My sissy is 22 months older than me, 22 pounds lighter than me and one of my favorite people in the whole world. Some of my sissy’s favorite people in the whole world have four legs. In fact most of my sissy’s favorite people have four legs. Mainly Delaney (dog), Eve (dog), Audrey (cat) and Milla (fluffy cat, fluffy shy cat, so shy in fact that she is unphotographable.)

My sister's first and oldest dog, Delaney.

My sister's second dog, Eve.

My sister's third cat, Audrey.

Delaney is old, Eve licks a lot and Audrey isn’t the moosh’s biggest fan.

Delaney's feet.

My sissy’s entire life is devoted to the care and love of animals, both at work and at home. So much so in fact that there are symbols of her fur loves all over her house.

My sister's bookshelf.

My sister's motto.

My sister's fridge

My sister's version of indulgence.

My sister's first Cat, Lily

This is her first cat Lilly. Lilly is the first cat she ever had and the first pet she ever had to pass away.

I’ve never seen her more sad.

So needless to say the best picture I’ve ever seen of her, the one that most encompasses everything I know, love and adore about my sissy was taken by me (hi!).

The most accurate photo of my sister, ever.

Her little silver ring, her scarf made by her best friend, a cozy sweater and a leash in her tiny hands.

I can’t lie, my sister is one of the biggest reasons I feel guilty for not giving the moosh a sibling close to her own age.

However, I did manage to get her a really awesome Aunt.


  1. Well done on the Auntie front. That’s kind of how I think of it too …

    mimi’s last blog post..With even more spring

  2. I feel bad I’m not giving my sister’s kids cousins their age to play with. Our family reunions are going to be lousy.

    Camille’s last blog post..My Best Friend’s Uterus Has a Split Personality

  3. I think I love your sister.

    Chicky Chicky Baby’s last blog post..The Nap Nazi

  4. Everyone needs an aunt (and a sissy) like that.

    Melanie at Beanpaste’s last blog post..Yankee Doodle Dirrrr-tay

  5. Very lovely post! Makes me wish my sister and I were closer than what we are. We are only four years apart in age but worlds apart in attitudes, lifestyles and point of views…not that any of that matters to me – but I think it does for her.

    SuzyQ’s last blog post..It’s Official – I am addicted to StatCounter

  6. Aw, what a sweet post!
    So great that you two are so close that you could capture her so well.

  7. oooooohhh. That is so sweet.

    So I grew up in a family of five girls and one boy. While my brother and I tolerated each other, I loved my sisters.

    They protected me. They did my hair way better than my mom. We went to movies. We shared secrets. We gossiped.

    Today, we still do a lot of those things even though we are states apart.

    So, what’s the problem? My princess has two brothers-no sisters. She will never know that bond of sisterhood. It’s likely she will have closer girlfriends because she won’t have her sister backing her. Still, no sisters.

    It makes me so sad. There are days where in la-la land, I’ve shopped on-line adoption pages looking a for sister. I’ve had dreams where she is from India or Pakistan. Where I can be a hero to both girls.

    Then I think, who am I kidding. My husband wanted two children. I got lucky his vasectomy failed so we got our third miracle baby. Three is all he can handle. But then, he also said that once when we only had one child.

    Dreaming of Sisters.

  8. Sisters are what keep me sane at times. I wouldn’t trade them (or my brothers) for anything. And who knows what the future will bring for the Moosh?

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

  9. I want to be friends with your sister. I love her four legged friends.

    That last picture is wonderful. What a great capture!

    Megan’s last blog post..A Bubbling Whine.

  10. never underestimate the power of an awesome aunt. my sister is AMAZING to my kids.

    ali’s last blog post..of George and Georgia…again, something i couldn’t even make up…

  11. Don’t beat yourself up about moosh and a sibling being close in age or not. My oldest and second are 4.5 years apart and really adore each other (when not making each other scream, that is!)

    Kelly’s last blog post..Boobers: All Gussied Up

  12. I see the Moosh having the makings of a great older sister to be looked up to. Not much beats that. 😉

    kristi’s last blog post..A letter to the cooties

  13. aw, I think your sissy and I would be friends!

    Reese’s last blog post..Don’t Try This At Home

  14. I’d get along really well with your sister. My only child, a 5 year old golden retriever, is my best friend. Besides my husband.;)

    Moosh will have “sisters” in her YW and other groups of friends if she doesn’t have another one with similar DNA.

  15. I’m not a huge dog person, but those are some cute pooches!

    Sister’s are awesome, but Aunties are special, too!

  16. Well, get her a dog!?

    Good & Crazy’s last blog post..My vegetarian salad can kick your turkey sandwich’s butt!

  17. Don’t regret, Casey! My sis and I were best friends and she was 11 years older than me with 2 sibs between. I dunno how it worked out like that, but it ALWAYS was, from babyhood she just loved me and we were so alike.

    She is gone but now I have her son, who is so like her. He turned 38 the other day and we have a great time together.

    Suebob’s last blog post..Just like that