Things are in a sort of chaotic, yet silent uproar around these parts.

I haven’t fully unpacked my suitcase since the end of February and starting on Thursday it will be in constant motion until May 20th.

I won’t even be home for Mother’s Day, I’ll be in the second happiest place on earth with my own mama. I talked to her yesterday and she squealed “I’ve been telling everyone that my kid is taking me to Disneyworld for Mother’s Day!” I was writing her a little Mother’s Day thank you letter when I realized we are now equals. I don’t rely on her for anything and she really can’t boss me around anymore. Rather than her being the mom and me being the daughter, we can now live out our lives as friends for however long our wits and health allow us to.


While I am beyond excited to be a part of this year’s Disney Social Media Moms (and Dads) conference, I’m even more excited to share what I do best with my mom. I’ll be able to show her off to the people who know me professionally as the woman who let me live through my teen years and my colleagues will be able to get to know this crazy cool little lady I call mama. I haven’t ever written a *whole* lot about my mom because for a long time we didn’t get along so well, it’s crazy to sit here now giddy and anxious with the anticipation of spending an entire weekend with her. I couldn’t even tell you what or who changed and when, perhaps it’s just been this gradual and imperceptible acceptance and appreciation of each other and our own unique talents. I’d like to say it’s all the therapy I went to in my younger years. If it did in fact take 9 years for all that therapy to kick in, that’s a terrible ROI.

Vivi’s birthday was on Saturday. It was a good day.

Vivi's Second Birthday

Two is a much harder transition than one, one is still a baby. Two is just a very little kid with terrible communication skills.

Vivi's Second Birthday

I can’t believe how well she fits into our life. It’s as if there were a place for her all along, we just didn’t realize it was there.

Kind of like that button in your car that turns on all the overhead lights with one push, it’s so handy! Why didn’t I notice it before? My life will never be the same from here on out!

And it won’t, because once you’ve experienced my offspring your life is never really the same.

Vivi and the Bubbles


  1. Charlane says:

    Happy Birthday Vivi! And although she may not be a baby anymore she still has those sweet little baby legs and look at those chunky knees! She is a doll!

  2. Anjala says:

    Happy Birthday Vivi! She is so amazing.

    I think you and I have a lot more in common that I ever realized, although my mom issues (and how to deal with them) are coming to a head for me now. *hugs* I hope you and your mom have a blast.

  3. Oh my goodness I never even noticed that Ariel and Vivi share the same birthday! Ariel my daughter just turned 2 on Saturday too =]

  4. Oh happy happy birthday Vivi.

    You’re going to have an amazing time on the happiest place on Earth with your mom, I just know it.

  5. Can I just say that Vivi’s legs are epic? I love them so much. Well, all of her is epic, but seriously, those thighs!

    Why can we not appreciate thighs like that as we get older?

  6. Happy Birthday, Vivi!! How is is 2 already?!?

    Enjoy your time with your mom! 🙂

  7. Mothering is hard and being a daughter is hard! I love to see it come full circle as time goes on. My daughter is now 24 with a almost 2 year old and made my Mother’s Day by simply thanking me because she says: Parenting is hard and you made it look easy. Made me cry and realize all my efforts were received. Enjoy Disney! My favorite vacation ever with my little ones!

  8. Christi says:

    Happy Birthday to your little girl!! I would LOVE to know where you got her “my sister is my bff” shirt? So cute! I would love to get one for my younger daughter

    Casey Reply:

    @Christi, Her shirt is from OshKosh, I bought it last month I think?

  9. Vivi’s little Jordans are the cutest thing ever!

  10. I want our girls to play together so, so much.