40 x 40

1. Go on a one horse open sleigh ride.

2. Win a trophy.

3. Surprise Addie with a Disney trip.

4. Lie on the floor of the Sistine Chapel.

5. Go to the Monarch Butterfly migration in Mexico.

6. Write a book.

7. See Green Day in concert.

8. Visit all 50 states (even you North Dakota).

9. Work for Hallmark.

10. Attend a black tie event.

11. Get a passport.

12. Be a blond.

13. Take Cody to a Broncos game.

14. Learn how to wear red lipstick and look good doing it.

15. Grow a garden, flowers preferably.

16. Be the weight on my drivers license for longer than a week.

17. Rescue a cat, an old one no one wants.

18. Visit 15 different temples, not in Utah. (4 down. Chicago, Louisville, Palmyra and Vegas.)

19. Have a surprise birthday party (planned by someone else, obviously).

20. Go on a cruise.

21. Ride (on, let’s be honest) a Harley.

22. Fund another family’s trip to the temple.

23. Pet Shamu.

24. Ride a train in Europe.

25. Own an L-Series lens.

26. Get a box from Tiffany’s.

27. Preferably a real pearl necklace (pearls from oysters ZZ Top fans. oysh.)

28. Win a blue ribbon from the Indiana State Fair.

29. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays. And understand them.

30. Eat a cannoli in Little Italy.

31. Get a Bachelor’s degree.

32. Act in a play. On stage. (Again.)

33. Take a vacation with just my mom.

34. See a Broadway Show. On Broadway.

35. Be debt free.

36. Fly first class.

37. Become a possible bone marrow donor.

38. Get married in Vegas (to Cody, duh).

39. Eat a beignet in New Orleans.

40. Help set a world record.