your looks really are the first thing to go…

I have misled many people into believing that I am coasting along in this pregnancy. (Which is fine, it’s just not the truth.) The truth is I am very ill approximately 20 hours a day and this week has been the worst. I’m not sure if it’s simply because I’m running out of brave or because I am farther along.

BUT. I have realized it does me no good to complain about it. Complaining doesn’t make me feel any better, it leaves the people around me feeling helpless and sorry for me which leads them to giving me silly suggestions about how to “fix” my sick (I’m way past ginger and crackers kids.) I assure them I’ve done this before…and then I end up looking like a jerk that can’t take advice from well meaning people.


I stay shooshy.

If you really want to learn more about what I’m going through there’s an entire website dedicated to the disease. (Oh yes, I said disease.)

One of the annoyances with throwing up so much are petechiae (pe-tiki-aye). Sure it’s a vanity thing, but they garner some funny comments from observers (tact people, tact.) Petechiae are ruptured capillaries (in my case, on my face and sometimes in my eyes.) that result from vomiting, I can literally feel them explode and they so far FASCINATE every doctor that sees them.

petechiae. (tiny ruptured capillaries that result from barfing.)

After a friend told me yesterday she peed her pants every time she puked…I’ll gladly take the mottled face and dry pants, thank you.


So, what’s the weirdest sickness side effect you’ve experienced?

a pregnancy acceptance speech of sorts.

  • First of all I would like to thank my body for taking on this task, I know it’s not an easy one, but man, you’re great.
  • Second I would like to thank a certain receptacle in my life for supporting me through my multiple heaves. You haven’t let me down once. You know who you are. *wink*
  • Third, I would like to give a little nod to all those pregnancy tests I mercilessly peed on, thank you for always humoring me and showing up with that second little pink line.
  • I would like to thank the kiwi fruit for always tasting good and for allowing this pregnant lady to poop on occasion.
  • I would like to thank the makers of cherry slushees although it would be much more convienient if the slushee maker were in my fridge door instead of a water dispenser. Just a thought…
  • I would like to thank Mexico for exporting your delicious Coca-Cola and allowing Costco to sell it. Man, I thought all hope was lost when I couldn’t find cola syrup in the drugstore anymore, but Mexican Coke? You’re just the greatest.
  • Where’s DVR? Is he here tonight? Man, DVR, thank you. Anyone who has ever worked with you knows why.
  • I would like to thank Phenergan for being cheap, generic and putting me to sleep so fast I forget to barf.
  • I would also like to thank my body pillow, my couches and various other soft surfaces in my house for accommodating so many naps.
  • Of course I have to thank my daughter for believing that that soft spot on my belly is in fact a a baby and not acknowledging it for what it truly is, a soft spot with a tiny lime sized baby somewhere underneath.
  • I would like to thank Ami, for selflessly arriving in your chariot of Cheerios simply to wipe my brow and scrub my toilets. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to repay you.

*music starts*

  • I would like to thank those of you in the maternity wardrobe department. To those of you who have given of your clothes so selflessly when I realized mine were lacking to say the least. Even when you realized my bum is exponentially bigger than yours and that my legs are undeniably shorter than yours.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the multiple pregnancy apps I have downloaded and read each morning. You’re sage wisdom on soda crackers and ginger for nausea is simply invaluable knowledge.
  • And last but not least, I would like to thank Cody, my love, for having the balls to knock me up.

*music swells*

  • OH! The fans! I have to thank all of the fans out there on the internet that believed in me when I couldn’t even believe Oprah. You guys are the frosting on my cake. The marshmallows in my hot chocolate. The butter on my bread. The zofran in my medical cabinet. Thank you thank you!

the one about the gays.

I was having a particularly rough day in high school when a boy named Jacob Orosco noticed how down and out I was. He performed an ice skating routine for me right in front of the office to cheer me up complete with singing and a grand finale.

The next week he was gone. He had taken his own life. Rumors flew about as to how and why it happened, but the biggest rumor was that he was never accepted for what he really was, gay.

This is the same high school where instead of allowing a Gay/Straight Alliance as a school club (Jacob was one of the founding members) they did away with extra curricular clubs altogether. I remember one administrators stance was that “If we let the gays have a club then we’d have to let the KKK have a club as well.” Awesome. Way to lump GLBTQ people in with the KKK. Students from our rival high school, West High, started a club called “SAFE-Students Against Fags Everywhere.”

FHA however (Future Homemakers of America) were still allowed to meet regularly on school property.

In the last three weeks there have been five suicides by gay teens.

Jacob took his life in 1997, this most recent news is nothing new and it’s not getting any better.

***Edited 10/07/10***

Mormons Divided on LDS Apostle’s Speech on Gays.


***Edited 10/08/10***

I was criticized heavily for my personal feelings that President Packer’s choice of certain words were ill timed and insensitive, I simply disagreed and was uncomfortable with his choice of phrasing at times. I wasn’t alone, and my feelings were not completely wrong either.

Apostle’s Speech on Gays Changed on LDS website.

the one about the Mormon temple in Indy…

It’s true.

It was announced in General Conference (like a State of the Union address only it’s about church) this weekend that an LDS (Mormon) Temple is going to be built in Indianapolis. It will take a few years, but one is really coming.

This is huge for the Indianapolis LDS community.

The closest temple to us now is in Louisville. There is also ones nearby in Chicago and Columbus.

Before 1985 the closest temple to Indianapolis was Washington DC.

A temple is different from a regular church meetinghouse.

It is very, very sacred to us.

And sacred is much different than secret.

Have you ever tried to explain what being in love is like to someone who thinks love is a waste of time? Or explaining the joys of parenthood to a single, carefree person who thinks kids are a waste of time and money? I know the one that gets me is when people talk about the “high” of running. I loathe running unless it’s to get away from bears, and no  matter how much you tell me running is amazing and life changing? I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand.

And I fully admit that is my own ignorance and dislike with running that will keep me from not understanding, but if you like it?GOOD ON ‘YA! Keep it up, I admire you for it. I’m just not going to be training for a marathon along side you. (However I will wait at the end with Gatorade.)

This is how temples are for members of the LDS church. Amazing things happen in temples. They are beautiful, an escape from the outside world. A place where one can feel so close to God you’d swear you could feel Him standing right behind you.

But I realize a lot of people feel about religion the way I feel about running.

And that’s fine.

Just as I respect runners, I would ask you to respect my beliefs. Or anyone’s beliefs for that matter.

Being mean isn’t going to get us anywhere. (Well, anywhere good at least.)

To (almost) everyone who isn’t LDS in Indianapolis the temple is just going to be another building to you, albeit a very beautiful, well maintained and landscaped building.

But for those of us who are LDS? This means so much.

(I compared it to an Ikea on twitter, maybe not the best comparison, but given there are some people who believe Ikea to be the holy of holies when it comes to home decor? Ikea it is.)

I can tell you that I have had experiences in various temples that simply sit in my heart and glow. Last February when I was in NYC the security guard at the Manhattan temple let me just stand inside the entrance. The quiet and the warmth and the light that I felt just one foot inside the doors of a temple was overwhelming.

That same feeling is going to be here, right here. Where I live.

The other fantastic part? After it is built and before it is dedicated to temple service, anyone can tour it. Meaning I can take my friends into the temple and show them how peaceful and lovely it is. It doesn’t mean they will understand it, but they will get to see it. To feel it.

Want to know more? Here’s some FAQ’s about the temple. More here. Or here.

Just as google should be avoided for medical diagnosis? Google should generally be avoided for religious questions as well (thanks.)