” So ha.

So tell me, what have you won? Or are you one of those who never win anything? (Wah.)

Another practical application of video games.

The scene: Grandma Flower, Grandpa Fish and me standing around a very crowded fridge, pumpkin pie in hand.

Me: (to grandma) If there were ever a reality competition of fridge stuffing, you’d totally win.

Grandma: You know who’s really good at rearraging and stuffing a fridge? Your pop.

Grandpa: (with a proud smile) I play a lot of Tetris.


Token Thankfulness.

Over the past two days FedEx has shown up with seven seperate boxes with three different laptops, a printer, some software, some other techy thing and the thing I write to you from tonight.

The HP TouchSmart.

25.5″ of Hi-Def touchscreen touchyness.

Or better known around this house as the thing that may lead all of us to commit insurance fraud.

Want to feel like a super big high tech badass? Get a TouchScreen computer bigger than most windshields. If you’re not reenacting scenes from “My Own Worst Enemy” or “Minority Report” within moments then you’re not fully relishing the possibilities.

I’m a lucky kid.

To be able to participate in this giveaway (and no, I don’t get to keep a darn bit of it.)

To have a warm house with an unnaturally comfortable bed (have I ever told you about my bed? It’s better than sleeping in gently swaying cloud coated in velvet.)

To have a family to eat a classic Thanksgiving meal with.

To have the means to even have a classic Thanksgiving meal.

To have a wicked smart kid.

To have a wicked smart husband (who flies in tomorrow morning and flies out Friday afternoon, Dear Law School, Suck it. xoxo-Casey)

To have friends.

Pardon the gaggy cheesyness (turkeyness?),

But I’m thankful.

Three going on me.

The scene: the moosh, Grandpa Fish and me playing Candyland. (For the three thousandth time. Seriously.)

the moosh: I don’t want to play anymore.

me: I don’t think that’s an option, grandpa’s winning, he has the winning fire in his eyes.

the moosh: I have bags under my eyes.


Ready for something HUMUNGOBUNGUS?

Yes. I am one of the 50.

Yeah. I KNOW.

Be sure to check back for when this baby goes live, you’ll only have a week to enter once it does.

(UPDATE: My contest will go live on December 3rd, participating sites will go live, four at a time, beginning Black Friday, November 28th, 2008. I will be announcing my winner December 9th.)

All $6,000 worth of technology listed in the banner link above is going to ONE PERSON. (Click it, seriously. I apologize in advance for the drool on your keyboard.)


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mooshrah’s favorite things (giveaway, hello!)

**CONTEST ENDED-COMMENTS CLOSED Congratulations to Condo Blues on your new Doodletag! Thanks to everyone who entered! Remember the free shipping and free silver cleaning cloth with code MOOSH08 through December 31st, 2008**

Outside the “Let the moosh whoorl your hair contest extravaganza” I’ve never really done a giveaway. I’ve won plenty, but have waited for the PERFECT thing to break my giveaway cherry.

I finally found it.
Behold, my doodletag.
See that around my neck? It’s called a doodletag and I found out about them while idly flipping through a parenting magazine. What is a doodletag? A doodletag is a silver necklace that is customized with a doodle of your very own (or your child’s, as in my case.)

Exhibit A: the moosh’s self portrait.
the moosh's self portrait
I love her self portraits, they always have big eyes, a smiling face and an insane halo of curly hair. Really, what’s not to love?

Exhibit B: the moosh’s self portrait on a doodletag.
My doodletag with the moosh's self portrait.

As if the doodletag wasn’t cute enough, they are all handcrafted in Montana out of silver recycled from film. The entire company itself is green and all of their components are made in the U.S.A. (WHEE!)
Green, fantastic and unique.
When you order a doodletag, they will also send you a rubber stamp of your doodle (swoon)  to adorn Christmas cards, scrapbooks and stationary. Mommy Tags also offers plenty of other personalized silver pieces for moms, dads, felines, canines and humines.

Hello best Christmas gift ever?

The folks at Mommy Tags is generously allowing one moosh in indy. reader to WIN! an entire doodletag setup. Necklace, chain, stamp, stamp pad, silver cleaning cloth, storage tin and free shipping (worth over $100!) All you have to provide is the doodle.
One winner will get all this.
For those of you who can’t wait to see if you’re the winner, Mommy Tags is offering FREE SHIPPING and a FREE silver cleaning cloth to anyone who orders with the code “MOOSH08” (Just know the Christmas ordering deadline is November 25th. Code is valid through 12/31/08.)


Simple! Head on over to MommyTags.com, peruse around, come back here, tell me what your favorite Mommy Tag offering is in a comment below and you’re totally entered. Want a second entry? Tweet this giveaway and leave the link to your tweet in the comments section.

Contest ends 5pm EST (2pm PST) on Tuesday, November 25, 2008. One winner will be picked by random (so leave a valid email address, yo.)


I know there’s a lot of you who read this stuff. Big people, little people, people who swear, old people, young people, church people, drunk people, dog people, cat people, important people, even people who don’t stop and say hi when they see me in Costco. (I’m looking at you Jenn.)

I’m never really embarrassed knowing that you know what you know about me.

And trust me, I should be embarrassed.

I recently had an article published in a real! live! magazine! where the journalist got the age of the moosh wrong but BOY HOWDY! did he get the orgasm on the treadmill part right. Oh well. (I did keep it from the tender judgemental eyes of my grandparents however.)

Shortly after my Brazilian experience the moosh announced to my step dad “HEY GUESS WHAT GRAMPA POOPSIE? ALL MY MOM’S HAIR FELL OUT OF HER BUM!”

Unfortunately I am not immune to real live embarrassment at the mercy of a three year old.

Another time the moosh asked my MIL about her panties (because panties are always a topic of discussion with the moosh around.) My MIL told her that she wore the same white panties as I do.



I think while I’m here in Utah I’ll check in on the hospital where the moosh was born to see if my pride is in the lost and found.

the beach has gone to the dogs.

Del Mar Dog Beach, Del Mar, California
cue dog.
first trip to the beach.

dane perspective

Are people that don’t have dogs, yet hang out at dog beaches, as strange as the people who don’t have kids, yet hang out at playgrounds?