The one Monday we had a dog, things didn’t go so well.

Mae was supposed to go left, instead she went right. My bedroom door was supposed to be closed, instead it was open.

An epic chase ensued.

Wink climbed walls, bounced off windows, ran through tiny spaces and bounced so high off Addie’s bed he nearly touched the ceiling.

Had I not been terrified for the well being of Wink, it would have been quite hysterical to watch. Wink puffed out like an electrified cartoon as Mae’s lanky legs tried to keep in line behind him.

Mae got him by his belly at one point, tossing him in the air. Wink escaped only to get his foot caught in one of Vivi’s toys. He dragged the toy with him, finally shaking it loose as I managed to get a gate between him and the dog.

When Cody found out what happened he asked why I didn’t just grab Mae.

Somewhere over the past 12 years of marriage Cody somehow got the idea that I am capable of stopping out of control freight trains with my bare hands.

Mae went back to the shelter after our vet told me a tragic story about a dog she rescued that ate her beloved cat on day one.

For those of you with cats who are considering a rescue dog, a lot of people will tell you “Oh! It just takes a couple of weeks! Everyone will be thick as thieves before you know it!” I’m here to rain on your parade and say sometimes a dog will do in a cat in before they are ever able to even acknowledge the existence of one another. I’m all about rescuing animals that need homes, but I’m also all about keeping the rescue pets I already have alive.

Wink has been on edge ever since Mae left, he hides in the closet, only comes out at night and flinches at the slightest noise. Earlier this week as I was changing the litter I noticed blood.

Blood is never good.

Veterinarian Google convinced me I needed to take Wink in RIGHT AWAY. Cheapskate Cody insisted Wink would live through the night. (Which he did. BARELY.)

First thing in the morning I took a very sad Wink to the vet where he was to undergo a urine sample, an x-ray to rule out stones and while I was there I brought up a clump of poop in his paw that I wasn’t brave enough to get out given how little Wink likes his toes touched.

The vet dug at it a bit then gasped as Wink’s ENTIRE TOE FELL OFF.

“That’s! That’s bone. He has managed to rip off his entire toe. I mean, there’s no toenail, it’s GONE. It’s simply scabbed over. There isn’t even enough skin for me to close this, he’s going to have to have surgery!” (In case you’re curious about what a ripped off cat toe looks like, here it is. While it’s not bloody, you can certainly tell something is very, very wrong.)

Suddenly the epic chase came back to the forefront of my mind, that toy he was caught up on.

I texted Cody with the results and $417 veterinary bill.

“Did the dog do this to him?”


Apparently the crystals Wink has in his bladder (and I guess there are a BUNCH) are brought on by stressful situations. In this case, that situation was named Mae.

When I came home I went straight to the toy Wink dragged behind him and sure enough, in one of the crevices was the other part of his toe.

Yesterday we found the toenail he ripped off.

Poor cat. He’s got one eyeball, he’s missing half an ear and now he’s down a back toe. If he was born with nine lives he’s easily down to his last two or three.

Cody claimed it gives him “street cred” and that “Ladies love a guy with scars!”

I think it’s his way of dissuading his guilt over the dog nearly doing in his lovercat.

Wink still sticks to the closet 80% of the time, it’s the only place the dog never ventured so I assume he feels safest in there.

Or perhaps he’s trying to make an equal rights statement about coming out of the closet.

Regardless, I love that cat so much it’s stupid.

I’m really glad he’s okay.

What’s the weirdest injury your pet has ever had?



  1. @Lisa in TX, Uh. Super glad there were no exploding toes. *dies*

  2. @KaraB, You say crazy cat lady, I say exactly what I aspire to becoming.

  3. @Casey, how awful. Clearly they just thought- ah, they’ll make it work. Ugh, some people shouldn’t be in the rescue arena b/c they do more harm than good- literal & figurative. I know people think- great dog/cat- nothing bad can happen…. Sure. My now in laws once told me that when they arrived on our door step (surprise!) w/ their dog (hubs & I only newly engaged) for visit & swore good w/ other dogs…. 8 hrs later my poor pup is getting 30 staples to close her throat & 18 her cheek thanks to their friendly pup…..

  4. I’m constantly kicking mushrooms over. And yes, my shih tzu now has allergies to grass…fun times giving him shots.

  5. When I was younger, we had an inside/outside cat named Mikey. One day I heard a pitiful mew from the back door. Mikey was on the back porch in a box – with a compound fracture in one hind leg. I figured he had either been hit by a car or someone had hit him – maybe with a baseball bat or something.

    The vet tried to fix it, but after a couple of weeks Mikey lost the cast (it got caught on something), and the vet said the leg had to be amputated. Mikey became a tripod.

    I became a person who would not send my pets outside on their own again. (Later, I was caretaker for my landlady’s inside/outside cat. He had been that way all his life and it was a small town. He came to no harm while I had him. But I won’t do that with my own pets. When she took him to live with her in another state, he was killed a couple of months later by the neighbor’s dogs.)

    I still say that even through the decision was hard, you did the right thing by returning Mae. The new pet has to fit in with the current family dynamics, and from what I read, she only tolerated Cody when nobody else was available (I got the impression she might be afraid of men). She deserves a home where there are the types of people she can tolerate, and not the temptation/distraction of “edible” co-pets.

  6. I.cant.even. Poor Wink! Good thing he has extra toes (even if they are not on those feet). How long does it take a kitty to work through PTSD? Hmmmmm…

    I had a kitty swallow an embroidery needle once. He was playing with the floss on the end and before I knew it he had swallowed the whole thing! After the surgery the vet wanted to know if I wanted the needle back. After all, it cost about 800.00 to get it back. I politely declined though. YUCK!!

    Give Wink an extra nuzzle from Lucy and me 🙂

  7. Oh the stories I can tell you about the elderly wonder aka my black lab, Sam. How Sam has lived to be 15 and counting is beyond understanding. Her most famous “injury” is the one I still can’t figure out.

    I quilt. And I used to have a pincushion that looked something like an apple or a tomato with a strawberry attached. It was loaded, of course, with quilt pins – multicolored ball top. I always put my sewing supplies away in the same place — out of Sam’s reach.

    Anyway, I woke up one morning and saw a scrap of red fabric on the floor; my current quilt was purple, but I wasn’t alarmed or anything until I got my glasses on and saw more red pieces and what looked to be saw dust. I rounded the corner to the living room — more saw dust and lots of red fabric. And then it dawned on me that I didn’t see any pins.

    Off to the vet we went. He sent me back home to try to figure out how many pins she might have eaten while he x-rayed and set up for surgery.

    I’d been home maybe ten minutes when he called me and told me to “come on back” because he wanted to show me something (I could have walked to his office if I wanted to; it was that close to my house). In the x-ray the little balls from the pin tops showed up. No pins. Not one.

    So while waiting for her to come out of the sedation I went back home to figure it out. There were headless pins all over my floor. The danged dog literally bit the pin heads off the pins and then spit the pins out.

    She pooped pin heads for weeks. And that was a couple of hundred dollars I’ll never get back.

  8. My dachshund climbed into a laundry basket of clean, warm, folded clothes. I must have startled him when I told him to get out, that he caught his back toenail on one of the holes in the basket. Ripped right off, much like your cat. Blood everywhere. But I guess with dogs, their nails grow back. Or in this case, he really just ripped it down to the nub. He’s fine now. But the yelp he made when it ripped off…broke my heart into teeny tiny pieces.

  9. @Casey,

    He might be my favorite too but we won’t tell. 🙂

  10. Melissa says:

    This isn’t an injury really, but an ER vet story. I have a beloved Beagle who wandered up to our house 4 years ago and adopted us. Maisy Mouse is definitely my dog and follows me everywhere I go in the house. One night I realized she wasn’t on the bed with me and didn’t come when I called her. I found her in the kitchen standing over a (previously unopened) 5 pound bag of Hershey kisses. The bag was empty. She was blimp-like. I rushed her to the vet (it was, of course, after hours) and they pumped her stomach, etc. She was fine but the funny moment came when I was filling out the paperwork. The receptionist asked me what happened. When I told her, she asked me if Maisy Mouse had eaten the wrappers too. Um, no, lady. She unwrapped each one before she ate them whole. WOW. That was a $500 visit.

  11. Hello, sweet girl. I’ve been missing. Coming up for air. So glad you are thriving — Moon Cookie

  12. I was just going to make a funny remark on Twitter about how Amazon had sent me an email trying to sell me dog harnesses – I think because I clicked on a link you tweeted about them – but I thought I’d check in to see how things had gone before I was grossly insensitive.

    I’m so glad I did.

    I’m sorry about poor Wink! And Mae, too, but what can be done? I hope Mae finds a cat-free home, and I am so glad Wink is on the mend. Poor kitty.

  13. Hi Casey,
    So you mentioned crystals in your cat’s bloody urine, did your vet give you the diagnosis of Cystitis? I’m just curious if he has the same thing as my cat and what the vet recommended you do about it. My cat started having bloody urine and peeing all over the house ten weeks ago when we brought home our baby from the hospital and it still hasn’t gone away. The vet says we can only give pain killers, very expensive, and they don’t even work. Just wondering how you’re handling the whole thing and if Wink just got better after the dog left or if your vet gave you a better action plan. So sad for you that the dog thing didn’t work out, we love our rescue dog and our rescue cats but gosh they sure do come with their own kind of baggage.
    I love all your cat posts (and photography ones, seriously just upgraded to the 7D per your recommendation from the Epic One About Buying Cameras and Lenses and I couldn’t be happier with my photographs of my new little baby).
    You’re great– and happy happy birthday. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Tricia, I don’t remember what the exact diagnosis was but the treatment was a medication that kept his pee hole from spasming as he did his business as well as a pain shot that lasted a week, a switch to a fancy water fountain (so he’d want to drink more water) as well as a food change for bladder health (Science Diet C/D I believe?) He’s doing much better, hopefully that’s the case for you as well and your vet just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Did they do a urine sample? That’s what went down with Winker, and there were a lot of really big crystals. Womp.
    Congrats on the baby! (AND THE CAMERA!)

  14. I like it when people get together and share thoughts.
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  15. How strange, Dollar’s toenail was ripped out about a month ago. It’s also scabbing over… I guess it doesn’t grow back? Glad your cat is okay. It’s a really scary thing!

  16. Glad your cat is ok


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