If you’ve been around a while then you’ll know I met Cody whilst a manager of Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Who wouldn’t want to marry that right?

Anyway. With all the bra fitting and bra talking and bra this bra that I learned something about us wimminz. Something to bring up at your next playgroup. Because I promise there will be some funny looks after you pose this one question.

“How do you put on your bra?”

Are you a front hooker slider or a back hooker?

Go forth, discuss. Let me know how it goes.

(I’m a back hooker personally. I believe myself to be the minority.)


  1. reach around snap. definitely. unless it’s a front hook. then all bets are off. Or a sports bra that I pull over my head. *guffaw*. I forgot for a minute that I don’t exercise anymore.

    Antonette’s last blog post..Is There A Defibrillator In The House?

  2. Ok, so I think. . . according to your oh-so-professional description, that I am a hook front slide.

    I hold the hooks in my right hand, swing the bra around my back and bring the other hooks around the left side and in front. Hook them together in the front. Slide the bra around so the boob part is by the boobs. Shove my arms through the holes, and tuck the boobs in, then pull the boobs up.

    Don’t know how women manage to put their bra on the way it’s supposed to go, and hook the hooks in the back. . . I don’t have such dexterity. Wish I did. It’s super sexy stuff.

    Which leads me to declare to everyone that Casey puts her bra on Super Sexy Stuff style.

    the prologue of my life’s last blog post..Resigned

  3. I’m a back hooker, but I hook it upside down and then put my arms in the straps. I wish I could do the thing where you put it on like a backward jacket and then hook it, because I’m pretty sure it is less strain on the fabric, but it doesn’t work so well with triple-d’s, if you know what I mean.

    seven’s last blog post..New Etsy Stuff.

  4. Back hooker here. But, I think I do it the way that seven does. I hook in front (upside down) and slide around.

    Front hooks always scared me. Wasn’t sure they’d hold as well.

    AFRo’s last blog post..Dangerous Times

  5. I am a back hooker.


  6. Nicole Miraty says:

    I am a front-hooker-slide-to-backer myself. So is my mom. Genetics? 🙂

  7. I’m a back hooker. Not to be confused with a street hooker.

  8. Front-hooker-slide-to-the-back gal. I tried being a back-hooker and it was just too hard… I’m not sure why.

  9. Back hooker. I didn’t realize people over the age of 13 side hooked!

    Debbie’s last blog post..The Fam

  10. I plead the 5th!

    Krista’s last blog post..Book: From A Distance

  11. Never thought about it. Just did it. In fact, when I read the question I thought, “Back hooker, duh.” And then it gradually dawned on me that I’m a front hooker slider. I think. I might have to actually go take my bra off and put it back on now to find out.

    Amber’s last blog post..Ye Olde Stone Temple Pilots

  12. Back hooker, duh! 🙂

    At Enrichment last night, a couple of women were talking about scooping their boobs into their bras. I cannot even figure out how that would work. . . .

    Janssen’s last blog post..I Love Food

  13. I’m a back hooker, and I thought that was how most people did it, but when it comes up, I realize that a lot of people I know are front hook sliders. I also think “The Front Hook Sliders” would be a good band name.

    Rachael’s last blog post..My Internet Exploded

  14. Back-hooker. I think the front-hooker-slider is too much work. And since I’m lazy, back-hooking works for me.

    Erin Marie’s last blog post..Pictures and a Couple Videos

  15. What?? Ya’ll wear BRAS??!!??!! Man, I gotta get with the times. hehe.

    (Shh don’t tell, but I’m a back hooker. Any hooker’s a good hooker, right??)

    Smiling Mom’s last blog post..Diaper-free and filled with glee

  16. Lisa in TX says:

    Bent Over Reverse-Jacket Back Hooker–both arms in, pull cups up to were they’re supposed to be, bend over (and do a little wiggle dance) so the cups actually get filled the right way, pull hooks together in back & snap as I straighten. Then I have to pull the boobs up a bit to resettle in the cups.

  17. Definately a back hooker, and can’t handle a front hook bra. it just bugs me.

    Adrienne’s last blog post..Knee Update Again

  18. well…now. i am a front hooker slider. i guess since that is how i first started doing it i’ve never thought about it again. seriously. i don’t think i have ever tried to back hook my bra. now i feel so immature! i have got to try that!

    natalie’s last blog post..Giving away a little bit of Turkey

  19. Front hooker slide. I never even realized that there were people capable of hooking it from the back, until that topic of discussion once came up during a girlie night. I mean, you can’t see what you’re doing back there!

    Frozen Star’s last blog post..Balthazar Getty’s eyebrow

  20. Back hooker, sistah!

    Lauren’s last blog post..Have a great weekend,…

  21. Front hooker slide although I got taught lisa from tx’s message in a bra shop and tried that for a bit before reverting back to the easy way 😉

    Gliding through motherhood’s last blog post..give away weekend

  22. Back hooker all the way. I never understood all the fuss or the need to hook it in the front.

  23. Hook in front, slide to back and jiggle to make sure everyone is in place…it’s kind of like the pole dancer version of bra donning.

  24. Front hooker slide — I even remember being taught said technique by my mom & practicing diligently. I can’t up and change things up now.

    kristi’s last blog post..Woo Hoo Yee Haw Yippeee Kiyayyyy! (How does one spell Cy-yay?) and alternatively, I Love You Mostly For Your Cupholders

  25. Well, I must be boring. Just plain old back hooker. And that’s not easy with DD… 🙂

    Kristin’s last blog post..MINE!

  26. Side hooker. I’m too lazy to do it in the front and then work it all the way around to the back, and I’m too clumsy to get it done right from the back. Thus, the side.

    calicobebop’s last blog post..Lost lols… The Finale

  27. BACK HOOKER…I don’t know how front hooker slide people do it!

    Katie’s last blog post..He has not forgotten me…

  28. Back hooker definitely. Much easier to do when damp from shower or swimming, sliding doesn’t work then.

    Amy’s last blog post..Near as damn it

  29. I’m a back hooker too 🙂

    Nicole’s last blog post..Not The Coffee Maker!

  30. Front hooker slider. Never could figure out the other way.

    all things bd’s last blog post..Fashion Tuesday/Wordless Wednesday: Will Work for New Pajamas

  31. Funny you should mention playgroups. I’m actually missing mine right now. Especially when I hear of *certain* zoo trips. It’s been a lonely summer so far.

    Front hook slider, all the way.

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..I Just Lost 5lbs on a Walk by Crapping in My Pants

  32. back hooker fer sher

    amy’s last blog post..Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes

  33. I’m totally a back hooker. Except for my bras with a front closure. hehe. 😉 Oh, but I like calling myself a hooker, of any description!

    Z’s last blog post..Sleeping In

  34. Most my bras are back hookers, but I always preferred the bras that were front hookers.

    HOWEVER, lately I’ve only been wearing sports bras, because they’re so comfy and I can stick things in them when I don’t have pockets…like cell phones, money, ID, candy bars (just kidding). I have ample busom and ample room to hide things. hehe

    Rhea’s last blog post..Yet Another Very Serious Interview with the Little People.

  35. I’m a front hook/slide by choice but back hooker for now because of the bras I happen to own. Most important are racerback straps because regular straps slide down my arms, regardless of guarantees by the company.

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..What did I do yesterday? Funny you should ask …

  36. I totally agree with Nicole on the genetics part – my mom and I are both behind-the-back hookers.

    Interesting question you bring up, Casey…will enjoy the crazy looks I get from friends when I pass it on…

    T’s last blog post..Not Your Typical Spoiled Brat

  37. I’m totally a back hooker. I have sensitive skin, the sliding leaves me all red and irritated, so it’s boobs in, back hook and then straps for me.

    Jen’s last blog post..Need to forgive

  38. i’ve always wanted to be a back hooker. i’m totally a back unhooker though.

    i’m definitely an upside down front hooker. slide it around, lean forward and stick the arms in.

    i just can’t for the life of me get my arms to cooperate and do a back hook. it could have something to do with the Double almost Triple D’s and massive arm and back fat…

    Biddy’s last blog post..I’m A Terrible Mother

  39. Wow. Some of you guys (or I guess I should say gals) make this way too complicated! I just put the straps over my shoulders and then hook it together in the back.
    All this upside down/sliding/fron/back/side stuff is too confusing for me!

    Sarah @ Ordinary Days’s last blog post..Do you ever…

  40. Back hooker all the way. Straps up, boobs in, hook, and adjust. I can even unhook it from the back with one hand. Quite a talent, no?

    Hillary’s last blog post..Two Weeks Later

  41. back hooker. totally. i’m with sarah and hillary… i stick my arms in, then hook the back… easy peasy? apparently not.

    kristin’s last blog post..renewed.

  42. I used to be a back hooker. But then something happened to my shoulder flexibility (too many babies? not enough putting-on-my-bra?) and I became a front-hooker-slider. I’m a little disappointed in myself…

    Amy Sorensen’s last blog post..The Happy/Sad Combo

  43. back hooker – arms in, bend and jiggle into the cups (like my mom taught me), hook in the back, readjust. of course, unhooking goes the opposite way. i didn’t know that people hooked in front and slid around – too tricky for me. i’ve had several front-hook bras come undone on me, so i usually don’t buy those.

    Liz’s last blog post..Hiatus

  44. Lisa from TX and I do the same dance. I back hook. Always have. Unless I’m on the phone and can only do it one-handed. Then I front hook slide. But really, how often does that happen. It’s statistically insignificant.

    Blazing Goddess’s last blog post..Crazy 8’s

  45. I’m a back hooker. Basically I do exactly what Liz does.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Because she is so cute…

  46. Memphislis says:

    Back hooker.

  47. Back-hooker!

    Jen’s last blog post..beach-bound!

  48. Maybe it’s easier for us gals who are “less blessed” to be back hookers. Though it can be a *itch when the hooks are worn out or practically coming out of the bra to back hook.

    Jean’s last blog post..Red Velvet Cake If You Don’t Please

  49. A fabulous question on which to spend some time on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon. Back hook all the way for me. I hope you’ll do a little count up of the responses here, so we can have a scientific breakdown of the percentage of the population that makes each choice (your readers are obviously a representative sample, right)

    MommyTime’s last blog post..An Experiment in Bloggy Exploration

  50. front slider

    Liam Craig’s last blog post..Good News all around