36 weeks. 

Very Pregnant 

4 days old. 

the moosh. 

little moosh baby daddy mooshie 

the moosh. 


the moosh. 


the moosh. 

the moosh. 

the moosh. 

the moosh. 

One Year. Hated Cupcakes. 

self feeding lesson 101 

My favorite picture of her ever. 


flying moosh. 


Ah, the cheeser. 

Crazy hair. 

the moosh. 

best curl day ever. 



the moosh. 

the moosh. 

the moosh. 


pantioline queen 



the moosh. 

the moosh. 



the moosh by kim. 


happy birthday little girl.

you’ve made me what I am.

love, mama


  1. Eeeeh! Happy Birthday to the cutest 3 year old on the internet! Oh I am in love with the dandelion picture.

  2. too cute

  3. awwww happy birthday sweet moosh! my cousin and his fiance had a baby yesterday to celebrate your birthday!

  4. Adorable. Happy happy Birthday Moosh!!!!!

  5. How come she is not modeling???

  6. Happy Birthday to a sweetie, the Moosh.

  7. Happy Birthday Moosh!!!

    I have to say my favorite shot is of you laughing and her crying. How perfect. LOL.

    Congrats… she is delicious.

  8. Beautiful! Happy Birthday little moosh!

  9. you have such a darling family it makes me almost ill from the sheer sweetness!

  10. Happy Birthday the moosh!!! YAY!!! May your third year be filled with even more excitement and beauty than ever!

  11. a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the moosh! have i told you lately that she’s gorgeous??? (of course not…i haven’t been around lately!)

    i love love love the topless tutu pic! 🙂

  12. Today while I was working at Barnes & Noble a child sat down on the floor and pitched a ridiculous fit because his mom wouldn’t get him a “kid’s coffee” at the neighboring Starbucks. And I realized that I’m absolutely in trouble because even while she was toting him out screaming I wanted one just like him. My life and my man are not prepared for that, and I just wanted to let you know that these pictures, well, they didn’t help. Adorable.

    (Since I don’t know you personally, I’m not sure I have a right to such a long comment, but there it is.)

    Happy Birthday the moosh!

  13. Happy Birthday Moosh! Such gorgeous pictures of such a darling, funny little gal!

  14. Happy 3rd Moosh!! I have some boyz you need to meet!

  15. My gosh she’s just too adorable.

    Happy birthday Moosh!!!!!!!

  16. Oh my, what a ride. Too cute for words, what a fun idea. happy birthday to the Moosh!

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous girl. Happy Birthday!

  18. Cutest child ever– seriously. I can only hope my little one comes even close!

  19. You really have some wonderful pictures of Moosh! She’s so cute and dramatic! I think your three year old and my three year old would get along great! I love that you are brave enough to open up about things that others wouldn’t dare talk about-and you add a little humor into everyday things! Have a great holiday season in Utah! (I am one of Kim’s friends in UT! Enjoy your visit!)

  20. Man, she is so flippin cute and you guys have THE best pictures!
    Happy birthday, little one!

  21. That is the best photo montage ever! Happy Birthday little one!

  22. Is it weird that I want to print out those photos for myself and keep them? Honestly Casey, you have one of the most photogenic children I have ever seen!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Biiirthday dear Moo-oosh,
    Happy Birthday to you!

  23. From tummy to that sweet faced person. How lucky can you get? She is beautiful and looks well loved. Congratulations to you and a happy-happy to her.

  24. That is a stinkin’ cute baby girl!

    S-T-I-N-K-I-N’ CUTE!!

    ~~Happy Birthday Moosh!

  25. happy birthday moosh!
    that pic with the tomato soup handprint on her face..did you ‘help’ with that? cuz i am totally gonna do that with bug!that’s an awesome picture.

  26. as cute as cute can be

    happy birthday!

    Boog is getting ready for #1 I can’t even believe it.

  27. Awww. She is one of the happiest, most beautiful children I’ve ever seen in my life. Happy birthday, Moosh!!

  28. That is the cutest thing I’ve seen to celebrate a birthday. Wicked awesome.

  29. Awwww!! It’s like watching her grow up in a minute.

    (PS – I can’t believe you can put something like this together for a daily blog post! I’m supposed to be making my grandparents a photo book [right now, actually] for Christmas [CHRISTMAS!] and it has taken me WEEKS. Weeks, Casey! My brain = applesauce. You = Super Woman.)

  30. OMG! She looks like a cherub! Very, very cute!

  31. Oh my word. She is too cute for words.

    That one with the pureed carrots (or whatever orange veg. it was) is a riot. As though she slapped herself in the head and said “I coulda had a chocolate.”

    I’m way late, but happy birthday, moosh!