bespectacled spectacle.

I had a voucher for a free pair of glasses, only the voucher only covered the most basic plastic lens. Considering I am twice legally blind without corrective eye wear, basic plastic lenses in my prescription are comically thick. Not to be one to pass up on free glasses I decided to not only get the basic plastic lens of ridiculous thickness, I also decided to find the most ridiculous frame possible to encase the comically large pieces of plastic.

I picked the most outrageous pair of glasses I could find on purpose. They are giant, round, plastic and purple with silver hearts at the temples.

new glasses, sleeping baby.

That way if anyone were to be puzzled by my choice (which there have been many) they would have to wonder “I’m sure she’s aware of how silly those glasses are because she’s wearing them out in public.

I wear silly glasses on purpose.

ridiculous glasses.

And you know what?

They are the most comfortable well working pair of glasses I have ever owned and I love them.

(You can also just prepare yourself now for cats in EVERY. PICTURE. EVER. from now until the end of time because we officially adopted the coolest cats ever.)

{baby babble} On Not Having Post Partum Depression

To say I lived in fear of PPD would be an understatement. The possibility of going through PPD for a second time was almost reason enough for me to never get pregnant again. But I knew that no matter what happened, it was only temporary and that it could and would be treated.

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When babies get fevers the parents start to go crazy.

Proof even the cutest baby can be scary as hell.

Baby got cat.

{big babble} Boss Addie and Her Felines.

Remember how I wrote a post about how much work pets are and how much I don’t miss all the cat hair and litter? Yet by the end of the post I was waxing poetic about cats purring and lying around in the sunny patches of my house? Well writing that set into motion a whole series of events that led us to walk into the Humane Society yesterday and walk out with two adult cats. One is currently purring at my feet.

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first came love…then came other stuff…then came cats.

I have this one window on the South side of my house.

It has begged for a kitty to lie in its sunshine since the day we moved in.

Guess what?

Yesterday two kitties moved in…and today one moved into my sunny patch.

Percy in the sun.

This is Percy. He’s 2. He’s bonus kitty to clearance kitty.

This is clearance kitty.


Clearance kitty is the one that won me over in his adoption profile. He’s four. He’s a polydactyl, which means he has extra toes on his front paws so it looks like he has mittens. It’s amazing.

He’s missing the tip of his left ear too.

He also only has one eye, which is hard to tell because he’s all passed out asleep on top of church books. It was surgically removed in early July and he has been at the Human Society ever since.

Well until yesterday.

Now he’s our one eyed, five toed, licking furry kibble eater.

We named him Wink VanGogh. You can just call him Wink.

I love him so much.

He’s still pretty shy until the little humans that live here are in bed. He also mrows a lot.

Mrow, mrow, mrow, mrow, mrow, mrow…I missed kitty mrows.

And the kneading! Oh…he gets comfy and those extra toes go into action mode.

And Percy? He’s a lover.

Hanging out with Percy.

I didn’t think I could get happier.

Turns out?

I could.

Rescue pets will love you better.

the one about my face. again.

If you’re new here or just need a refresher, I barf so much, so often and so violently when I am pregnant that the capillaries in my face rupture. POP! Whee!

petichiae update. closer.

I just got done being pregnant for the second time about 6 months ago and spent much of my pregnancy learning to love my creepy looking face. I do love my face…especially because it’s currently a very happy face that gets to love on the world’s cutest baby and her big sister too all the live long day.

But here’s the thing.

It’s my face.

The one thing that pretty much every human that ever meets me is going to see.

Groupon had a super deal to a laser skincare center for photo facials. Cody let me get 4 treatments. I figured if they work they work, if they don’t, at least I didn’t spend thousands of dollars to be disappointed.

I went for my second face lasering yesterday.

She turned me up to FULL POWER.


The pain is between dental work (WORST PAIN EVER) and getting a tattoo (a sort of pleasurable pain. And yes, I have four tattoos, unclench.)

Here’s another little fun fact about my face.

The right side is hyper vascular. Meaning I have a whole lot more petichiae on the right side than the left. (Bonus fun fact: Apparently *most* people who are hyper-vascular are hyper-vascular on their left side. Pardon my while I bow with my medical anomalies.)

Here’s the right side of my face at 16 weeks pregnant. Notice the lips of death from dehydration.

petichiae update. 16 weeks.

Now here’s the right side of my face 5 months postpartum before any laser treatments. (The petichiae did get slightly better on its own without all the barfing and extra blood coercing through my veins.)

Pre-Photofacial the first. (right side)

And the left side…which is actually very lovely (comparatively.)

Pre Photofacial the First. (left side)

Now here I am today after my face lasering of DOOM yesterday. I really am hoping that this is just a complete and total flare up before these little critters pack their little blood bags and leave town. One last revolt if you will…

Petichiae update. 6 months postpartum after 2 photofacials (one was yesterday)

And with makeup, because sometimes it’s interesting just to see the difference.

With makeup. Slightly better. But really, who am I kidding?

(See those curls? THAT’S where Addie got them from. She’ll tell you she got them from Costco but it’s all a lie.)

I take INSANELY good care of my skin. I was practically born applying sunscreen, however thanks to genetics my undereye area will always be ready for a cross country trip with the bags they keep fully packed.

I have two photo facials left. Depending on how this last round heals I’m not so sure what will happen. Consolation came when all the girls at the laser center said my face was the worse they had ever seen (which yay! and boo.) My ultimate goal out of all of this is to be able to be able to go out sans makeup without looking like I just ran a marathon (which is never going to happen) or like I have some strange rash (which I do.)

If it works? It works.

If not? I’ll look into medals for “worst case of petichiae ever.”

Or maybe trophies. I’ve still never won one of those.

Would you be more likely to fix something if it were on your face compared to maybe a leg or an armpit?

(You look lovely today by the way. Really.)

{big babble} So You Don’t Celebrate Halloween.

I know you’re out there. I learned of your existence when I wrote about Halloween on my blog two years ago. Who are you? You’re the families that don’t participate in Halloween activities. Truth be told you are probably one of the most misunderstood group of non celebrators there are.

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wonderfully disgusting.

Want to know something really disgusting?

happiest baby on the blockhappiest baby on the blockhappiest baby on the blockhappiest baby on the blockhappiest baby on the blockhappiest baby on the block

I really am this happy.

And it’s pretty much all this baby’s fault. (Who is also really is this happy.)

She is my whole soul.

{big babble} The One Time I Spanked My Kid.

She was five.

She was in this weird naughty phase where threats and punishments weren’t working. We’d take away privileges and she’d respond with “I don’t care.” She’d lose treasured possessions and claim “I have another.” I have always prided myself on following through and being consistent in my discipline.

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