to anyone who’s ever attempted to take a decent picture of a little kid.

It’s not easy.

Trust me.

You’re going to get half of some body parts, none of others and if what you actually wanted in focus is in focus?

You got lucky.

Look, chances are your child spends most of his or her time at this age invading your personal space, running away from you or causing you to question your decision to become a parent in the first place. So to expect them to sit still and smile for a camera? Pfft.


miss j. and a lesson.

Let them be two in their pictures. Quit telling them to look at you.

Because chances are if they are looking at you?

It’s probably because they want something from you.

spider kong and cody’s skirt.

This is the back of my house. Behind my house is a forest of sorts with a stream running through it. We’ve heard raccoons getting it on, owls hooting it up and lots of frogs. We’ve seen fireflies, blue herons, hawks, possums and so many bunnies we started telling Addie they were her pets.

An she believed us.

the back of my house.

Tthe other night I heard desperate squeals from the dark in the back so I looked out to see what the problem was.

The problem was my husband.

He was rendered helpless because (in his mind) the back of our house looked like this.

the back of my house according to Cody.

I kill the spiders in our relationship.

However, as much as I hate to admit this, spider kong did kind of shock me.

spider kong.

SPIDERS SHOULDN’T HAVE GLOWING EYES! (nor should they ever be bigger than a fingernail.)

That kind of crap should be reserved for nightmares.

In total I nailed about seven spider kongs with a rolled up issue of Golf Digest while Cody hid safely inside with his skirt.

My sister catches and releases spiders.

If we played that game out here? The spiders would win.

I’m bigger for a reason.

i wonder…

Do you ever stare at your various accounts and thing…”Huh, I should really write something.

So you end up writing something that is really just crap hoping to stay “out there?”

There’s a lot of useless crap on the Internet.

I don’t need to give you more crap to read. (However Daniel and I have cooked up a steaming pile of DELICIOUS on you see it differently than me…)

Crap isn’t fair to you.

Besides, people don’t respond well to crap.

And when people don’t respond  you’re left with that whole “WHY DO I DO THIS? NO ONE LIKES ME!” crisis.

Everybody goes through it.

It stinks.

I know I go quiet when my brain is playing mean tricks on me, but I also go quiet when my brain is swimming along just fine.

And you know what? Quiet is okay.

I like it when my brain is quiet, because most of the time it won’t shut it.

And  a brain that won’t shut it is exhausting.

A quiet brain means I can sit in the sunshine on the floor and put a puzzle together with my little kid without worrying about where else I need to be or what else I should be doing.

A quiet brain means I take full breaths instead of short little gasps.

And besides, quiet is much better than crap.

milcreek canyon, utah.

I wonder…do you feel compelled to fill up your empty space? Or do you embrace your silence and let others shine?


So remember how I was all “Pfft. Project 365. A photo a day? FAIL! Instead I will end 2010 with 365 photos I love.

Well. I’m to 135.

Symphony on the Prairie-Glorious Fourth

baby jane

One Light Workshop

fly a kite

Unknown-Crown Hill Cemetery-Memorial Day 2010

Kaleidoscope at Hallmark



miss milla.

these remind me of my mom.

for piper.

milcreek canyon, utah.


Oldfields Lilly Gardens and Greenhouse, Indianapolis

One eskimO


sissy's house.

Symphony on the Prairie-Glorious Fourth

Symphony on the Prairie-Glorious Fourth

Dario Franchitti

foot traffic.

milcreek canyon, utah.

I feel like I’m getting better.

How’s it going for you?

the one where casey stands on a social media soapbox.

I don’t really get into the whole business side of social media, I won’t be becoming a social media consultant anytime soon. I do all this because I like it. I don’t read articles on Mashable, I never really figured out why there was the whole switch from the “FAN” to “LIKE” button on facebook.

I hate writing bios for speaking engagements that I’ve already been hand selected for. So the thought of writing an entire pitch about my many amazing virtues and why companies should simply surrender all their money because boy howdy I’m about to make all their dreams come true?


Social media hives, they come out in the shape of the fail whale.

You see, it’s one thing to write a bio stating your accomplishments and your qualifications for sitting up on stage talking about something you’re already good at.

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