the fifth seven days.


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cloth diaper butt flap.


she holds a sippy cup!

bathing beatuy.

bathing beatuy.



thighs of glory

This week was spent super busy with work, the Super Bowl and vacation preparations (v!a!c!a!t!i!o!n!)

Vivi is thismuchcloser to crawling, Addie is thismuchcloser to asking a thousand questions a day rather than her usual 500 and Cody is the best husband ever.

The weather was lovely, I had super amazing cheeseburger last night, I was within shouting distance of Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp and I’ve got plenty of snacks for tomorrow.

Here’s to week six.



the fourth seven days

the third seven days.

the second seven days.

the first seven days.

(baby babble) bellies, bookshelves and babies on mirrors.

working on an article about what we really look like after babies.

  • I took pictures of my baby sitting on a mirror. They’re pretty cute. Have a look see.



(big babble) sore feet, smells and stinking adorable

Addie's first Legos


super bowl, super scent, super contest (sponsored)

There are three groups of people I know of when it comes to the Super Bowl.

  1. Die hard football fans. (Cody)
  2. Those who like to watch the commercials. (Me)
  3. Those who could care less and hey! Who ate the last of the chips and dip? (Addie)

To say I have been deeply entrenched in Super Bowl festivities would be an understatement.

Indianapolis wanted this year’s Super Bowl to be the most socially connected game in history, and I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job.

Social media has changed the way we do things, read things, buy things, learn things and see things.

Downy sent me a container of their new Unstopables last year after BlogHer and it’s changed laundry for me. I’m a sucker for fresh tasty smelling laundry and thanks to these little pearls of scent I can now have delicious smelling laundry that lasts. Getting into sheets that have been washed in Unstopables? Dude. Jeans washed with Unstopables? They still smell good after wearing them a couple of times. Sweatshirts washed in Unstopables? I wish I could hug myself.

Back to the Super Bowl, social media and what Downy has to do with all of this…

Downy Unstopables will star in their own commercial with Amy Sedaris and Mean Joe Green inspired by an old Coke Super Bowl commercial. I showed it to Cody last night and he laughed. (Maybe it’s because he’s been softened by Unstopables as well. He always smells really good.) During the actual game Downy will be giving away samples and gift certificates to their twitter followers when they tweet @Downy with the hashtag #TouchDowny after a touchdown by either team.

Don’t care about the game but like good smelling laundry? May as well win some Unstopables for yourself.

Only like the commercials? Listen for the cheers or jeers from the other room during the game so you know when to tweet @Downy with the hashtag #TouchDowny

Love the game AND good smelling laundry? Who’s the winner now? (YOU.)

Check out the commercial before it airs on Sunday, follow Downy and get ready to win with every touchdown (#touchdowny.)

DISCLOSURE: A special thanks to Downy for sponsoring this post and providing me with Downy product. Seriously, come smell my laundry sometime. As always, all opinions are my own.