on death and dogs.

I don’t want to be writing this post.

Because I don’t want to be writing about what I’m going to be writing about.

Last year my dad’s dog Katie passed away. Katie was old, diabetic, blind and somewhat paralyzed from a stroke. But she and Addie were thick as thieves and Katie taught Addie more about compassion than any other living creature could. Addie sobbed for days after Katie’s passing, and she still remembers her almost daily.

Goodbye Katie

Then my sister’s dog Delaney passed away from old age. Delaney treated Addie like her little baby. She let Addie crawl all over her and hug the daylights out of her and never once complained.

Miss Delaney

Addie has an understanding of heaven, and that when people go to heaven they are happy and taken care of. They no longer hurt or suffer. Katie can see and Delaney can walk without pain. Our religion teaches us that death is not the end, that we will be with our loved ones again in heaven for eternity. Now there’s no doctrine when it comes do dogs in heaven, but I can tell you if dogs aren’t there? It can’t possibly be considered heaven to Addie.

Addie even dressed up as Katie for Halloween.

lauging puppy

McKenzie was Katie’s little dog sister. McKenzie was always scared to death around Addie until recently. Addie became quieter, slower and gentler (not to mention bigger.) Addie and McKenzie came to a quiet understanding that they were friends, bonded by the spotted one.

walking the dogs

Do you see where I’m headed with this?

McKenzie got sick. McKenzie had surgery. McKenzie got more sick.

the moosh and mckenzie.

McKenzie had to be put to sleep.

I have to tell little miss.

I don’t want to.

Sometimes being the parent sucks.

makin’ lovin’ in the oven…only easier.

We had guests (okay, the missionaries) over for dinner tonight. I decided to get fancy with dessert after Cody rolled his eyes when I busted out the box cake mix (I think he believes I’m getting lazy in my old age.)

In my Martha cookbook is a Caramel Banana Cake with Mascarpone Frosting.

All you foodie people are all “ooh! ahh!”

Well guess what? I’m not giving you the recipe because the cake was kind of nasty. But everything about it’s creation was perfection. Why perfection? Because this was my first fancy cake with my fancy new Frigidaire Professional Series oven.

I have cooked and baked and loved to cook and bake for years.

I have won awards for baking.

This is the first time I did some serious cooking with a high end stove.

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outside. inside. hoosier style.

icy twigs
white river garden orchids.
into the woods
white river garden orchids.
white river garden orchids.
bunny seek
white river garden orchids.
white and blue
white river garden orchids.
my back yard


white river garden orchids.

Outside is my backyard. Inside are the orchids at White River Gardens.

I love them both.

Also? This is my 1,000th post.


bedtime giveaway number one.

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vlogging with snot.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

just like *that*

July 2006.

the moosh.

February 2010.

miss addie


Make it stop.

lisa leonard and the twitter bird. *giveaway*

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the not 100% awesome alarm.

Hey kid,

Now that you’re fully mobile I’d just like to admit that one of the most not awesome things about parenting is waking up to you staring at me.

Seriously, scares me to death.

Last night I discovered something even more not awesome.

Rolling over in bed to you on my pillow, STARING AT ME.

And you’re always like “What? Isn’t this bed big enough for the three of us?” Not completely understanding that waking to a staring set of eyeballs is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

I mean, there’s other stuff that kind of sucks when I stop and really pay attention to it, an elbow to an unassuming boob, clippy barrettes shoved so deep into my scalp they draw blood, stepping on Polly Pocket crap in bare feet and the constant CONSTANT sticky.

But today at lunch? I taught you how to stick orange peels in your teeth.

feeling peely

I also taught you how to farmer blow in the shower. Take that phlegm!

By far the best lesson learned? When I taught you to yank your dad’s leg hair when he rendered you helpless with tickles. This is a skill that will serve you painfully well in life.

I get to be with you everyday.

stay at home awesome.

We have a backyard for you to explore.

the great backyard

A house for you to play in.

shadow moose.

I love love love you you you.

Please stop staring at my while I’m sleeping.