lots of other stuff I did (or will be doing) other places.

This blogging stuff is feast or famine, yo.

1. I won the Tempurpedic bed from Fadra! (holeeee crap! SLEEPOVER AT MY HOUSE!!)

2. I’m giving away a Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive, enter to win! (Or lose all your photos in a tragic computer accident, your choice.)

3. I can’t get enough of Pledge cleaner. On my list of brand loyal products? Pledge is there.

4. I. AM. INSURED. (thanks to a little program from Obama known as the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. Do you have any idea how much easier it is to breathe?)

5. It’s November, which is when I talk turkey and you learn to cook turkey with the greatest of ease from my buddies and me over at the Butterball Blog.

6. I’m a guest on Christine Koh’s Life.Style show today at 1pm EST where I will be talking photography with Karen Walrond and Tracey Clark. Yeah, had you told me I’d ever be included in on a list with those two? I would told you lying is mean and that you had lost your mind.

7. Yes. Those are my real eyelashes. Currently (as in, in this photo) I’m using Lash Stiletto Mascara (it was free) but my most favorite kind is Stila Major Lash mascara. (There is also a Major MAJOR lash version too, I’m loyal to the singular major kind.)

Alli and Me

an open letter to mozzi, no. 1

Dear Moz,

Look, I realize we haven’t gotten off to the best start. There was the whole barf my brains out thing which is never a good way to start any relationship, then there were the boobs of fury that didn’t let me do much of anything but lie around and keep them as still as possible. We’ve moved into the “I miss pooping” part of the relationship but today Mozzi, today is what I need to talk to you about.

Today I took you and your sister in to see a friend about a doppler. We tried to find you 7 weeks ago to no avail, but given the large amounts of vomit emanating from me, I took it as a pretty good sign that you were holding strong. However now you’re just getting comfortable in your teenage weeks. There’s been times I’ve wondered if you’re around or if you jumped ship and sailed back to the big nursery in the sky, so today we sought you out.

DUDE, let me just say right now that during your sister’s first doppler reading her little heartbeat just hopped right out of those speakers loud and strong and true. You? Must have buried yourself behind my large intestine and covered yourself with a kidney. Those several minutes it took to find your little heartbeat may have well been an eternity. And that you only stuck around to be heard for approximately three nanoseconds? Leads me to believe I am either birthing bigfoot or a very stubborn child.

Then someone on twitter reminded me that I’ll be birthing a Taurus. Which is what I am. Ask your dad, stubborn ranks pretty high on my list of applicable adjectives. YAY! More stubborn in my life! And the fact that you’re so willing to let it show at 15 weeks in utero? I’m already saving pennies for all the things that will be invariably hulk-smashed during your teenage years (by both of us, let’s be honest.)

I know you’re in there Mozzi, and I am now even more convinced that you are a boy. And not to compare you to your sister, but she waved during her first ultrasound and she also came on her due date in less than three pushes…so if you’re also competitive like me, you’ve got some things to think about in there before our first doctor’s appointment next Friday.

Until next time,