fancy light, sweet nancy.

“There is something magical that happens to the light after sunset, when the sky becomes a giant sheet of soft, directional illumination, when the shadows soften and the colors deepen and the temperatures begin to slide into a cooler, kinder place . . . when one’s pupils begin to widen their aperture, and thus give everything a shorter, softer depth of focus.

This is “sweet light”, that magical time between sunset and dark. I think it is perfectly named.”

-David Perry

fancy nancy.

fancy nancy.

I was afraid the light would be gone by the time we got to our party.

Cody pulled to the side of a two lane country road as Addie and I hopped out, waded through knee high weeds into a freshly harvested corn field. She twirled three times, hopped twice and just like that, the light was gone.

She is my whole heart.

(She is also dressed as Fancy Nancy. In case you were wondering.)

{baby babble} Stop. Just Stop It.


No. Don’t you smile at me.

There’s no need for you to go getting so big so fast.

Seriously, NO NEED.

Your sister was 10 months old when she weighed as much as you do at nearly 6 months.

It’s ridiculous.

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I’m also giving away a set of Born Free Bottles…the bottle of choice in our house.

{big babble} Style Sense and Silliness.

Have you ever noticed that your child has a gift for piecing together outfits with the most mismatched articles of clothing they own? Back in the day I would only buy clothes for Addie in browns and pinks, that way everything went with everything else and she never ended up looking too ridiculous…

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squashy parts.

“Your belly is still squashy.” *poke poke poke*

“That’s because it carried two babies. The more babies it carries the more babies I have to snuggle, the softer my belly needs to be. Would you want to snuggle with a hard mom?”

“Nope. So that’s why your chest is squashy and your bum is squashy and your legs are squashy?”

“Yep. All the better to snuggle you with.”

“So you’ll never get unsquashy?”

“Not until I’m out of babies to snuggle.”

“Vivi’s squashy because she’s a baby and we have to snuggle her right?”


“Someday will I be super comfy like you?”

“Yep. It’s one of the best parts of having babies. Becoming their favorite comfy place.”

I read a biography a long time ago about a mother and her daughter said something like “I’m so glad my mom was always comfortable. She always felt like a mom. She never tried to fit into worldly stereotypes. She was just happy being our mom.”

As Addie was poking my soft parts it would have been so easy to use negative self talk, the word fat or begin talking about how I needed to work out. Addie may have ignored me completely or she may have listened to every word I said and I would have planted a seed about what she is supposed to look like as a girl or woman.

I am happy and I am healthy.

On my squashy parts is where both of my girls like to lay their heads the most.

snuggle vivi.

Why would I want to say something negative about them?

a perfect storm.

I haven’t seen the sun for five days.

It is currently rainy and cold, my dishwasher is broken and my house is in total upheaval from my recent return from Canada.

My baby is sick, the bigger one is getting sick and I have a canker the size of Siberia.

I am very busy with all the responsibilities I have taken on in writing, photography and promotion.

Looking around it would be very easy to become overwhelmed and crash.


But there’s this little flutter inside of me that hasn’t let me crash. That won’t let me crash.

To-Do lists are overwhelming. But they can be pecked away at slowly and methodically.

Some things are more important than to-do lists.

Baby snuggles, games of Candyland, family dinners.

I am currently walking the highest, thinnest tightrope of responsibility I have ever walked.

But I have never felt more balanced.

(Then again, check back in 24 hours. I may very well be huddled up and crying in a corner, let’s be honest.)

How have you been handling the weather change?


{big babble} Oh, the $%*& School Bus.

Seems that the greatest source of learning in grade school comes from the school bus. Sadly they’re not learning about quantum physics or Einstein’s theory of relativity. They’re talking about poop, pee, farts, swear words, their limited knowledge of sex and the ever present middle finger. It gets better. Addie’s bus only carries grades K-3.

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“I was Bored.” My Public School Fear Came True.

Every Friday, students in Addie’s first grade class get to pick a “fun” extra activity assuming they have followed all of the rules for the week and have turned in all of their homework. Addie generally chooses to color or play with some friends but this past Friday she missed ‘Fun Friday.’

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brite wisdom for the littles.

If I could put you girls on a path in life it would lead to exactly where I’m at right now.

Well, not exactly. It would be weird to have yourselves as daughters and marry your dad…what I mean is that above anything else this world has to offer, I want you to end up happy in ways you never even knew happiness could exist. To be constantly surprised by the wonderful things every day brings. To be with someone you love so much it makes your heart tickle and to possibly be parents to the greatest little human beings that ever lived.

This past weekend was spent in Toronto, Ontario at a conference for women who do exactly what I do. Again, not exactly what I do, but similar. We all live a part of our lives in this virtual world that didn’t exist when we were your age. Who knows what it will be like when you’re our age (I? Will be 52. Whoa.) My cab driver told me all about how horrible the Internet is and what ugly things lurk in its seedy corners. He’s right. But what I wanted to tell him was how much wonderful twirls across my screen everyday.

You get out of it what you put into it, for the most part at least.

Which is why I dressed up as Rainbow Brite for the closing night Halloween party in Canada.

Just try to be mad at this girl.

You can’t be! It’s impossible! (Especially since one of you is currently six years old and this is pretty much exactly what you want to be when you grow up.)

Now try to be mad at this girl.

Again, you can’t. IMPOSSIBLE.

May we all embody the spirit of Rainbow Brite everyday, even without the marabou trim.

Girls, I have a job that pays me money to travel to other countries, dress up like this and take pictures of people, places and things.


And the very best part?

I get to wake up with you every morning, be home to squeeze the everloving daylights out of you when you get off the bus and smoosh your little sleeping cheeks every night.

Find what you’re good at and run with it girls.

Enjoy the bumps and find joy in the everyday.

And always, ALWAYS take your Halloween costumes VERY seriously and take seriously silly pictures in them.


Photo Credits: Cherie-Lynn Buchanan


Just another little project I’m doing with Hallmark, so many moments in my life are special occasions and I hope everyone can remember that special happens everyday. I am being compensated for my time in sharing my moments, not for promoting a particular product. Did you know THE ornaments are out at Hallmark stores and online? PERFECT for documenting a moment all your own.