setting dawn.

My friend Dawn is really sick.


I’ve never actually met her in person, but she has been with me from the beginning. I have comments from her dating back at least five years, I have birthday cards and baby gifts from her as well.

Anyone who has the privilege of having her either in their real life or online life knows what a kind, optimistic, loving and supportive person she is. Whenever I went to comment on a blog, Dawn had always been there first, with her kind words and gentle humor.

I have a very small list of people who mean the world to me but whom I’ve never met in person, she has always been at the tippy top of this list.

Her husband (equally supportive and kind since the beginning) just sent this out:

Purple balloons again. I wish they meant something different.

the moosh and her purple maddie balloons
Stupid cancer.

All the family has asked for is support and donations to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

I can at least do that, but it will never be enough to repay her for everything she has done for me and so many of us.