34 weeks

34 weeks. 34 weeks. 34 weeks.

6 weeks.

Or less.

Holy crap.


  1. Gorgeous!!

  2. These are amazing pictures! I hope the one of Addie peeking around your belly ends up in Mozzi’s room.

  3. These are precious!

  4. So freaking beautiful.

  5. love love love them – you guys look like you’re having a blast!

  6. Ohmygosh. Love them all, but that last one? Perfection.

  7. brittany says:

    i love the one of addie and you showing y’all’s bellies. perfection.

  8. That last photo is too precious. Love it! And baby will too 🙂

  9. Love them all. Love you. Love, love, love.

    6 wks. Awesome.

  10. These—-are perfection!

  11. Bellies almost touching!!! Love love love!

  12. I love them all. So sweet. EEP only 6 weeks!

  13. She’s so lucky to be part of your family and I’m sure that you’ll be lucky that she chose you!

    Those photos should all be framed in her nursery!

  14. These are gorgeous Casey. I’m glad you have such happy photos of this time.

    Daisy Reply:

    @Daisy, “this time” = should have said “this time of your life.”


  15. LOVE. these are perhaps my most favorite mama-to-be (again) pictures i have ever seen. so lovely.

  16. You are a brave woman my friend, brave woman. Your daughter looked like she loved the photo opps though! Good luck in the home stretch!

  17. I, too, love that last one. You, my friend, are a very cute pregnant lady. Hooray for the home stretch!! 🙂

  18. 6 weeks!!!!!! Eek!!!!
    I’m so so very excited. And these photos? Awesome.

  19. SO. EXCITED.

  20. I kind of love these pictures!

  21. zomg. I cannot stand the cuteness of your baby belly. Or your daughter. I must shield my eyes from it.

  22. What a beautiful family you have. Great genes there! Can’t wait to see Miss Mozzi.

  23. You are positively lovely.

  24. love love love the belly shots, specially moosh’s cute belly.

  25. Love love love these photos, most of all Addies excitement! But also, um, super jealous of your non-back-fat!!

  26. Amazing pictures!

  27. SO fabulous!

  28. LOVE! In each and every sense you want to interpret that word!

  29. What BEAUTIFUL shots! When my mom was pregnant with twins (and then again later in life, with my brother) we took pictures of me hiding underneath her belly. They are the only pregnant photos of anyone in my family, and everyone remembers them. The ones of you with your daughter remind me of the ones I took with my mom, which makes me smile 🙂

  30. You three are adorable as always. Enjoy the home stretch. <3

  31. Oh my goodness, these are breathtaking. You definitely make cute sweet girls.

  32. So amazing! Time is flying by. The last pic is perfect. Looks like your daughter is embracing her little sister already and kissing your belly. Warms my heart, especially knowing all you have overcome. You deserve all this wonderful joy. May the blessing of the world continue to abound and overflow around you.

  33. OMG, those pictures are so sweet. Delicious.

  34. Love these posts. Thanks for sharing them.

  35. Young lady, you. are. beautiful.

  36. Amazing!! I totally HAVE to HAVE photos like this when I get pregnant! Can I borrow your daughter, so she can take them with me?? Ha ha! You are so bautiful!

  37. You look gorgeous! Love the pics, especially the one with Addie putting her belly next to yours, SO cute!

  38. these are so awesome! treasures, for sure!

  39. AWE. SOME.

  40. These photos are sooooo adorable! The last one is my FAVORITE! You all look fabulous! ;D

  41. beautiful!

  42. Awwww! You look beautiful. What amazing pictures to have to look back on this time.

    I’m selfishly a little sad looking at these though…I was so darn self-conscious that I refused to take pictures while I was pregnant. Not a one. I am over myself now, but wish I could go back and tell pregnant me that I was beautiful and would regret not having photographic proof.

    BTW – you taking my pictures at BlogHer was one step in me getting over myself. I sincerely thank you for that.

  43. I LOVE these pictures. Beautiful, gorgeous and they make me all giddy inside. <3

  44. These are wonderful. I wonder if your belly button will pop out by the end, which, in my opinion, is the best freaking part of having a baby belly.

    Your daughter is stunning, and you both look so so happy.

  45. lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove


  46. LOVE these!!

    I can’t believe your due date is almost here. Of course, I’m sure you are even more shocked. 🙂

  47. that last picture melts me into a puddle of baby envy.

  48. You guys are both impossibly gorgeous.

  49. I am so happy for you! I can’t wait to see your second little angel. You make beautiful babies.