the squeaky wheel gets the goods.

So about two weeks ago I drove everyone I know nuts trying to get entries to win $5K from Quaker Oats for a local food bank. My obnoxiousness paid off since Quaker will be donating $5K to Gleaners food bank in Indianapolis.


Here I go being obnoxious again, you see this time Tyson chicken will be donating a truckload of food to Austin, TX and to whichever other state generates the most pledges. I’m talking to you Indiana. (And everyone else in the country who wants to claim they live in Indiana, because let’s face it, YOU  KNOW  I LOVE INDIANA.) *ahem*

No crazy facebook steps this time, just go to this site, pick a way to share, enter your name, email and the state you live in and click submit. (No, they won’t go selling your email.) Seriously, it will take less than a minute. Less time than it takes for you to eat a doughnut. Or a soyburger.

Next, maybe you’ve seen the moosh in indie link in my sidebar.

I. LOVE. ETSY.  and all things handmade. I guest posted over at Try Handmade about my trip to New York and how I went handmade and loved it. (If you’re not a regular reader of this site begin now. And for everything beautiful and lovely Try Handmade posts, head over to Craftastrophe for when handmade goes wrong, seriously, two of my favorite sites.)

And last?

A picture.
Madrid, NM mailboxes

Go forth, pledge, try handmade and enjoy the sunshine. (Because it’s sunny everywhere today right?)

moosh 12-14 f/4.0

the moosh loves to take pictures.

Her first “camera” was a yellow Lego.

most kids start with fisher price. see me? I'm beaming. I could not be prouder. proofing slides. me by moosh

She’s come a long way.

Lost in New Mexico.

I tried Vlogging.

I failed.

Vlogging is a lot of work and I talk too much.

I also forgot how much I don’t like my nose and the sound of my own voice.

I have been with my family hanging out in New Mexico where it’s warm and sunny. It’s really hard to sit down and write when the sun is outside beckoning your pale vitamin D deprived skin.

My kid has not been sleeping well either, you see, my mom’s house is 80% windows that face the south and the west.

If you have a fear of vampires? New Mexico is the place for you. Compared to Indiana, New Mexico is that state that’s always! sunny! with blue skies! and fluffy clouds! It’s no wonder they are in different parts of the country, if they were touching Indiana would kick New Mexico’s sunny optimistic trash.

I still have to tell you about Julliard, and the hobo named Hollywood. I’ll also have to tell you about the New Mexico diet, all the food here is too dang spicy for my weenie tastebuds, therefore I don’t eat much, it hurts too much.


You want to see my vlog? Have nothing better to with three minutes and forty six seconds of your time?
Here you go. And yes, I’m aware I mumble.