to addie – to new york

Tomorrow I will pick you up from school under the ruse that I am taking you to the eye doctor when in reality we will be headed for New York City.

Vivi's Second Birthday

Just you and me, for the entire weekend.

I do hope it’s okay that I keep springing these surprises on you, there’s so little that impresses you anymore and given your highly curious nature it’s in the name of self preservation that I don’t tell you about trips like this lest I be bombarded with a hundred thousand questions which cause me to rethink my decision to bring you along in the first place. I have a few plans laid out for us, but most of the time is open for us to do what we do best, explore.

I didn’t go to New York until I was 24, had I known what it was like before ever meeting your dad I would have been that 18 year old kid who saves up all her money, packs every belonging she has in a bag and heads to New York with nothing more than hopes and dreams. I want that for you, I want you to know that cities like New York are real and possible places to live out your life, but I also want you to know that places like New York may be too much for you and that you always have a home with me, wherever we may end up.

I heart New York.

I’m excited to see New York through your eyes and with you by my side. I’m excited to show you where I’ve been, what I know and learn a few new things with you.

I’ll apologize now about the Subway, I already know that isn’t going to be your favorite, but trust me when I say I will share my excellent bob and weave tactics with you as well as my hand sanitizer.

You will get to experience a side of New York many visitors don’t, we’ll be taken in by locals, guided by lifers and you’ll have a chance to see how families like ours exist in a place like Manhattan. We’ll have pizza, dim sum, hot dogs, dumplings and so many cupcakes.  We’ll go to a birthday party, maybe a Broadway show, a swanky hotel and to an everyday office. We’ll smell terrible things, we’ll see wonderful things and there will be times when we’ll both just go ‘whoa.’

You’ll also get to see Andrea, I’m not sure which one of you will be more excited about that.

Monday - Disney Cruise

I’m so happy I get to be your mom, I’m convinced there isn’t a better kid out there to hang out with. I hope you’re as excited about this (once you know about it, that is) as I am.





here there everywhere.

Things are in a sort of chaotic, yet silent uproar around these parts.

I haven’t fully unpacked my suitcase since the end of February and starting on Thursday it will be in constant motion until May 20th.

I won’t even be home for Mother’s Day, I’ll be in the second happiest place on earth with my own mama. I talked to her yesterday and she squealed “I’ve been telling everyone that my kid is taking me to Disneyworld for Mother’s Day!” I was writing her a little Mother’s Day thank you letter when I realized we are now equals. I don’t rely on her for anything and she really can’t boss me around anymore. Rather than her being the mom and me being the daughter, we can now live out our lives as friends for however long our wits and health allow us to.


While I am beyond excited to be a part of this year’s Disney Social Media Moms (and Dads) conference, I’m even more excited to share what I do best with my mom. I’ll be able to show her off to the people who know me professionally as the woman who let me live through my teen years and my colleagues will be able to get to know this crazy cool little lady I call mama. I haven’t ever written a *whole* lot about my mom because for a long time we didn’t get along so well, it’s crazy to sit here now giddy and anxious with the anticipation of spending an entire weekend with her. I couldn’t even tell you what or who changed and when, perhaps it’s just been this gradual and imperceptible acceptance and appreciation of each other and our own unique talents. I’d like to say it’s all the therapy I went to in my younger years. If it did in fact take 9 years for all that therapy to kick in, that’s a terrible ROI.

Vivi’s birthday was on Saturday. It was a good day.

Vivi's Second Birthday

Two is a much harder transition than one, one is still a baby. Two is just a very little kid with terrible communication skills.

Vivi's Second Birthday

I can’t believe how well she fits into our life. It’s as if there were a place for her all along, we just didn’t realize it was there.

Kind of like that button in your car that turns on all the overhead lights with one push, it’s so handy! Why didn’t I notice it before? My life will never be the same from here on out!

And it won’t, because once you’ve experienced my offspring your life is never really the same.

Vivi and the Bubbles

when you spend your birthday at disneyland.

My birthday at Disneyland was everything I dreamed a birthday at Disneyland could be.

Some people thought I would be lonely.

Other people thought I was crazy.

BIRTHDAY. MADE. #MinnieStyle
Tracey met me early on and we both peed a little on Tower of Terror. Afterwards she took me to lunch and it was the most perfect segue into the rest of my day. I met Mr. Origami, Alexander, who just so happens to share the same birthday as me . (He guessed I was 26. Bless you Alexander.) He gave me a little purple origami box I put my ticket in when I got home. I befriended an eight year old named Wallace in a single rider line, I kind of wanted to set him up with Addie. He planned out the rest of my day for me and when I told him I was planning on eating ice cream for dinner I could tell I solidified adulthood as being awesome in Wallace’s mind.

Thanks to my birthday button I was wished ‘happy birthday’ no less than a hundred times and it never got old.

I can remember walking behind Addie on her 8th birthday aboard the Disney Magic, every crew member who saw her wished her a “Happy Birthday, Princess!” in their native language. I could see her stand a little taller every time they did. One of the things I love most about that kid is her inability to mask emotion, turns out I may be where she got it from.

It’s official. Disney can become even more magical when combined with your birthday.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Thanks for the memories Disneyland, you’re simply the best.

So so so so happy. #LookForTheLovely

(Entire video shot with my Samsung Galaxy camera, I’m so in love with this thing it’s crazy. Not sponsored.)