mushy dinner, brains and fingers. otherwise known as an update? maybe?

I would like you all to know that my Thanksgiving plate was perfectly divided into sixths with nothing overlapping. I do not like my foods to touch. Syrup and eggs on the same plate?

I’d rather wear ill fitting skinny jeans everyday for a month in August.

While pregnant.

Cody on the other hand piles everything on top of everything else, stirs it around and glops jelly on top (since our hotel is fresh out of cranberry sauce he made do with a couple of tiny pots of blackberry jam.)

My brain currently feels like what Cody’s Thanksgiving meal looked like. It all went together but you couldn’t tell where one thing started and another thing ended. And occasionally there’s a bite of who knows what with something crunchy on top snuck in there for good measure.

This living in a hotel thing isn’t horrible. But I don’t love it. Very close to stir crazy. I’ve been rotating about four outfits since I left for Utah in the middle of November. Everything else is packed up in a box. You know what else is packed up in a box that is driving me bonkers? My personalized stationary. I really like writing notes with it. Even if the note is just “I must be a grown up because I have stationary with my name on it!”

Tiny Prints Personalized Card

I have all these thank you notes I want/need to write but refuse to write them on hotel stationary. So by the time they are actually uncovered I’ll have to write something like “HI. Sorry I didn’t write to you sooner to say thanks but I HAD to write it on this card because hello? LOOK HOW PRETTY! But they were all packed away in a box where I couldn’t get to them.

I also slammed my middle finger in the door of a 2010 Camaro leaving it multicolored and without feeling except for searing throbbing pain.

I’ve finally learned how to type without it. *phew* I’ll have to tell you all about the Camaro, and my finger, however we’re still currently in mourning over the fact that we had to give the Camaro back.

In the meantime. What’s going on with you? Anything new? I’d really like to know. Unless it involves a hotel. Then just lie to me.

for those about to baste…

As many of you may know I went to Butterball University and was glazed in turkey wisdom.

All I learned and all you should know is yonder…at the Butterball Blog.

Here’s the thing. (And I’m not saying this because they paid me to.) The turkey talk line is like real life google for turkeys only you get one answer and it’s the right one. Having a panic attack about your turkey? 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Seriously. Even I’m going to be calling to make sure I’ve got things right.

Butterball Univeristy 2009

165 degrees in the stuffing. 180 degrees in the thigh. Chant it if you have to.

About my first Thanksgiving…it won’t be spent in my new house. Boo. BUT! It will not be spent in a hotel. It will be spent with friends. And my little family. And no matter how my turkey turns out? I am most thankful for them.

dear baby gage,

Dear Gage,

nose nibble

Happy birthday little man, today was a good day to be born. And not just because you were one cheese stick away from weighing nine pounds. No, today was sunny and warm for November. Also? 2009 has been kind of a crappy year for a lot of us who were already here so your arrival was a welcome delight to everyone who’s lucky enough to know your parents.

born into love

OH YOUR PARENTS. Such lovely people. Obviously I’m a huge fan of your mom, but your dad is pretty amazing as well. And your big sisters? I’m pretty sure given that you’re already 12 hours old you’re probably bigger than Birdie, and PK? Don’t worry about her, she’ll be off playing Polly Pockets with my kid. You and your dad are outnumbered and will have to stay close to each other.

You have been born into so much love.

already wrapped


one cheesestick short of nine

I got to the hospital moments after you were born. Apparently you had a schedule to keep to seeing as how you came screaming out of your mom leaving her wondering what the hell just happened. (P.S. She didn’t have any pain meds, I have a good feeling you will be reminded of this regularly. So when you get the chance? Buy her something shiny.) I walked into the room to your dad smiling proudly over his son. You. I was there when your mom gasped when she saw you for the first time. And honestly? You were (and are) perfect. You looked so tiny in your dad’s arms. You fit so naturally into your moms embrace. And when your mom held you for the first time?


This is the kind of joy that can only come with babies.

proud momma

Welcome to the world little man. I promise to teach you all about Chick-Fil-A, chocolate cake and crossing monkey bars.

I’m glad you’re here. I look forward to nibbling on you often.

xo-Miss Casey

our! first! house! (during. part II)

the moosh has a crush on the guy doing the work on our house. She says his name all drawn out and flirty. She draws him pictures and asks him “whatchadooin?”


Can’t blame her.

Because as of today my bathroom went from looking like this:

Guest Bathroom Before

To this:


This utterly weird built in desk has been changed from this:

Crappy built in dest where a closet is now.

To this beautiful pile of rubble which will be changed into:



This will be a closet where a crappy built in desk used to be.

Oh, and then there’s this crap:

Leak #3 (Unknown Leak #2)

We knew there was a serious leak in the ceiling, after that was fixed turns out there were two serious leaks in the ceiling. And then when those were fixed water started pouring out of the freaking wall.

Three broken pipes and two holes in two different walls later and I have working plumbing.

I’m still having a hard time envisioning it all. But Cody and I realized last night that every surface except for the laundry room will be fresh and new. Cootie free. Free and clear for the moosh family cootifying.

Sure I’d rather not be living in a hotel while all of this goes down and it would have been lovely to just move in, but I like this process. It will be new. And it will be mine.

And my kid will have learned the value of a hard working man. (Well, you know, outside her father. And grandfather…you know, one who can lay tile and hang drywall, not just do your taxes or write a strongly worded letter.)


Peyton was so bummed when she found out they didn’t have an Asian American Girl doll. And then when they finally come out with guess what? She lives in San Francisco, is a gymnast and her dad owns a restaurant. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s also really good at math and a horrible driver.”

This is Anissa.

Freed Anissa

Currently Anissa is lying in a bed in the ICU after suffering a major stroke yesterday.

Anissa is funny, universe? You are not funny.

Anissa has three little kids.

For updates on her condition go here. For ways to help her family go here or click the link in the sidebar.

Here is a list of over 350 posts written by Anissa’s friends…she has so many…and we all adore her and want her to get better. Not only for her family, but for selfish reasons, we all need someone like Anissa in our lives, and no one can do Anissa the way Anissa does Anissa.

Anissa's Ribbon

Love you girl. We’ve got your back (or in your case, fantastic boobs.)

birdies and bellies.

Emily and her BirdieBirdie and Emily

Good luck getting that big thing out of you darling.

probably the best. contest. ever.

Shh! I have a secret to tell you!

There’s this contest going on, and only a few people know about it, you’re one of them because you read my blog. (LUCKY YOU!)

In September I gave away memberships to Maghound, like Netflix only for magazines. Well the giveaway just got sweeter.

They’re offering you, as a reader of moosh in indy, the chance to win a MAGnificent makeover in NYC. Basically any human being’s dream come true. If it’s not your dream come true? You may not be human. But I’m sure you could make something work.

win a trip to NYC with me!

You and a guest, two nights paid trip to NYC, a makeover with an editor from People StyleWatch and a $1,500 shopping spree as well. (!!!!!)

Three other winners will win a $100 gift card to either Sephora or Macy*s. (!!!)


You can enter once per day per email address everyday between now and December 15, 2009. What’s more is when you enter you’ll automatically get one month of Maghound service free as well as 20% off your first six months of Maghound service.


This contest is only being advertised on 22 other blogs. When you enter you’ll be asked where you found out about the contest. You enter moosh in indy, and if you win? I GET TO GO WITH YOU AND DOCUMENT THE WHOLE DARN THING! Like your own personal blogger paparazzi! I’ll even bring my big camera and chase you down the streets of NYC calling your name! (And you still get to bring a guest of your choosing!)

Fine Print, because there’s always fine print.

— The sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States (sorry AK and HI) and the District of Columbia, age 18 or older at time of entry.

— There are two ways to enter (1) online at or by mailing in a postcard (address included on rules page)

— The winner will be selected and notified of their selection by US Sweepstakes, in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received, on or about Wednesday December 23, 2009. Once the grand prize winner is verified as eligible and qualifies for the prize, the contact information will be passed along to MAGHOUND and to the blogger who referred the entrant to the sweeps.

— Please note: The winner will be confirmed via email and/or phone, and will be required to sign and return, within seven (7) days of notification, an Affidavit of Eligibility, a Liability Waiver, and where allowable, a Publicity Release. Travel companion of winner will also be required to sign a travel liability waiver.

— The prize package will be awarded during the time period of January 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010 and subject to People StyleWatch Editor’s schedule.

Remember. Casey not in NYC.

Queen Helene and her Royal Mint Julep

Casey in NYC.

Vivienne Tam and Me

I’m very fun in NYC. Which is why you should enter and win. Seriously, nothing to lose, fabulous hair (and wardrobe!) to gain. GO! NOW! (Dear FTC-I’m not being paid for this. Or bribed. I like Maghound. I like NYC. I like to give stuff away and I like it even more when people I know win.)

resisting urge to call her Snow BluRay.

Clicky clicky to enter for a chance to win a special Snow White Diamond Edition BluRay/DVD combo gift set with seven funny little men!