Addie will be in the graduating class of 2023.

It said so on her Kindergarten registration packet.

I was expecting oh, you know, Kindergarten starts at 7:30 (!!). No open toe shoes. Bring some crayons.


Too much.

2023 isn’t that far away. I graduated in 2000.

Between today and 2023 I will see her ride without training wheels. Hear her first swear word and “I HATE YOU MOM!” Watch her leave on her first date. See her come home with her first broken heart. Pick out a prom dress. Puberty. Drivers license picture. Bras. Zits. Mean girls. Tryouts. Recitals. Deaths. Births. Trips. Tears. Smiles. Graduations. College. Moving out.

I’ve always known this stuff was going to happen. But I’ve never thought about a date.


The good news? We had her first parent teacher conference today. The one I was panicking about.

My kid is a rock star. A super star. Wicked smart, kind, adaptable, emotionally stable and smaaaaaart.

Five years down. We haven’t screwed up yet!

But there’s still plenty of time between now and 2023 (for screwing up, there will never be enough for growing up.)


  1. Girlfriend. BOY do I know that feeling.
    when they greeted us with Class of 2022.. holy hell my heart.

    Of course Addie is wicked smart..she’s yours.
    Smart, funny, compassionate, snarky 😉 ;- 🙂


  2. Woah, that’s kinda. . .heavy. I can see how you weren’t prepared for that.

    Now I’m off to do Theo’s math and have a little breakdown. G’night!

  3. until 30 seconds ago, I didn’t know the date. I’m all kinds of panicky now.

    Casey Reply:

    @designHer Momma, You’re welcome. I’m all about destroying people’s hopes and dreams.

  4. My oldest is 14, and I still have not had the “I hate you Mom!” Doesn’t mean it’s not coming. But a mom can hope..

    Laurie Reply:


    My five year old already tells me he hates me!! Whenever I say no to video games, lol

  5. I should say I have not had the “I hate you” from THAT child. Some of the others, times a thousand.

  6. hey mama… you’re doing a great job. that’s all.

  7. Oy…I’m so glad I never got anything with the date…this way I can pretend it’s REALLY REALLY far away. hehe

    Wicked Smaht…of course, she’s yours!

  8. I signed my Amelia up today for kindergarten. I never got anything with the graduating date. Now my heart is very sad.

    Casey Reply:

    @Mandi Bone, Yeah, sorry about that.

  9. it’s okay. if need be you can have the my youngest. i know what you mean about the 2023. Makena’s remarks were more along perfectionist, independent, and totally goes with the flow. i think sarcastic may have been thrown in there as well. I make myself proud. c-ya ladies tomorrow. rain or shine

  10. WOW. 2023? I graduated in 2000, too and 2023 seems so far away.

    As it stands right now, if I have children, they won’t graduate before 2025! CRAZY to think about.

    I wonder if our parents though the same thing when they realized that you and I would graduate in the class of 2000? 🙂

  11. I graduated in 2000 as well! It’s so weird when I see others my age with kids. Which I know sounds ridiculous. Completely so. 🙂

    2023 will come up quick!

  12. I graduated in 2000 too. Gabriel, being a January baby and all, will be the class of 2024.
    I’m not ready to read those kinds of words.

  13. That’s pretty insensitive, really. I mean, what if one of the kids is an idiot and fails a grade somewhere along the line? All of a sudden, their Kindergarten memories are all tarnished. Gee, thanks for ruining my kid’s childhood.

    (This is where we all agree there is a DESPERATE need for a sarcasm font on the internet.)

  14. I never thought of that. My Samantha goes to preschool this fall and that is making me all kinds of panicky! I do not even want to think about the year she will be graduating!

  15. I was so excited to register my girls a week ago for kindergarten and then when I was walking up to the school it hit me like a ton of brick… I would no longer be the most important person in their lives, they would have all kinds of stuff going on that I wouldn’t be able to be a part of… I cried through the entire registration.. 🙂 I’m SURE I’ve already been labeled “That Mom”!

  16. Can I request tickets to her graduation now or is that too early?

  17. Never got the “I hate you”, but wait for the eye-rolling when you know you are just the lamest person in the world.

  18. Not only do they tell you the date here, they give your kid a t shirt with the Class of whatever on it to shove it in your face, because you know they encourage them to wear it.

    Alexis is in high school, but to be in the class of 2013…gah, it makes me cringe. But my baby, yeah, they gave her a t also…class of 2016. Six years from now I will be preparing for her graduation, her party, we will have picked out her senior prom dress, sent out announcements and will be thinking about sending her to college.

    Can I have Addie and her 2023 date, it makes me feel so much more secure. And just think, if we switch you have less time to screw up my girls (altho you may have to undo some of the crap I have done!)

  19. mommabird2345 says:

    I had a little bit of tears for kindergarten, but my husband & I CRIED when mine went to preschool. Preschool prepared us for kindergarten, so it wasn’t as bad.

    I am feeling REALLY OLD thanks to you saying you graduated in 2000. I had a 2yo & was divorced by then (I was the class of 1992. where’s my cane?). *sigh*

    Oh Crap, I’m raising kids in the class of 2016, 2022, & 2026. I AM old.

  20. I hate them for doing this to all of us!!! GAH.

  21. 2023 seems so far away, but when you put it into perspective that way, I guess it isn’t too far after all. I wonder what we’ll all be up to then?

    I think you guys will do fine, though, especially after reading that post about Addie and Hadley. It’s just crazy to think about how much will happen between now and then!

  22. wow. yeah. that would freak me out too. crazy to put a date on it when they are so young.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever read when you’ve referred to the moosh by her name.

    So what is the Addie short for if I may ask?

    My daugther is Adison and up until THIS YEAR, she’s never allowed “Addie” as a nickname..and even now it’s only her friends that can call her that…

  23. Oh, those conferences…hate ’em, but I survived:

  24. OMG you graduated in 2000 ? OMG (AGAIN) I’m old. I graduated from HS when I was 16 because I was AP, but it was still in a year with a 19 in front of it. Wow. I’m old and you’re not. : )

  25. Can you eve IMAGINE what college tuition prices are going to be in 2023 and beyond?


  26. My youngest will be starting kindergarten next year too, but the fact that you said you graduated in 2000 made me get out my Geritol and put new tennis balls on my walker.

    Good Gah! I’m old. Crap.

  27. 2000? You graduated from high school in 2000?!

    I am old.

    That is all.

  28. Never would have expected anything less from you. As I said in my last comment on here, you guys do an amazing job with her, and I think she’s going to grow into such a great person. But of course, it’s always nice to have what you work so hard for confirmed by the teacher, too. 🙂 Yaay Addie!

  29. 2023?? I feel nauseous. Excuse me while I go break into sobs or vomit.

  30. That year is scarier, but scarier still to me was all that we’ve gone through in just the first half of her kindergarten school year.

  31. ‘Plenty of time for growing up’… What I’ve come to realize (as my children have grown)is that parents have to do as much growing up as their babies, and that isn’t always easy!

  32. As that packet demonstrates, time can and will move fast.

  33. Well we’ll be celebrating the class of 2023 together (my son Drew starts kindergarten this fall as well). I’ll have already gone through one child’s graduation by then. Then I’ll have to live through my twins in 2025. Gah. Now I feel old.

  34. You graduated in 2000? Sigh. 1990 here.
    I AM old.

  35. Crazy isn’t it? I’ve done kindergarten twice now, and will do it for the last child in a couple of years. For some insane reason I was figuring it all out the other day and realized what year my baby might graduate. Totally freaked me out!

  36. Last year at my daughter’s parent-teacher conferences, there was a sign up about her being in the CLASS OF 2020. I had my “WHOA NELLY” moment then. Enrolling my youngest to start kindergarten in the fall was just exhilarating for me. So much is going to happen between now and then: she’ll consistently reach for a tissue for her nose instead of a sleeve, she’ll have best friends, she’ll have her feelings hurt, she’ll learn to read, she’ll (hopefully) learn to sleep in past 7. I don’t know, I’ve never been the kind of parent who gets sad about things — I get so EXCITED about all the first-times and new things. I love knowing that my girls have so much in front of them. It’s an adventure for us all.

  37. What a crazy thing to have on a kindergarten registration packet, but…maybe crazy in a good way.

    It’s good to remember that this time is fleeting, that every.single.minute.counts.