So. Lupron. Heard of it?

If not, allow me to school you.

Lupron is a shot that sends its victim patient into medical menopause.

Nothing like medical menopause at 27 years old.

I was becoming okay with the idea of a big shot to send me into crazy until I found out how much it was.

If a pharmacists gives you a serious look and says, “We don’t carry that in the pharmacy because it’s just too expensive.” what number pops into your head? $500 popped into mine.

I went home to research this overly expensive shot that would assure me weeks of hot flashes in the middle of an Indiana summer.

What I found was this.

Lupron Shots

That’s per shot people. PER SHOT. And I need three.

Apparently there is an entire “LUPRON DEPARTMENT” where they take care of insurance billing and what not.

I’ll bet there’s not many of you who have ever had a medication that had an entire department dedicated to it.

After finding out about LupronLand and realizing that a TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR SHOT was not going to make me rich, skinny or beautiful I did what any emotional eater would do.

I got creative.

the ultimate sandwich for emotional eaters.

That right there is a grilled peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow sandwich. And it was my lunch.

Before visiting LupronLand I have one minor thing to get out of the way. I’ll will be referring to it as “that thing in Chicago” so as not to bother those who are unable to make it to “that thing in Chicago.”

I'll have the cleanest uterus at BlogHer '09

As of this moment Canada will not let Mr. Lady leave (for those of you who don’t know, I am considered Mr. Lady Light. All the awesome without the swears, body piercings or liquor consumption) And if Canada continues to hold Mr. Lady hostage I will be filling in as moderator at the “PatientBloggers – You Are Not Your Disease, You Just Blog About It” panel at “that thing in Chicago.” I’ll be sharing the stage with three lovelies in the blogging world, Loolwa, Kerri and Jenni. If you’ll be at “that thing in Chicago” it will be the third session on Friday from 2:45-4:00 pm.

Mr. Lady hand picked me to fill in for her in case she couldn’t make it. At first I though that I would never fit on a panel about illness blogging. (Unless the illness was an intense addiction to SYTCYD.) But then I realized I write about my personal health a lot on here. Depression. Infertility. RAINBOWS GALORE MOST DAYS.

It wasn’t until I was recovering from my surgery a few weeks ago that I went through and tagged all of my infertility posts as such.

I write about my bunk lady parts a lot. Like a lot a lot. Thanks for coming back despite the fact.

I figured the least I could do to thank you for all of your support and patience with me and my uterus I’d introduce you to the little wench organ. (I’m inserting it small. As a favor to you eating your grilled peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow sandwiches. If you really want to see her? CLICK IT! IT EVEN HAS WITTY COMMENTARY FROM YOURS TRULY!)


So yes. There it is.

Let’s run down the optimistic list of why it is awesome to be infertile.

  • I get to have pictures of my uterus.
  • I get to have x-ray pictures of my uterus.
  • We don’t have to use condoms.
  • DRGGZ!
  • I get to have shots that cost more per ounce than liquid gold.
  • Itchy glued on scabs. (seriously? The glue they used to glue me shut with over three weeks ago? WILL NOT COME OFF.)


Now if you’ll excuse me. There is a grilled peanut butter sandwich calling my name…

OH! And I got my hairs painted!

my new color job. (and cut, but whatever LOOK AT THE COLOR!)

Okay. Sandwich. BAI!

(Oh, P.S. Will you be at “that thing in Chicago?” Tell me if you are! Or just, uh, tell me what you had for breakfast if you won’t be able to be there. *ahem*)


  1. Use Nutella, and you can call that sandwich HEALTH FOOD.

    Have fun being me, honey. Perhaps fixing up my reputation a bit while you’re at it would be nice.

    Casey Reply:

    @Mr Lady, Don’t forget that if I put dark chocolate it’s even HEALTHIER.

    I’m seriously going to pose as you.

    Working on my gruff “HI I’M MR LADY” voice now.

  2. @ECT, Money. Blergh.

  3. @AmazingGreis, See? Now everyone knows I’m slimy inside and out!

  4. @Chris, I think we’ll be handing meds out at the door…bummer right?

  5. I’ll be there! See you then.

  6. I plan on being all up on that person that is you at some point during that thing in Chicago. *ahem*

    Yes. I will be there.

    Also, just for the record. Inbound traffic. Noticed. Verklempt. <3 Sniff. Cough. Hug.

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarcastic Mom, It’s the least I could do. In fact I’m sorry I could take better e-care of you at the time…SOMEBODY WAS IN AN UGLY SELFISH PLACE, but has learned a lot since then.

  7. Well, gee. I didn’t enter my Twitter user name before my fat, sweaty hand meat hit the enter key without me telling it to.

    And it bothers me a lot. That the form was not complete.

    So I do this.

    Because I have “teh issues.”

  8. Not gonna be there but might consider it for next year.

    My heart (and uterus) hurts for you.

    I love your honesty.

    You’re pretty.

    And a grilled chocolate peanut butter marshmallow sandwich sounds divine.

    Casey Reply:

    @Eternal Lizdom, You really should consider it. Strongly. Not only that thing but the sandwich.

  9. Ok, now I feel totally ripped off the my RE didn’t take a picture of MY uterus. I had NO IDEA how much Lupron was–wowsa.

    oh, and I had a Thomas’ English Muffin for breakfast.

    Have fun in Chicago!(love your hair!)

    Casey Reply:

    @Michelle, I take it you never go to experience the lupron?
    And yes, I’d feel cheated if I didn’t have a keepsake photo.

  10. I saw this a few days ago and *almost* sent this link to you then, but decided not to. But since we’re talking about your uterus anyway…

    p.s. so you think that stuff they glued you shut with might be a little bit like superglue? Maybe…just a little. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Bridget, It’s like superglue on CRACK (well, a crack that is glued shut.)

    And the link? love it. Etsy makes anyone feel better.

    Della Reply:

    @Bridget, That plushie is adorable. The rest of the store scared me more just a tad, I will admit it. But the plushie is adorable.

    Bridget Reply:

    Yeah. Me, too. I’ll never be able to look at seashells again…
    (My mom is a women’s health nurse practitioner, and one of her patients sent her the plushie link. I didn’t even look at the rest of the store. Yikes!)

  11. WORD!

  12. I’ll be there! And you know, one of my favorite sandwiches ever is a grilled PB & strawberry jam sandwich with fries and pickles and mustard.


    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, I knew we got along, but after this little tidbit of knowledge?
    Fries and Pickles for all.

  13. A bowl of frosted Mini Wheats… See there is a downside to being pregnant… when you at 33 weeks pregnant you don’t get to go to fun things like that thing in Chicago… you can add that to your list of why it’s awesome to be infertile!

    Casey Reply:

    @LovingDanger, I’ll dance for you while you waddle around for me.

  14. toast with homemade raspberry, strawberry, blueberry jam.

    here’s to your clean uterus & the billion dollar drugs to get you to moosh 2.0

    *clinks water glasses with you*

    Casey Reply:

    @mommymae, I think I could have bought a baby by now with all this expense. Or at least gone all Raising Arizona for free…

  15. @Casey, C’mon, lady, there’s nothin like a little plural marriage to liven up the blog a bit! You can complain about sister wives instead of girly bits.

  16. Dude, craziness is what I call the amount of one of those shots, let alone 3!! I am sure it isn’t covered under the insurance either.

    And yes, I will be at that thing in Chicago, but not for the whole time, but I am so gonna find you so we can rock out. And if not I will come and see you in August when I am visiting my other friend in Indy.

    And because I know you wanna know breakfast was mini wheat bagel w/ cinn. swirl cream cheese and a strawberry smoothie I made w/ real strawberries & vanilla yogurt.

    Casey Reply:

    @Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire, I’m ready to rock. What days will you be there?

    Domestic Extraordinaire Reply:

    @Casey, I get in Thursday at 6:50 AM head over to the hotel and I leave sometime on Friday afternoon/eve not sure exactly on the time of departure-pretty much whenever hubs picks me up.

  17. I will be there and ironically, that panel you might moderate is the only one I had officially planned to attend.


    Honestly, I’m petrified of lunch and night events. I’m scared that the non-structured time will be when I forget how to make friends and instead sit by myself, or worse, hide in a bathroom. Everyone keeps telling me not to be nervous, but really, I just seem to get more and more so. Gah.

    Casey Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain, The universe wants us together.
    Go ahead and feel nervous. It’s an indescribable feeling once you’re there, and it’s futile to try.
    And for me at least, it wasn’t nervousness.

  18. Your hair looks awesome! Highlights and lowlights make me feel 5 years younger and 10 lbs lighter, which means they are a permanent part of the budget. Hope to see you at that little thing in Chicago, and I promise I will dance.

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie @ Just Like The Number, Previously I had Spanx as part of the budget. Maybe now I’ll have to convince the husband that my hair MUST be in the budget as well.

  19. I’ll be at that thing in Chicago, and so will my thing.

    Casey Reply:

    @Avitable, And its little balls too.

  20. Since I’m not going to BlogHer I’ll tell you what i had for breakfast: yogurt with granola 😛 Have fun without me!

    Casey Reply:


  21. Great hair!!

    Well, that’s the worst cost I’ve seen for something that isn’t covered by most insurance companies. But when my husband had cancer, his pre-chemo injections to raise his blood cell counts ran $8k-$9k, and the chemo itself was about $30k each time. The first time I saw one of those statements, I almost had a heart attack. Fortunately, we had absolutely amazing insurance, and I think we paid about $15 for each instance. I’m not even going to get started on my usual rant about fertility treatment and assisted reproduction not being covered by most insurance companies…

  22. wow. when i had lupron, i had no idea.

    of course, that was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and things were simpler.

    no chicago for me, but i *am* coveting your sandwich.

  23. Wow! What a uterus!

    I just don’t get professional photos like that in my adventures.

    I had frozen waffles and what was left of a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Have fun at that thing in Chicago!

  24. @Casey, No, the ones you keep in the fridge. You know, they pop when you open them? I’m sure they’re super healthy, right? Whatever, they’re tasty!

  25. Lisa in TX says:

    I might have had a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough. Not sure. I know I had half an everything bagel at noon, though.

  26. Can I get an html button that says, “I’ll be watching the Moosh during Blogher ’09”?

  27. Hey, when I used Lupron and another drug known as synarel (it was something you inhaled in one side of your nose one day and the other side that night and on and on for days on end) it was expensive and my insurance wouldn’t pay for it. I ended up being someone’s test dummy so I could get it free. The synarel was like 500 bucks for a week’s supply of inhaling and after 3 months of that I moved on to the lupron which was also covered by the synarel people b/c they were hacked that there drug didn’t help me…..yea gee thanks.

    The side effect that no one tells you about is probably not one you will be too terribly concerned with but when I was 22 and single and even able to wear a bikini, I cold not get any color, not that I didn’t tan, I didn’t sunburn, I didn’t tan, my buddies were using ultra mega sunscreen and parching and I was using accelerators and doing nothing….they were getting all tan (and cancer-ish) in the tanning beds and I was throwing money out the window.

    All the other side effects are just like they say nice and menopausal – think hot, then think, really hot, then think taking off all your clothes and turning the a/c down to 60 and watching your housemates put on their thermals and fleece pj’s in the middle of July. Also, think never have to break your coat out if it is winter…nice and toasty…

    You know I’ll be at that thing in Chicago and I can’t wait to see you again,

  28. I’ll be in Chicago! I won’t be at quite the same thing as you, since I was a super huge procrastinator and got stuck with LobbyCon tickets, but I’ll be there just the same.

  29. So if you’re Mr. Lady Light, and if Mr. Lady is Redneck Mommy Light, does that make you Redneck Mommy Light Light?

    And since I’m Totally Abused and don’t get to go to That Thing…. I had eggs for breakfast, as boring as it can get, although my darling husband cooked them for me, which was quite nice.

  30. Ok, getting to keep the pictures of your uterus is pretty cool. Not nearly enough to make up for the pain but cool.

    For breakfast this morning I saw that someone had eaten all but maybe three spoonfuls of yogurt so I just dumped my rice crispies into the container and ate it out of there. I’m Classsy I am.

  31. Indytina says:

    Won’t be in Chicago, I no haz blog (though I really should someday). And I do haz boy and huzband that want me to go to racecar races on Friday and Sunday.

    What I had for breakfast today? Total Raisin Bran w/skim milk, two slices whole wheat toast w/real butter. One with Blueberry Raspberry Jam from IKEA, one with Strawberry Rhubarb preserves from Jungle Jim’s. Yummmmmmzzzzz.

  32. Wow that’s terrible that it costs so much. If we had socialized medicine (single payer plans as Obama calls them) would things cost that much? Maybe it’s not a bad idea.

    Ps – I have a new sandwich to try and drown your sorrows in: Grilled PB and honey, grilled in butter of course, then covered in cinnamon and sugar. Best prescription you’ll ever get.

  33. Forgot to put my twitter on there.

  34. I will be there!

    And I’m a firm believer that the best breakfast food is really good dinner leftovers. Unless we’re talking sushi. Eeew.