34 weeks

34 weeks. 34 weeks. 34 weeks.

6 weeks.

Or less.

Holy crap.


  1. your belly and skin are so perfect you don’t even need to use black and white photos.

    Now THAT is a gift. You look awesome.

  2. Sarah Viola says:

    You win. All those other pregnant ladies and big sisters can just go home.

  3. LOVE these photos!!!

  4. I LOVE seeing you pregnant!!!!!!!!! You’re gorgeous.

  5. Say it with me, “I will survive, two kids is wonderful, I will survive”. Then repeat at 3am, 4am, and 5am, when you know that you can’t take a nap with the baby later because Addie will be up… 😉
    It gets better and they are amazing! 🙂 My baby just turned one, hard to believe it’s gone by so fast!

  6. Incredible and beautiful.

  7. These could be either the quickest or slowest weeks of your life! Hope you savour every second.

  8. I know you’re ready for this kid to come out, but you look good with a belly, I gotta say.

  9. Definitely not judgymcjudgerson — just curiosity after seeing your belly pics. Are there temple garments for pregnant ladies?

    Casey Reply:

    @m, There are! And I’ve already pretty much outgrown their capabilities but they’re still comfier than regular garments. There’s nursing ones too.

  10. 🙂 Ah, thanks, I needed to see those!

  11. Such lovely photographs. Very exciting to be in the final stretch.

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

  13. That last picture is just amazing. What a beautiful capture…Addie looks amazing…

    And girl? YOU look stunning!! Making me mad i didn’t take more pictures when I was chubbing it!! 😀 Then again, I didn’t look as good as you do!

  14. You look amazing!!! Yaye for 6 weeks. Can’t wait to see the baby!!

    Addie looks so very excited!

  15. YOU. LOOK. FAB!!!!

  16. That 3rd pic. Love! Love! Love.

  17. Oh, these are just stunning. I especially love the last one, with Addie peeking out from behind your belly. Confession: You’ve inspired me to get belly shots like these, but I’m failing miserably (due mostly to a toddler who hates having her picture taken). 🙂

  18. Most. Beautiful. Pictures. Ever. Congratulations and so many good wishes coming your way … happy last six weeks, Casey.

  19. I’m doing my belly pics with my daughter next month and hopefully before I go into labor. Nothing like leaving something to the last minute eh? Your pics are gorgeous. I hope mine turn out half as good. 🙂
    Oh, and you are still on!

  20. Just popped over to check on your progress and I don’t think I could love those last couple of photos more. Perfection!! 😀

  21. Those photos are gorgeous!

  22. Beautiful photos!