Two million one hundred and two thousand four hundred minutes.

That’s how many minutes the moosh will have been in this world as of 4:23 pm today.
the moosh.

I was watching her sleep today and wondered what memories she’s going to keep from her childhood. 

Will she remember catching snowflakes on her tongue?
the moosh survives on a steady diet of snowflakes.

Will she remember the hat she’s wearing? Will she remember this trip? Will she remember that she asked for snow? Will she remember the crochet hook she has carried around as her magic snow wand?
snow moosh.

Will she remember how much work I put into her birthday cakes? Because if I had a way of forcing her to remember something it would be her birthday cakes. These suckers are a lot of work. (Remember last year? Let me remind you…)
Barbie as the Island Princess Birthday Cake.

Will she remember that even though this year’s cake isn’t quite as fancy, it tasted better and she spent the entire day talking to her Sleeping Beauty cake? (Seriously, her and the cake? BFFs4EVER.)
4th birthday cake.
Will she remember dancing with her grandpa at a Christmas party to Frank Sinatra? Will she remember decorating a Christmas tree for the first time? Will she remember the hours spent on the floor with her grandparents playing Candy Land? Will my grandchildren ever play with one of toys she will receive as a gift today? Will she have fond memories of her birthdays and make a big deal out of them for her kids because I did?

Will she remember the animal pancakes we had for breakfast on the morning of her fourth birthday?
birthday pancakes.

Four years kid.

Happy Birthday.

I hope all your memories are happy ones.


  1. What a beautiful post casey! You made me cry on a tuesday morning in my cube!
    Happy bday moosh

    mayas last blog post..On Crooners & Gymboree

  2. Happy Birthday Moosh!

    I remember every single homemade birthday cake my Mom made for me. They were all special.

    Daisys last blog post..I Dream A Dream…

  3. Awww-how precious!
    Happy Birthday Moosh!

    Your pictures girl, are simply amazing!!!

    Spoiled Mommys last blog post..Dairy Queen Christmas Scene

  4. Happy Birthday Moosh! And congrats, Casey and Cody, on having a four-year-old!

    ps. i like your new banner 😉

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..How I spent my forty below weekend

  5. Happy Birthday to your adorable little girl.

    I think she’ll remember having a magical, wonderful childhood and an awesome mom!

    Carries last blog post..No Regrets

  6. Wish her Happy Birthday from us!

  7. Aw! Happy Birthday Moosh! I hope it rawked! Your mommy is the best!

    Cuz- are you still in town? I’m lame! We’ve all been yucky, wicked sick over here! K- so I still am. Ugh! Let me know. I’d love to see ya! Cass said she wanted to get together too. Maybe we could all have lunch or just chill someplace warm! Love you! Love the moosh and all her amazing beauty! Our blondies seriously need to get together!

  8. Happy Birthday Moosh!

  9. She’ll definitely remeber. Happy Birthday Moosh you cutie patooty you!

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..My Husband Got **** For His Birthday

  10. Miss you, girl. I’m so glad to see more images. It just connects to me. Mine suck, but they all mean the same. We love those kids & try so hard to love them the very best we can. You are an amazing baker. Whatever. So glad Danijela is young enough to not be about to roam around moosh in indy — I’d be in a heap of trouble. Have a blessed Christmas with Christ at the center. Sleeping beauty will only be there for so long. Love you like a sister that I have never met. I’m doing better.

    Angelas last blog post..Three (Finally)

  11. happy (now belated) birthday precious darling girl!!!

    Biddys last blog post..random snippets

  12. Sorry Moosh, I’ve been offline this week, so I’m a little late.

    Happy belated fourth birthday! I promise I won’t forget again. Ever. (My Dad turned 66 that day. I won’t even attempt to calculate the minutes.)

    Antonettes last blog post..Hungry For Some Easy Holiday Recipes?


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